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If you changed have your mind or want to report anything you can contact the Social Report Working Group by writing to bilanciosociale@wwoof.it.

Your answers will be combined with those of other members and processed and interpreted by the Social Report Working Group with the help when necessary of the staff of Mag6.
The initial report on this questionnaire will take place at the autumn coordinators meeting.

Final results and any decisions suggested by this process will be discussed at the next annual general meeting.

Thanking you for your time
The Social Report Working Group

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Se hai cambiato idea o vuoi segnalare qualcosa puoi contattare il Gruppo di Lavoro Bilancio Sociale scrivendo a bilanciosociale@wwoof.it.

Le vostre risposte verranno messe insieme a quelle degli altri soci e quindi elaborate e interpretate dal Gruppo di Lavoro Bilancio Sociale con l’aiuto se sarà il caso dello staff di Mag6.
L’appuntamento intermedio per un rendiconto alla riunione autunnale di coordinamento.

Risultati definitivi ed eventuali decisioni suggerite da questo percorso alla prossima assemblea.

Vi ringraziamo per averci dedicato il vostro tempo.
Il Gruppo di Lavoro Bilancio Sociale

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WWOOF Italia membership is not valid in other countries.
If you wish is to go abroad you can find the complete list of WWOOF associations around the world on wwoof.net.

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The Statute and the Internal Rules of the association

There are two important documents that you need to read: Becoming a member means you have accepted these documents and share their content. The statute is quite long and complex, but we recommend you take a look at the main issues and to keep it as a reference for when you have doubts. These rules state in a practical way the various activities, the rights and the obligations of members. It is good that your are informed of these also so that you can respect and explain them to the other members with whom you come in contact.


Internal Rules

and you should also read this illustrated document to understand what WWOOFing is and ISN’T all about,

Let's go WWOOFing because we enjoy....

Registration for WWOOF Italy allows you to WWOOF only in Italy! If you want to WWOOF in other countries you can find the complete list of WWOOF associations around the world on www.wwoof.net.


WWOOF Italy provides insurance coverage to our members and it is included in the membership fee. This is valid for one year and only when you are on farms which are on the current WWOOF Italia list. For this reason it is important to consult the updated list on-line, especially in the transition from one year to the next (the membership for the farms expires in December and is not always renewed). The insurance policy is essential because it covers accidents and liability insurance at a minimal cost. Members who are resident in Italy are also covered for WWOOFing activities abroad. For more information please visit the page on insurance.

List without contact details

Here you can get an idea of the different situations available on the list: there are over 650 throughout the country. You can do a keyword search to find what interests you most.


The individual membership fee is €35,00  and is valid for 12 months from the date we receive your fee. Along with the card in pdf we send you the password to access the pages of the website which are reserved for members where you will find, amongst other things, an online list of the farms which is regularly updated. We will also add your e mail address to our mailing list to keep you informed with a weekly newsletter, if you wish.


You can not join WWOOF Italia if you are under 18.

Please note……. For technical reasons it is impossible to refund your fee once your card has been issued. Therefore you should think hard before you sign up, is this really the right experience for you and is it the right time for you to go away? We will be pleased to accept your membership and welcome you whenever you feel ready!

We are working on the new membership system for WWOOF Italia.
The service is suspended for a few hours.
Please try again later or if you have problems write to info@wwoof.it

We answer all e mails promptly and so that is the best way to contact us!






The most important quality for a WWOOFer to have is to be able to fit into the very different lifestyles that the hosts lead. You are expected to be interested in what they do and help. They would like some help with the chores (such as cooking and washing up) and apprecfiate it if you did not create more work for your host. Hosts are all very hardworking people mainly living on a tight budget and you should accept this fact and respect it.
WWOOFing is NOT a cheap holiday and way to travel. It is a voluntary organisation set up to teach people about the organic movement and give them hands on experience and to help out organic producers as organic production is very labour intensive. If all you are looking for is free accomodation on your holidays WWOOF IS NOT FOR YOU.
Always respect the dates you arrange with your host, if you have to change them for any reason you must give your host ample warning so that they can make other arrangements. Please don't just not turn up, this can cause major problems for your host (who has probably turned down other people as they were expecting you to come). Please be responsible and thoughtful and take your responsibilities seriously. If your stay is not working out for your host he can always ask you to leave, although with good communication between host and WWOOFer it does not usually need to resort to this.