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Exchange and sharing meeting between WWOOF co-ordinators which is open to all members of WWOOF Italia


Azienda Agricola Piccapane, C.P. 6 73020 Cutrofiano, LE, Puglia.

This is would be an interesting meeting for anyone who is interested in collaborating with the WWOOF coordinators group.
Whoever has an interest to attend this meeting at Cutrofiano can write to book at info@wwoof.it

The program for Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October is the exchange of experiences and the assessment of the quality of relations in the territory by the coordinators.
There will be time dedicated to the international WWOOF movement, its most recent evolution and its impact on the life and organization of WWOOF Italia.

As for the working groups, we will be discussing ways to keep them active during the year: we will address the issue of emergency management (earthquakes, floods) and the topic of reception and support for migrants and asylum seekers.

There will be time for moments of celebration and festivity and Sunday will be dedicated to the local area.
In the presence of the members of Puglia and Basilicata, landscapers and artisans will talk about their cultural and design activities for the preservation of the territory and in particular of the dry stone walls. This meeting is organized thanks to the support of the Alleanza dei Paesaggi Terrazzati which WWOOF Italia has recently joined.
The Echis Association will present its projects in support of the right to information and communication, through the development of in depth radio documentary programs.
Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to the WWOOF members from Puglia and Basilicata.

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