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Never say never, never say forever ...

After many years of enriching and demanding work in the field of Mag6, of which WWOOF Italia is a member, I felt that I needed a change and to start something new.

But where to start ? How to reinvent yourself after so many years? And so I began to walk between WWOOF hosts and arrived at Carpe Diem in Chiassaia di Loro Ciuffenna (AR).

Here I was able to get really close to goats and dairying: Niccolò and Chiara gave me confidence and opened up their home and ... their barn ;-) For two months I took the beautiful goats out to graze in the woods in that land which is still wild - the Pratomagno; Chiara taught me to recognize them, to call them by name, to try to understand them.

With Niccolò the barn was always perfect and the milk arrived in the dairy for transformation into cheese.

I fell in love with it all and I learned a lot: I find it alchemical the transformation of milk into the many forms that it can take: fresh cheese, tome, taleggio, ricotta, etc.

Since then I am still on my travels and I do not know when I will stop.


Dear WWOOF Italia Members,

you can find below the convocation of the meeting. As many of you have found at past meetings this is a focal part of the life of the assosiation as it puts together exchange, education, growth and openness towards the local community.

Important decisions for the life of the Association but also for the increase in the quality of relationships between members, to support the implementation of joint projects, for the increase of environmental and social sustainability.

This year we are alo celebrating our 20th birthday on the Saturday evening with a festa with

De' Soda Sisters

To attend the meetings you really need to be able to understand some Italian. The information on the module and other links is mainly in Italian. If you need help translating let me know. 

This is all interspersed with moments of conviviality as you can see from the programme. We hope many of you will come, please make reservations by completing the 

Application form

  The program may be subject to some variation

This year we will return to Il Girasole di Rispescia

Other useful information: 

How to get there

Request or offer a lift or walk! 

To help the organization…please complete the module

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WWOOF Italia members

are invited to

The AGM (annual meeting)

Saturday 9 March 2019

from 10 to 13

- Presentation and voting of the Budget 2018 and prospective budget 2019

- Approval of changes to the charter

- Presentation of the new prototype for the new web platform by Basil Black (President of WWOOF Italia and WWOOF Independents) and Alessandro Webmaster WWOOF Italia  

13.00 Lunch

15,00 - 19,30 with coffee break

- In-depth groups on various topics such as CSAs and business networks, farmers' organizations, framework law on agriculture, animal traction, sustainable breeding and management of pasture, land and succession. We will have members who have experience on these topics.

ViaWWOOF, social agriculture, host registration procedures and custody of territories

20,00 - dinner, festa, lottery followed by                    

21,30  music and dancing to celebrate 20 years of WWOOF italia with

 De’ Soda Sisters 


Sunday 10 March

                                                                      9 to 11                                                 

feedback from work groups, closing of the meeting.

From 11 to 16,30

market with exchange and selling of seeds, plants and produce from WWOOF farms 



For the WWOOF Italia council 
President Basil Black

Hoping to see many of you there and wishing you a happy meeting
for more INFO contact
info@wwoof.it  -  Tel: 0565 763808 -  Mobile 329 0806234 



I was at friends of Antichi Grani in Umbria registered as WWOOF hosts, when in the early months of 2018 I became aware that I wanted to revive the small vegetable garden behind the house and create some flower beds, inspired by the techniques of dry far- ming, a practice that I learned on different WWOOF experiences. Dry farming, as its name suggests, reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation, even in the hottest months, through the use of biomass (wood, sawdust, canes, prunings, and waste from fo- rest cleaning) which is partly buried and partly put on like a mulch. The effect created is a kind of 'sponge' that keeps the soil aired so that no rot develops. In addition, the 'sponge' ensures the absorp- tion of water when it is in excess (from rain or irrigation) and the slow release when it is in default (for example in periods of drou- ght). These ideal conditions of hydration guarantee the decay of organic matter in a healthy way, with the formation of hyphae and

Thanks to the contribution of everyone in the work and in the planning we were able to dedicate ourselves to create a dozen raised beds. Once the digging was done and the necessary ma- terials were collected, we started with the actual construction. Proceeding slowly but steadily over a few weeks we managed to finish (but not refine!), and were able to confirm, thanks to the rain and snow in the following days, it worked really well! In fact in this area the soil is clay and there is always the problem of not being able to retain the water that runs off the surface. With this spon- ge effect, we immediately noticed that the water remained where it was needed.



With WWOOF I learned to

live in the countryside

I've always liked olive trees. As a child I loved the big old trees but I heard it said that they were bad. They had to be pruned short and to do so and so. However I did not like the plants grown this way, they were sad, sickly.

So it was thus for everything:

What a joy the wild flowers are –they need some weed killer.

Beautiful hedges – they need to be pruned

What a wonderful pond - pump away that putrid water!

When I grew up, I went on liking nature and I still wondered if it would not be possible to live in it with dignity. As soon as I discovered WWOOF Italy, I immediately became a member and spent three years traveling and studying, visiting a dozen hosts in the centre and in the north. Each drop of sweat seemed a tear of joy, each branch cut was a new step of the ladder that I was climbing.

I found a different world of agriculture and not an industry. A world where humans really lived, as did the plants and the animals with which they cohabited. There were people who pruned the olive trees trying to feel themselves as olive trees and they were beautiful and fruitful trees, without tractors, university degrees, industry or poisons, with hedges, water, grass and life. And that was all. And so I decided to do the same. Now I live with some olive trees and I still study and travel a lot. With much patience, much joy and so much work, I care for the piece of land I have chosen to live in.


Council and Presidency - The broad circle is composed of the AGM of members and is concentrated into the operational core of the Council when it comes to dealing with ordinary management and official acts. Decisionality and concreteness at the service of the collective vision, towards the realization of the aims of the charter. 

Webmaster - Website, database, membership and all the telematic functionalities indispensable for the life of the Association, are managed and coordinated professionally by Alessandro. His technological skills are combined with experience in agriculture, WWOOF hospitality and coordination, which enables him to meet the heterogeneous domands of a complex reality such as WWOOF Italia.

Sunday, 30 September 2018 07:25

October is dedicated to the WWOOF Coordinators

Coordinators - The associative life on the territory is animated by a network of about 40 volunteers (hosts or WWOOFers) who deal with the requests of new hosts, organize local meetings, stimulate and collect projects of common interest. The group of coordinators is constantly evolving, maintaining strong connections and nuturing support and training.

The coordinators autumn riunion will be held in Fabriano, AN 11th - 14th October

Saturday, 01 September 2018 15:25

SEPTEMBER - Insurance and more

Insurance and more - Any Association needs technical and legal tools that translate its intentions and its mission. Members in good standing with their membership are covered by a policy during their activities thanks to the ethical intermediation of the CAES Consortium. In the more delicate cases and in the construction of projects and campaigns, the association can count on the solid collaborative relationship with William, a lawyer and frequent visitor at meetings.

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 08:58

August, local WWOOF Italia meetings

Local meetings - The associative relationship is built from the bottom: small groups of hosts, travelers and coordinators who meet up together, represent the first moment of the creation of a network between people who share the WWOOF experience. We share problems and difficulties of rural life, but also successes, adventures and products with warm bonding camaraderie.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 16:38

Trailer for the film The Green Lie

The Green Lie

“When you shop with a conscience, you don’t save the world, you save the corporations”


it is showing in cinemas all over Europe

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