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On 25 and 26 November - as part of an initiative VieWwoof project - there will be a walk in Sabina (Rieti) to identify and map walkways that connect the train station Civita Castellana-Magliano with the host Convento S. Andrea Collevecchio, via the hostfarm Le Spinose in Magliano Sabina.

Project for the support of local communities using Transition Town and permaculture methods. For an ecological rebirth of and solidarity for the areas affected by the earthquake in Amatrice and surrounding area.

Monday, 31 October 2016 16:39

November 2016 “A tree in our hearts”

A tree in our hearts

There is nothing more revolutionary than planting a tree, it is such a strong gesture that it changes history.

The heart of Sicily, land of wheat, vines, olive and almond trees; a land of sulphur, limestone and salt. A land warmed by the ever-present sun, a fertile land that is sadly turning into desert. A land that has forgotten its native trees which are no longer part of the landscape: monoculture farming, widespread uncontrolled grazing, forest fires and incorrect forestry practices have lead to soil exhaustion and wiped the trees out. They have also disappeared from people's memories and from their culture. 

Our history

In 2008 about a dozen young people decided to pay a tribute to their land by starting to plant trees such as downy and holm oaks, ash, Mediterranean hackberry and many other varieties. Within 6 years they had planted 11,400 trees in the regions of Caltanisetta, Palermo and Catania. Most often on private land, but sometimes on common land as in the case of the town of San Cataldo (CL), which has foreseen the forestation of a 30 hectare public park.


There are very few protected areas where the tree species can be propagated and the volunteers objective is to plant them here and there scattered patchily in inland Sicily. Undoubtedly the difference between 0 and 1 is immense: the cultivation begins with trees that then grow up to be the mothers of the other trees in an area where there were none before and so the propagation begins.

How and why

Our goal is ambitious: to bring back the original woods to the heart of Sicily and its people. We organize seed collections, transplanting of trees, educational initiatives for schools, conferences with the institutions and cultural events so that the message of A tree in our hearts is loud and clear.

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WWOOF ltalia:

A harmonious balance between commitment and leisure

Saturday, 15 October 2016 06:51

Let's go WWOOFing because........

Saturday, 01 October 2016 12:08

October 2016 Social Audit Report


Social Audit Report

A process that allows us to better understand our reality,

thanks to a deep analysis of working methods and the social value of the work done.

What is it?

The social audit report involves all members of the association and describes who we are, what we do, why we do it, which objectives were achieved and what resources were used. It is a way of evaluating the present and of determining future objectives, for communicating with members and non-members alike.

Unlike formal bookkeeping and accounting, the social audit report permits:

a thorough understanding of WWOOF Italia.

verification and statement of that which we create in respect to our social objectives.

the planning of our association's future objectives.

significant and judicious internal and external communication;

Creating a solid means to give voice to and to facilitate active participation of members and non-members.

What do we need it for?

It is a useful tool to deal with internal, problematic organizational issues, to make visible to ourselves and to third parties the social value of what we do and to cultivate alliances with those who share our values.

For more details:




WWOOF Italia has entrusted the Mag6 group with the task of training the volunteers who have chosen to carry through this project. Continuous effort is needed to collect and to work through all the essential data.

WWOOF Italia

A school of awareness and mutual help

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:56

Looking for fellow foragers

I'm looking for people foraging full time as a way of being and eating as close as possible to nature in Italy

if you know people doing so in the north of Italy, in other close regions or in the Mediterranean, please put us in touch

now and in the future

thank you


371 1919 301


c/o famiglia Fadin

via Amatore Sciesa 25


Verona, Italy

Friday, 02 September 2016 06:50

September 2016 International network

The Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO) purposes to unite, promote, protect and support the WWOOF movement around the world.

The Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO) was founded in 2013 after a series of international meetings organized to promote  a global cooperation between the various WWOOF organizations. Currently about 40 National WWOOF organizations adhere to FoWO,   as well as members of the 60 countries coordinated by WWOOF Independents.

The members of this young organization are learning how to manage a complex myriad of issues regarding sharing and cooperation between participating countries. FoWO's main purpose is to make sure that the WWOOF community abides by the principles on which it was founded.

Some of the achievements of FoWO:

The creation of global cooperation between WWOOF organizations, a FoWo logo and identity, a FoWo newsletter, global insurance for WWOOFers and a WWOOF 2020 development program.

Setting standards and procedures for potential new coordinators

and helping WWOOF organizations which are in difficulty.

Financial support to encourage participation at international meetings.


Living and Learning on Organic Farms.

This is a major project funded by Erasmus+ - the European Community fund dedicated to young people. The objective is the creation of a virtual open source platform regarding natural agriculture, sustainable living lifestyles and voluntary work. It has been entrusted to the International WWOOF community and in the autumn there will be a publication online.

WWOOF Italia

Networking is a new wealth


A few months ago I decided that I wanted to travel and explore the world while doing something useful for our Mother Earth. But “How?” I asked myself. That was when I discovered World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Through this network I found an eco farm in Southern Chile where I volunteered for two weeks. In return for my help I learned about permaculture and had the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with the local farmers and other volunteers.

WWOOF is a worldwide network of organic farms that works under the basis of trust and non-monetary exchange—volunteers work at organic farms in exchange for lodging, food and, of course, knowledge. The community is run by national and regional organisations. Jan-Philipp Gutt, a WWOOF host in Germany and an active member of the WWOOF community explains that “WWOOFing is for people who want to share daily life on an organic farm. Curiosity and willingness to adapt to new situations and lifestyles are maybe the most important preconditions”.A different lifestyle—that is what volunteers mainly want to experience and what hosts offer. Besides the fact that WWOOFers can use this kind of exchange to move around in a cheap way, it is the idea of getting new experiences that fascinates them about this exchange. “Through WWOOF, we usually get people who are genuinely interested in farming and gardening and enjoy being in the countryside. A lot of people see it as a great way to get a break from their studies or office jobs and do some hands-on physical work while learning new skills,” explains Anne Freitag, a former WWOOFer volunteer and now a host herself. In 2013, Anne quit her job, traveled to different countries and enjoyed several WWOOF experiences from which she collected inspiration. In Spring 2014, she moved with her partner to a smallholding near Hameln. Since then they have been renovating and preparing a project called the Simple Life Farm with the aim “to create an organic smallholding including a pasture, woodland and arable farmland that is designed to have all of the components working together so that we have minimal external inputs and maximum self produced outputs”. Of course they joined the German WWOOF community as hosts.


To read the whole of this interesting article go to:


Modern Group of Companies are looking for agriculturist to work in Azerbaijan. The person should have Bachelor Degree of Agriculture and at least 5 years of working experience. Those who are interested should send their CV to zgojayev@moderngroup.az and may contact us for further questions.

Accommodation, transport, good salary and insurance will be provided. Applicants should know English or Russian language.u.


Best Regards,



Office: +994 12 564 2121 | Mobile: +994 50 850 7711
zgojayev@moderngroup.az | www.moderngroup.az

Ahmad Rajabli 19A, Narimanov, Baku AZ 1052, Azerbaijan

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