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A few months ago I decided that I wanted to travel and explore the world while doing something useful for our Mother Earth. But “How?” I asked myself. That was when I discovered World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Through this network I found an eco farm in Southern Chile where I volunteered for two weeks. In return for my help I learned about permaculture and had the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with the local farmers and other volunteers.

WWOOF is a worldwide network of organic farms that works under the basis of trust and non-monetary exchange—volunteers work at organic farms in exchange for lodging, food and, of course, knowledge. The community is run by national and regional organisations. Jan-Philipp Gutt, a WWOOF host in Germany and an active member of the WWOOF community explains that “WWOOFing is for people who want to share daily life on an organic farm. Curiosity and willingness to adapt to new situations and lifestyles are maybe the most important preconditions”.A different lifestyle—that is what volunteers mainly want to experience and what hosts offer. Besides the fact that WWOOFers can use this kind of exchange to move around in a cheap way, it is the idea of getting new experiences that fascinates them about this exchange. “Through WWOOF, we usually get people who are genuinely interested in farming and gardening and enjoy being in the countryside. A lot of people see it as a great way to get a break from their studies or office jobs and do some hands-on physical work while learning new skills,” explains Anne Freitag, a former WWOOFer volunteer and now a host herself. In 2013, Anne quit her job, traveled to different countries and enjoyed several WWOOF experiences from which she collected inspiration. In Spring 2014, she moved with her partner to a smallholding near Hameln. Since then they have been renovating and preparing a project called the Simple Life Farm with the aim “to create an organic smallholding including a pasture, woodland and arable farmland that is designed to have all of the components working together so that we have minimal external inputs and maximum self produced outputs”. Of course they joined the German WWOOF community as hosts.


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Modern Group of Companies are looking for agriculturist to work in Azerbaijan. The person should have Bachelor Degree of Agriculture and at least 5 years of working experience. Those who are interested should send their CV to zgojayev@moderngroup.az and may contact us for further questions.

Accommodation, transport, good salary and insurance will be provided. Applicants should know English or Russian language.u.


Best Regards,



Office: +994 12 564 2121 | Mobile: +994 50 850 7711
zgojayev@moderngroup.az | www.moderngroup.az

Ahmad Rajabli 19A, Narimanov, Baku AZ 1052, Azerbaijan

Monday, 01 August 2016 22:12

August 2016 Dress consciously

In 2013 WWOOF Italia commissioned 1500 T-shirts and 750 bags made of pure organic cotton, printed with a watercolor motif created for the occasion by our members Suzie and Phelan Black. Whoever wears these items helps to sustain and build the organic cultivation of fiber plants and of an ethical organic fair trade company that makes products that last. WWOOF Italia collaborates in the organization and promotion of this initiative.

Farmers from Tanzania

The raw material is cotton which is produced using organic cultivation methods, this guarantees respect for the environment, workers' health and the well-being of the consumer.

Becotton purchases these raw materials from Fair Trade producers, and artisans in Italy make the T-shirts and bags.

Artisans in Biella

By choosing small scale manufacturers, artisans and social cooperatives, the Becotton product recounts each stage of it's making through its traceable and transparent supply chain. The story of a product is an integral part of the product itself. 

To purchase on line


or contact the office


For further information:


tel.015 980293

WWOOF ltalia:

All the colours of the world with neither exploitation nor oppression.

Sunday, 03 July 2016 09:19

July 2016, We are farmers.

We are farmers

Genuino Clandestino is a movement of people and associations which defend the values of food sovereignty and security.

Since its creation, Genuino Clandestino affronts the cumbersome legislative and bureaucratic procedures put upon small-scale agricultural production. It believes in ecological farming, bans chemicals and reduces mechanization to a minimum.

Genuino Clandestino claims the universal right to free circulation of farmers produce by organizing markets and so ensuring direct contact between those who produce and those who seek genuine products. It is dedicated to creating new opportunities, on various fronts, for self-certification of genuine produce. Lastly, it lays claim to the right to allow new farmers to work untended land.

A name, a reality

Genuino Clandestino unravels the ambiguity of how those who produce food on a small-scale, those who have made agriculture a life choice, can be induced by the rules and regulations in force to work illegally in order to avoid overwhelming bureaucracy.

Other routes: Local

While the practice of Genuino Clandestino is consolidated on the territory, other individuals actively participate in the drafting of regional laws and regulations which adapt supervision requirements to the protection of food production on the small-scale.  

and National

the Campagna per l'Agricoltura Contadina (Campaign for Peasant Agriculture) began in 2009 with a petition that aims to achieve acknowledgement of the rural life.

This arduous journey supported by many associations, including WWOOF Italia and numerous farmers, has led to the submission of a legislative proposal to parliament in January 2015 which is still in progress.

For further information:



WWOOF ltalia:

The pleasures of hosting and of being hosted

Wednesday, 01 June 2016 08:31

June 2016, Rural seed network

Rural seed network (Rete semi rurale) is made up of more than 30 associations and since 2007 has represented the values of biodiversity and peasant farming....

Biodiversity and tradition

It opposes that which generates erosion and a loss of diversity and fertility; it sustains recycling, exchanges, development and planting of traditional varieties. It fights against agricultural models based on intensive monoculture and genetically manipulated varieties.

Not only in Italy

Rete Semi Rurali facilitates rural innovation also through     exchange of knowledge between farmers, researchers and enthusiasts.     

It supports national and international decisions, treaties and commitments in favour of rural biodiversity and of peasant agriculture, and also participates in the international Lets Liberate Biodiversity organization- an organization created in 2012 with the objective to coordinate the positions and actions of European networks to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of biodiversity on farms and in vegetable gardens.

Rete Semi Rurali adheres to No Patents on Seeds to help oppose the increasing number of patents on plants, seeds and farm animals and their impact on farmers, breeders, innovation and biodiversity.

For further information:






Sunday, 01 May 2016 10:40

May 2016, Animal traction

Animal traction is the project that is presented in May of the 2016 calendar........

“A steady and consistent pace, sure-footed, a furrow opened in the dark earth that embraces a seed, in it's future there are no annoying sounds, bliss . . for the earth and all of nature”.

Breeders, trainers, veterinarians, students, farmers and artisans, who still use or would like to use animal traction organize demonstrative meetings which have met with large and widespread interest.......

Modern animal traction has become competitive with respect to mechanized agriculture for; small scale or mountain farming, recovery and restoration of marginal land and protected areas, introducing young people to agriculture and with almost no environmental impact.

As well as offering employment opportunities, it generates many related activities and it contributes towards creating prosperity.

A week before the European Council, where our governments could speed up TTIP negotiation, against the will of most of their citizens


MAY 7th Join us in ROME, Italy at 14.00 from Piazza della Repubblica to the stage in Piazza del Popolo, to share our concerns, celebrate alternatives, to meet campaigners, workers, producers, SMEs, to visit the #Fair&FreeTTIP Market and enjoy an amazing concert!


Join the Fb event and share it with your friends


If you can't join, adopt a protester, supporting their arrival here


 #stopTTIP To protect rights and the common goods. To build another social and economic model, to defend democracy


All the latest info here https://stop-ttip-italia.net/7-maggio /


Support the petition to multiply free TTIP Zones in Italy here



If you need a solidarity accomodation (sleeping bag-appropriate) or other info: stopttipitalia@gmail.com

Saturday, 23 April 2016 15:55


18 -24 May, Podere Veranello, Pomonte, GR

ADVANCED PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE IN Permacultura e Rigenerazione Rurale



For more information contact  Giancarlo Bucci 3478036456 or  giancarlobiologico@gmail.com

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