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Never say never, never say forever ...

After many years of enriching and demanding work in the field of Mag6, of which WWOOF Italia is a member, I felt that I needed a change and to start something new.

But where to start ? How to reinvent yourself after so many years? And so I began to walk between WWOOF hosts and arrived at Carpe Diem in Chiassaia di Loro Ciuffenna (AR).

Here I was able to get really close to goats and dairying: Niccolò and Chiara gave me confidence and opened up their home and ... their barn ;-) For two months I took the beautiful goats out to graze in the woods in that land which is still wild - the Pratomagno; Chiara taught me to recognize them, to call them by name, to try to understand them.

With Niccolò the barn was always perfect and the milk arrived in the dairy for transformation into cheese.

I fell in love with it all and I learned a lot: I find it alchemical the transformation of milk into the many forms that it can take: fresh cheese, tome, taleggio, ricotta, etc.

Since then I am still on my travels and I do not know when I will stop.


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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 06:14

WWOOF Italia calendar 2019

With our 2019 calendar the staff at WWWOOF Italia would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and fruitful 2019. This year we have dedicated our calendar to the small and large practical skills which make WWOOF Italy an all round school of knowledge in natural farming methods. Agronomic techniques, livestock breeding, construction, cooking, crafts, processing work- shops ... it is difficult to make the complete list but there are many activities that can be learned, in very different contexts............. 

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WWOOF Italia Calendar

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Bridget and Stana are the pillars of the WWOOF Italia organization: the daily relationship with Members and Coordinators, the management of correspondence and accounts, are just some of the aspects they deal with. The careful logistical organization of the Annual meetings is at the base of the success of the initiatives.

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Saturday, 09 December 2017 16:21

WWOOF Italia Calendar 2018

WWOOF Calendar 2018

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We hope that you will enjoy our 2108 Calendar,  this year the theme is : 'WWOOF ITALIA, our circle is made up of.......'  and introduces you to some of the many the people that make up WWOOF Italia....... with our best wishes for a fruitful 2018 with many happy WWOOFing experiences. 


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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 09:02

WWOOF Italia Calendar 2017

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calendario 2017

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Sunday, 24 January 2016 10:40

January 2016 - Vie WWOOF

VieWwoof is the project that appears in the January page of the 2016 calendar in which WWOOF Italia has collected a  number of projects that grow in synergy with the association. These projects are sometimes proposed and run by WWOOF members and sometimes proposed and carried out by people who find WWOOF Italia an ideal environment to support and share their ideas and projects.
VieWwoof was born and raised as part of the project ammappalitalia

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 13:08

Calendar 2016 WWOOF Italia

Calendar 2016
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calendar 2016

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Thursday, 18 December 2014 17:37

WWOOF Calendar 2015

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in formato PDF

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 17:53

WWOOF Italy Calendar 2014

calendar 2014Friends from "Finocchio Verde" have created this calendar with contributions from wwoofers and hosts together with graphic design input from the Communication Group of WWOOF Italy.
You can download the version viewed on the site or the printable version.

pdfWWOOF Italy Calendar 20142.67 MB15/01/2014, 10:41

pdfWWOOF Italy Calendar 2014 (PRINTABLE VERSION)8.01 MB15/01/2014, 10:17

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