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With WWOOF I learned to

live in the countryside

I've always liked olive trees. As a child I loved the big old trees but I heard it said that they were bad. They had to be pruned short and to do so and so. However I did not like the plants grown this way, they were sad, sickly.

So it was thus for everything:

What a joy the wild flowers are –they need some weed killer.

Beautiful hedges – they need to be pruned

What a wonderful pond - pump away that putrid water!

When I grew up, I went on liking nature and I still wondered if it would not be possible to live in it with dignity. As soon as I discovered WWOOF Italy, I immediately became a member and spent three years traveling and studying, visiting a dozen hosts in the centre and in the north. Each drop of sweat seemed a tear of joy, each branch cut was a new step of the ladder that I was climbing.

I found a different world of agriculture and not an industry. A world where humans really lived, as did the plants and the animals with which they cohabited. There were people who pruned the olive trees trying to feel themselves as olive trees and they were beautiful and fruitful trees, without tractors, university degrees, industry or poisons, with hedges, water, grass and life. And that was all. And so I decided to do the same. Now I live with some olive trees and I still study and travel a lot. With much patience, much joy and so much work, I care for the piece of land I have chosen to live in.


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