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I left the Faculty of Law at the University to live in the countryside in France. I wanted to learn subsistence farming and demonstrate to my boyfriend Benoit - who still lives in Paris - that in the countryside we live better than in the city. So we left with WWOOF and we had a wonderful experience with Mario and Fernanda.

This farm, which is largely self sufficient in food, has joined the Network Semi Rural Initiative that together with the CREA of Bergamo evaluates the quality of mixtures of rural varieties of corn and their reproduction to preserve and enhance this resource.

It involves sowing plots with corn mixes and throughout the development process many measurements are made involving precise procedures. For example, measuring the height of the plants, counting the number of cobs, photographing flowers, grains, etc. It is a meticulous and exciting job because it is necessary to collect a lot of data and finally select the representative cobs for laboratory analysis. We ate his wonderful cereal when it was sweet, we gave it to the hens it was were sick, brought some to the mill to make polenta and kept the best for sowing. Taking care of these little seeds and knowing them throughout their life process has opened our eyes and our hearts. And so now Benoit also says that manual work helps you to think and is presently writing a book about love.


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