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Claudio Pozzi

Claudio Pozzi

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 06:14

WWOOF Italia calendar 2019

With our 2019 calendar the staff at WWWOOF Italia would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and fruitful 2019. This year we have dedicated our calendar to the small and large practical skills which make WWOOF Italy an all round school of knowledge in natural farming methods. Agronomic techniques, livestock breeding, construction, cooking, crafts, processing work- shops ... it is difficult to make the complete list but there are many activities that can be learned, in very different contexts............. 

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WWOOF Italia Calendar

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The land is not in the best condition but it will still be possible, with some difficulty, to demonstrate the beauty of animal-traction.

Trucks and vans start to arrive.


I Cocchieri del Chianti mount the coach and Cuculia, the social centre Mondeggi Bene Comune begins to come to life.




in the meantime, the friends of  Arci Asino prepare their spaces




and Rossano warms up with his donkey




Ann, the queen of the street party, meets a few snags but makes her triumphal arrival with the faithful Puccini




while the indefatigable Roberto, the soul of the organization, works with Giancarlo to check that everything is fine before starting the workshops




and finally everyone arrives in the area of the gardens: the demonstrations begin.




they try various tools, some with the donkey and Rossano and a some with Puccini and Ann















there are moments dedicated to children who are accompanied by Cherif to explore the area on a donkey
Cherif does not fail to grapple on while the donkeys rest












many people present try their hand with the machines























the interested public observes and gets to know the animals






















While the smiling Massimo waits quietly for someone to decide to take a ride on the chariot




and then everyone to the table and to watch the projection  At-trazione Animale  and the films made available by Albano Moscardo

Galleria Fotografica

Wednesday, 06 June 2018 15:50

VieWwoof Le Marche 27 June to 2 July 2018

VieWwoof Marche 2018 From 27 June to 2 July

Six days of walking in the Marche

to connect Wwoof farms and small villages, creating a new itinerary: VieWwoof Marche 2018. The initiative is part of the VieWwoof project, which from 2014 to date has mapped 122 routes that connect 98 farms in most of Italy.

The journey will be traveled by Marco Saverio Loperfido, Giorgio Albiero and all those who want to be part of the group that is being formed, both walking and participating in meetings and seminars

Objective of the initiative

join the farms that you meet along the way, from the countryside of Urbino to the city of Gubbio, reconnecting to the maps that Marco Saverio Loperfido, Marina Vincenti and their dog Bricco made in 2017, as part of the journey from Chia to Brussels for the project Paese Europa

All activities have limited places and must be booked by phoning Marco 3396914141 or Giorgio 3406636299

To participate, it is necessary to wear seasonal clothing, long trousers, and to have a 1.5 litre water bottle


Wednesday 27 June - First meeting and explanation of the activities

Arrival at the Wwoof Farm Cal Bianchino for 17.00 (Lat, Lon: 43.742437,12.597263), round table dedicated to the activities of the days to follow. Dinner and evening talking about paths and mappings.

Dinner at 20.00, cost 20 euros (Mostly meat, vegetarians and vegans are asked to inform us in advance). It is not possible to stay the night.

Thursday, June 28 - From Cal Bianchino to Calmancino passing through Urbino, with mapping.

Departure 9 am from Cal Bianchino (Lat, Lon: 43.742437,12.597263) for the Wwoof Calmancino farm (Lat, Lon: 43.676501,12.602263), passing through the city of Urbino (about 19 km, difficulty excursionist). Arrival approximately 15.00 hours. Excursion open to a maximum of 15 people, who will have to provide independently for their packed lunch and their possible return to the starting point. It is not possible to sleep at the farm.

Friday 29 June - From Calmancino to the Slowcanda di Bacciardi, with mapping

Departure 9 am from Calmancino (Lat, Lon: 43.676501,12.602263) and arrival at the Slowcanda di Bacciardi (Lat, Lon: 43.573155,12.548801) about 15.00 (about 27 km, difficulty excursionist). Excursion open to a maximum of 15 people, who will have to provide independently for their packed lunch and their possible return to the starting point. 18.00 meeting and seminar on mapping techniques (open to the public). Dinner at 20.00, 20 euros per person. It is possible to stay to sleep, in a sleeping bag or in rooms. 15 euros with sleeping bag and 25 euros in apartment for 6 with breakfast and sheets. Double 70 triple 90.

Saturday 30 June - From the Slowcanda to Ca 'Tecchie, with mapping

Departure at 9am from the Slowcanda (Lat, Lon: 43.573155,12.548801) and excursion to Ca 'Tecchie (Lat, Lon: 43.475034,12.565956) with arrival at about 16.00 (about 22 km, difficulty excursionist). Excursion open to a maximum of 15 people, who will have to provide independently for their packed lunch and their possible return to the starting point. 18.00 open discussion on the routes, sharing ideas and projects, on the lawn. 20.00 dinner and to follow free discussion around the fire. Dinner cost 5 euros. Possibility to stay for free in a tent or inside the CĂ  Tecchie shelter. There are no beds or bathrooms..

Sunday 1st July - From Ca 'Tecchie to Agriturismo Foglie

Departure 9 am from Ca 'Tecchie (Lat, Lon: 43.475034,12.565956) for Agriturismo Foglie (Lat, Lon: 43.427804,12.599623), with mapping (about 15 km, difficulty excursionist). Excursion open to a maximum of 15 people, who will have to provide independently for their packed lunch and their possible return to the starting point. No activities scheduled on arrival. For those wishing to stay for dinner or sleeping, it is advisable to book directly at the Agriturismo (www.agriturismofoglie.com/). 13 beds available, divided into 4 rooms (30 euros per person with breakfast + 15 euros for dinner).

Monday 2nd July - From Agriturismo Foglie to Gubbio

Departure at 9 am from the Agriturismo Foglia (Lat, Lon: 43.427804,12.599623) and arrival in Gubbio for about 16.00 (about 20 km, difficulty excursionist). Excursion open to a maximum of 15 people, who will have to provide independently for their packed lunch and their possible return to the starting point. Final sharing and greetings among the participants.


As soon as possible, indications will be given on the solutions found that will make it possible to overcome the difficulties of staying overnight in some stages

Info and reservations

It is important and obligatory to call the following numbers to participate in any activity, be it an excursion, a dinner or a simple meeting: 3396914141 Marco; 3406636299 Giorgio.

The scheduled excursions are part of the project


A meeting and exchange between operators and any people who are simply interested to see donkey, traction horses and cows at work with their trainers

It is the intention of those organizing the day to show support for the Mondeggi Bene Comune.

the risk of privatization becomes more and more concrete, tenders for the auction of this public good are expected in a short time and we are called to organize activities that demonstrate the broad opposition to the sale.

Attached you find the program of the day. To find out more about Mondeggi Bene Comune Farm Without owner,  visit

their website  &Facebook page

pdftrazioneanimale_volantinoA5.pdf230.84 KB21/04/2018, 06:50



Led by a Working Group of specialists and eco-environmental activists. In the Maremma, Scansano GR, Podere Veranello in Pomonte

Bridget and Stana are the pillars of the WWOOF Italia organization: the daily relationship with Members and Coordinators, the management of correspondence and accounts, are just some of the aspects they deal with. The careful logistical organization of the Annual meetings is at the base of the success of the initiatives.

On Saturday we said our final farewells to Mario

We were many, who came from near and far, who chose to say goodbye to Mario and to support Isa and his children with affection: among many, many young people whose lives Mario changed, helping them to open their eyes to themselves, to their own inspiration, to the freedom to try.

The goal of the week is to clean, repair and expand the 80 m2 synergistic vegetable garden with new raised beds, the garden at the moment has three rectangular, long and narrow beds.
Before and during the work, explanations will be provided on what is to be done and why, introducing basic notions of synergistic and biodynamic agriculture. Questions and contributions from participants will be welcome throughout the time.
Below is the rough program of each of the days. The program subject to minor variations.

Monday, March 5: Arrivals
presentation of the farm and of the work project, presentation of the participants followed by dinner eaten together - any food contribution is welcome!

Tuesday: introduction to the use of biodynamic preparations in agriculture (500), the importance of design,

Wednesday: the role of aromatics and flowers in the garden

Thursday: design: the association and the role of the Moon on the growth of vegetables. Leafy vegetables.

Friday: agricultural rotation and the importance of green manure. Flowering vegetables.

Saturday: fruit vegetables. Introduction to the use of biodynamic preparations in agriculture part two (501)

From Tuesday to Saturday, the theoretical part will be accompanied by the cleaning and refurbishment of the three existing beds and the irrigation and preparation of the new raised bed.

Sunday: root vegetables. Again on the 500 and on the life of the soil. Conclusion: the soil is an organism.

The course will be held by Giorgia Rossi


Agriturismo Pian Di Meta Vecchia
LocalitĂ  Pian di Meta 31 
Castiglion D'Orcia (Si)
 Tel: +39 3474978027


Azienda Agricola Piccapane, C.P. 6 73020 Cutrofiano, LE, Puglia.

This is would be an interesting meeting for anyone who is interested in collaborating with the WWOOF coordinators group.
Whoever has an interest to attend this meeting at Cutrofiano can write to book at info@wwoof.it

The program for Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October is the exchange of experiences and the assessment of the quality of relations in the territory by the coordinators.
There will be time dedicated to the international WWOOF movement, its most recent evolution and its impact on the life and organization of WWOOF Italia.

As for the working groups, we will be discussing ways to keep them active during the year: we will address the issue of emergency management (earthquakes, floods) and the topic of reception and support for migrants and asylum seekers.

There will be time for moments of celebration and festivity and Sunday will be dedicated to the local area.
In the presence of the members of Puglia and Basilicata, landscapers and artisans will talk about their cultural and design activities for the preservation of the territory and in particular of the dry stone walls. This meeting is organized thanks to the support of the Alleanza dei Paesaggi Terrazzati which WWOOF Italia has recently joined.
The Echis Association will present its projects in support of the right to information and communication, through the development of in depth radio documentary programs.
Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to the WWOOF members from Puglia and Basilicata.

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 09:02

WWOOF Italia Calendar 2017

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calendario 2017

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