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Monday, 20 February 2017 13:38

Organisation of the AGM



IMPORTANT: for a good distribution of the rooms please inform us of your arrival time and the number of people coming by filling out the online form no later than Sunday, 26 February. After that date we will not be able to guarantee you a bed.

If you book and find you cannot come you must let us know in good time, anyone booking and not turning up will have their membership cancelled, we have in the past had too many people not turning up which wastes money and time, we have therefore beeen forced to introduce this 'rule'.

The rooms in the main house have approximately 4-6 beds each. Cots / mattresses for small children will be very useful.

When the venue is full we will be accomodating people in a nearby agritourism only 10 minutes by car (or 35 on foot).

Bring sleeping bags, towels etc. bedding and towels will not be provided.

You cannot camp, but campers and vans are welcome in the large carpark.


Write clearly on the form if you will be bringing children, how many and what age. This will help us to arrange the babysitting in the best way possible for everyone. Please bring toys, books, etc to share, they will have a room to themselves. On Saturday and Sunday, Jamin and Ele will take care of the children during our meetings and would also be grateful to hear from anyone who would like to help.


Given that this year we will be in self-catering, everyone has to bring something to eat and share; let us know what you can contribute. Those arriving by car could bring prepared dishes, whilst those arriving by train might find it more convienient to bring e.g bottles of wine, salami, cheese, jams, honey, etc. Federica and her team of helpers will provide a first and a second course using local, organic food from WWOOF farms.


We need help with daily cleaning of the bathrooms and showers, communal areas, meeting rooms and first floor and also at the end of the meetings on Sunday afternoon. When you arrive you will be asked to indicate when you can help with these tasks in particular on the day of departure, when we need at least 6 people who do not have to leave early on Sunday afternoon.

We also need people to help in the kitchen, dining area, setting tables, clearing and washing dishes etc. This has worked very well in the past with everyone lending a hand.


We have put the meeting up as an event on Roadshare, make the most of this and let’s try and save too much pllution and expense and share car journeys.


Indicate which train you intend to take Saturday morning

Livorno Central: 8:03 Grosseto 09:28

Roma Termini: 06:12 Grosseto 08.22

Siena: 8.00 Grosseto 9:40

There is a bus from the station at 7:50, 9:50 which gets to the centre of Rispescia, a 15 minute journey. From there you can telephone and we can collect you.


If you want to you can participate in the market with your products, this year will be under an open-air porch. Dress warmly in case it gets cold !!

We hope many of you will come

Bridget and Staff

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 08:44

Febbraio 2017 The benefits of the rules.

WWOOFing, as is defined in its many aspects and within the bounds of the Statute and Regulations, does not clash with Italian farming laws. The 2014 certification from the Biagi Institute of Modena University legitimized this certainty: all members who rigorously adhere to the common rules may work worry-free.

Friday, 27 January 2017 07:13

A new year a new list

A new year a new list

In the hope that the year has started well for everyone and that your WWOOFing experiences are very positive we would like to remind you that on 1st February the 2018 list will be on line.

It is important that you check that any farms you have arranged to go to are on this new list, if they are not you will not be covered by the insurance or legal whilst you are on their farm. Most probably the farm has simply forgotten to renew, so we suggest that you e mail them to ask them if they intend to renew this year.

We look forward to receiving comments about your experience: please note that whilst we like to know that all is well we have a much greater need to know if something went wrong whilst you were WWOOFing here.

It is the best way we have to grow together.

If any of you would be interested to receive the newsletter in Italian that we send out every two weeks or so with news which is more relevant to Italian residents/speakers such as courses on farms etc please let me know and I will include you also on that mailing list

We will be sending you more details of the AGM in Grosseto the 3/4 March in a couple of weeks, it would be very good to see some of you there.

Best wishes


Thursday, 26 January 2017 17:08

Restoring an ancient olive grove

Restoring an ancient olive grove:

Dear All, we have a 4 hectare hillside olive grove on the Monti Pisani which is centuries old. We overlook forest, field, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is very beautiful. We have had an invasion of wild boar. They have pulled down a number of the dry stone walls and have caused a certain amount of devastation in the grove. Some of this we have addressed last autumn, thanks to an great team of Wwoof volunteers, some of the work still needs dealing with.

We are looking for a team, in the fortnight of 26th Feb  - 12th March, of strong, hardworking and enthusiastic people to help us:

a) tidy the grove and

b) help with olive tree pruning 

c) prepare some of the walls for dry stone walling and to re build some of the walls

d) other associated land tasks - fence painting, pole planting, other pre season prep.

I must emphasize that this is hard but satisfying work.  

Awaiting your e mails.


La Lucertola - www.lucertola.info 

Monday, 02 January 2017 18:17

January 2017 Experiencing Natural Farming

At the forefront of WWOOF Italia is the harmonious relationship between people and nature, giving rise to agriculture on a human scale that respects the environment.  WWOOF Italia puts in the foreground the harmonious relationship between people and nature in order to reach an agriculture that respects the environment.  Via the WWOOF hosts' network it is possible to practice and pass on these principles, in accordance with individual expertise and preferences. 

Other initiatives to help the farmers affected by the earthquake:

The Coop Valli Unite (Piemonte) is organizing the delivery of a truck with about 160,000 kgs of hay to be sent to livestock breeders in Amatrice.

WWOOF Italia will sharing the cost of the hay with the Valli Unite. A truck driver will provide the transportation free. Reseda Onlus will ensure the logistics once it arrives. Anyone who can provide hay or provide transport please let us know.

Meanwhile we are looking for heatable tents tends to help other families who are trying to survive in the mountains but cannot sleep in their houses.

Please let us know if you can supply tents and of course caravans (trailers) and camper vans are also very welcome. On this front our friends in Campi Aperti are well organized.

Sunday, 11 December 2016 10:38

Update from Amatrice 2.0

From the Facebook page Amatrice 2.00 - the sun after the storm - updates keep arriving on the progress of aid.

A farmer with cattle has been helped by our volunteers and now has a new barn and soon will also have stalls for the animals, we have delivered the straw, which was not easy and we also spoke to the son who will help us in the operation ‘SOS agricoltori di Amatrice 2.0’.

to keep up to date



for information on possible contributions - also on helping actually on site - call or write to Roberto Salustri

340 0631104


Wednesday, 30 November 2016 17:42

December 2016 Zero GMO

Zero GMO

Informing civil society about products derived from genetically modified organisms and boycotting their cultivation and sale.

The Zero GMO Coordination Committee is a peaceful, non-profit movement that was founded in November 2013 in the province of Veneto. To date there are 47 associations, including WWOOF Italia, a few farms and many individuals that adhere to this movement.

Our objective is to oppose the cultivation of GMOs, to protect biodiversity, to ensure a better source of food and to encourage sustainable, healthy and environmentally-friendly farming.

What we do:

- lobby at markets, on the streets and in factories that produce animal feed requesting the abolition of transgenic components (soybean maize) used in the feed.

- raise public awareness through distribution of informative pamphlets.

- organize flash mobs in front of supermarkets asking for more transparent food labeling, restoration of food supply chains and the boycotting of GMO products.

- We ask for Municipalities to adopt the slogan;


- We meet with regional institutions.

- We participate in the 2015 campaign against TTIP, the proposed USA-UE Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, against the potential erosion of the environment, health-welfare and the right to work decrees; which is to the advantage of the multinational corporations.

For further information:





WWOOF ltalia:

The quality of life begins with good food

Friday, 25 November 2016 15:09


Do the CETA CHECK: Ask Members of the European Parliament to vote against the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). Let’s remove the secrecy behind the CETA vote and bring it out into the open! After all, that’s how democracy works. 



Friday, 25 November 2016 14:59

Update on the earthquake help - amatrice 2.0

Roberto Salustri, coordinator of the Amatrice 2.0 inizitive - the sun after the storm, has informed me that he is organizing a group of volunteers for a shift in Amatrice and surroundings the 3 and 4 December.

Anyone wishing more information may contact him directly https://amatriceduepuntozero.wordpress.com/partecipare/

People who are willing to help out will be educated and trained for their own and others' safety.

Other friends and associates are mobilizing to deliver hay in the area or to help members and non-members to recall the practicability of their homes. It would be useful to find hay (and straw) in areas as close as possible to the affected areas to avoid wasting resources in long-haul transport.

There has been useful information on caravans or campers that can be made available for those who cannot sleep in a house whilst waiting to provide accommodation in housing units.


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