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Saturday, 29 June 2019 15:40

JULY With WWOOF I learned how to make a straw bale house

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I live in Pistoia and I recently graduated in Agricultural Sciences. WWOOF has always been for me the best way to integrate university studies, which were very much lacking in the practical aspects. In 2017 I wanted to experiment with straw bale construction: it is a healthy, insulating, breathing material with a low environmental impact ... in short, a waste that becomes a precious useful resource.


I found Amaltea, a beautiful reality where I was immediately welcomed with great enthusiasm. The construction was already at the roof stage and the exterior was completed so we worked on the interior and electrical system. While we were working, we constantly talked about the project: I asked a lot of questions and Erika and Tiziano explained everything to me with such patience and passion, including giving me the contacts to help me find the materials and collaborators.

I experimented with the great insulating properties of straw: despite the torrid and dry summer we could work inside the house without discomfort, indeed, it was just fine! When I'm ready to make a house, it will certainly be in straw: before I had only imagined it - but after this experience I am convinced that it is one of the best ways to live.


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