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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 12:48

AGM 2018 - photo gallery

WWOOF brings together people from across the world with similar values and philosophies. Indeed, in several countries it is possible to attend local meetings, getting in touch with other wwoofers and hosts and even become part of the national team.

The Annual General Meeting of WWOOF Italy was held recently. This is what an Italian host told about the meeting...

I've attended the AGM for the first time. I was hoping to understand how WWOOF Italy works and the organizational structure of the Association, and instead I've found the soul that lives in all those who devote themselves to it with so much love.

I feel that for this reason also my activity as a simple host acquires a greater value.”

Onesto, WWOOF Italy host.

Here we share a collection of photos taken during the meeting in Rispescia (GR) the 2nd-4th of March 2018. If you have any photos you wish to share pleae send them to one of our contacts


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Friday, 27 January 2017 07:13

A new year a new list

A new year a new list

In the hope that the year has started well for everyone and that your WWOOFing experiences are very positive we would like to remind you that on 1st February the 2018 list will be on line.

It is important that you check that any farms you have arranged to go to are on this new list, if they are not you will not be covered by the insurance or legal whilst you are on their farm. Most probably the farm has simply forgotten to renew, so we suggest that you e mail them to ask them if they intend to renew this year.

We look forward to receiving comments about your experience: please note that whilst we like to know that all is well we have a much greater need to know if something went wrong whilst you were WWOOFing here.

It is the best way we have to grow together.

If any of you would be interested to receive the newsletter in Italian that we send out every two weeks or so with news which is more relevant to Italian residents/speakers such as courses on farms etc please let me know and I will include you also on that mailing list

We will be sending you more details of the AGM in Grosseto the 3/4 March in a couple of weeks, it would be very good to see some of you there.

Best wishes


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