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Friday, 31 March 2017 09:16


Mass mobilisation by people across the EU has made TTIP as good as dead. But another corporate-backed trade deal is about to get its approval from EU member states -- and it is just as dangerous: CETA. 

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 17:42

December 2016 Zero GMO

Zero GMO

Informing civil society about products derived from genetically modified organisms and boycotting their cultivation and sale.

The Zero GMO Coordination Committee is a peaceful, non-profit movement that was founded in November 2013 in the province of Veneto. To date there are 47 associations, including WWOOF Italia, a few farms and many individuals that adhere to this movement.

Our objective is to oppose the cultivation of GMOs, to protect biodiversity, to ensure a better source of food and to encourage sustainable, healthy and environmentally-friendly farming.

What we do:

- lobby at markets, on the streets and in factories that produce animal feed requesting the abolition of transgenic components (soybean maize) used in the feed.

- raise public awareness through distribution of informative pamphlets.

- organize flash mobs in front of supermarkets asking for more transparent food labeling, restoration of food supply chains and the boycotting of GMO products.

- We ask for Municipalities to adopt the slogan;


- We meet with regional institutions.

- We participate in the 2015 campaign against TTIP, the proposed USA-UE Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, against the potential erosion of the environment, health-welfare and the right to work decrees; which is to the advantage of the multinational corporations.

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WWOOF ltalia:

The quality of life begins with good food

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Friday, 25 November 2016 15:09


Do the CETA CHECK: Ask Members of the European Parliament to vote against the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). Let’s remove the secrecy behind the CETA vote and bring it out into the open! After all, that’s how democracy works. 



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