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from Thursday 21 November afternoon and until Sunday 24 early afternoon we will be at Podere Le Piane 158 MURCI, 58054 Murci - Scansano GR for a special meeting of the enlarged WWOOF Italia council.

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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:09



The Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) has just announced the winner of the WWOOF Animation Movie.

The winner is Haylee Powers, a young woman from the United States. She is an Emmy award-winning designer from Denver creating compelling brands and teaching brand workshops. She loves travelling and she is very interested in WWOOFing. Actually she is planning to go wwoofing in Japan or in Italy in the near future.

An international contest has recently been arranged by worldwide WWOOF organizations in order to create a short animation movie promoting WWOOF movement. The main goal was to inform people what WWOOF really is about. It was an open contest where only one proposal was supposed to win the award. 19 proposals have arrived from all over the world and a panel of eight national WWOOF organisations chose the most appropriate one.

Music for the animation “Happy Whistle” is done by Scott Holmes.

A WWOOF team worked alongside Haylee providing her a good script and choosing a mix of voices (both male and female, with different accents). A few drafts were produced and evaluated and the actual version was considered the most suitable, as the nice combination of watercolors and photos assures a right representation of the diversity in the WWOOF world.

And finally, here is Haylee’s work – the WWOOF Animation Movie – we hope you’ll find it useful before your next WWOOFing adventure worldwide!

If you want to help to spread the word about WWOOFs philosophy you can share this film on Facebook:


Happy viewing!


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Other initiatives to help the farmers affected by the earthquake:

The Coop Valli Unite (Piemonte) is organizing the delivery of a truck with about 160,000 kgs of hay to be sent to livestock breeders in Amatrice.

WWOOF Italia will sharing the cost of the hay with the Valli Unite. A truck driver will provide the transportation free. Reseda Onlus will ensure the logistics once it arrives. Anyone who can provide hay or provide transport please let us know.

Meanwhile we are looking for heatable tents tends to help other families who are trying to survive in the mountains but cannot sleep in their houses.

Please let us know if you can supply tents and of course caravans (trailers) and camper vans are also very welcome. On this front our friends in Campi Aperti are well organized.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016 10:38

Update from Amatrice 2.0

From the Facebook page Amatrice 2.00 - the sun after the storm - updates keep arriving on the progress of aid.

A farmer with cattle has been helped by our volunteers and now has a new barn and soon will also have stalls for the animals, we have delivered the straw, which was not easy and we also spoke to the son who will help us in the operation ‘SOS agricoltori di Amatrice 2.0’.

to keep up to date



for information on possible contributions - also on helping actually on site - call or write to Roberto Salustri

340 0631104


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