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Friday, 27 April 2018 09:54

Mario Gala's books

MarioMario Gala, shepherd and teacher of life, wanted to leave testimony of his great experience in two simple and concise texts that go directly to the key point. 'Gesto dell'ombrello' is also tanslated into English, The Solution. You can purchase all these books on line.


Il gesto dell'ombrello

Il gesto dell'ombrello is a small guide dedicated to those who in a moment of their life decide to make a change and abandon the bonds of the labour market and goods to devote themselves to the art of free self-sufficiency.
What form of freedom is higher than that which allows one to free oneself from need and dependence?
Mario was not naive and he knew well that the road to get closer to freedom can hide a thousand dangers: Il gesto dell'ombrello sviscerates and helps to circumvent them with ingenious simplicity. Some testimonies accompany the text. Italian version.


The Solution

The Solution

This agricultural model, both positive and sustainable, has so deeply fascinated many young people to the point of changing their livers and their future choices. Not being able to host every aspiring farmer, I have decided to write this little handbook dedicated to all those young people wishing to improve their quality of life, wishing to live surrounded by beauty - and who, at the ugly things in life, say "up yours!"



L'amore al tempo del WWOOF

'Love in the time of the Wwoof' is a scattering of short stories. In Italian only.

Numerous Wwoofers have passed through the Finocchio Verde farm and many of them have made radical and lasting life choice.
Mario describes to us from his privileged point of observation some of these stories often happy, sometimes suffered, full of love and satisfaction.

The story does not end here: Mario has left us prematurely but has not forgotten to leave us a legacy of pleasant tasks to do that will produce texts that are equally useful and lasting over time.

He also gave us copies of the books you find for sale and all the proceeds will be dedicated to the solidarity fund for farms in crisis.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 12:48

AGM 2018 - photo gallery

WWOOF brings together people from across the world with similar values and philosophies. Indeed, in several countries it is possible to attend local meetings, getting in touch with other wwoofers and hosts and even become part of the national team.

The Annual General Meeting of WWOOF Italy was held recently. This is what an Italian host told about the meeting...

I've attended the AGM for the first time. I was hoping to understand how WWOOF Italy works and the organizational structure of the Association, and instead I've found the soul that lives in all those who devote themselves to it with so much love.

I feel that for this reason also my activity as a simple host acquires a greater value.”

Onesto, WWOOF Italy host.

Here we share a collection of photos taken during the meeting in Rispescia (GR) the 2nd-4th of March 2018. If you have any photos you wish to share pleae send them to one of our contacts


Friday, 22 September 2017 17:14

WWWOOF Animation Movie award winner


Here is something new for you: Check out FOWO's Animation movie with subtitles in several languages!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 13:08

Calendar 2016 WWOOF Italia

Calendar 2016
Download PDF
calendar 2016

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 15:32


Dear friends,

We did it: Our self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA completed its year and collected a record number of 3,263,920 signatures! We are overjoyed and so grateful to you and all those who contributed to this success!

This morning we demonstrated in front of the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels to insist that our demands are met. We want the TTIP negotiations to be stopped and that the CETA agreement with Canada is not concluded. Activists from all over Europe added stacks of StopTTIP ECI signatures on a huge weighing scale. The other side was weighted down by sand bags displaying the logos of TTIP advocates - but in the end the citizens voices simply had more weight (as it should be!). The event was attended by lots of members of the press.

To ensure that our demands turn into reality, we must increase the pressure! This Saturday, on October 10th, thousands of people across Europe will take to the streets in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Athens and elsewhere. See below for more details on the International Days of Action.

But even after the protests we must continue: Our EU-wide protest movement has grown to over 500 organisations and has broken one signature record after another. As a next step we want to put pressure on our parlamentarians not to ratify TTIP and CETA. We also want to create an action guide against CETA and support referenda against the treaties in various EU Member States.

We can only achieve this with your support! Please donate for the continuation of the European Stop TTIP campaign. Any amount is a tremendous help! https://stop-ttip.org/donation/

We wish you and all 3,263,920 signatories of the Stop TTIP ECI a lot of energy for the next steps. Together we can stop TTIP and CETA!

Best wishes,
Your Stop TTIP campaign team
(Michael Efler, Stephanie Roth and Cornelia Reetz)

PS: Photos of the action and more impressions can be found on Facebook and Twitter .

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 10:31


What to indicate on the form


IMPORTANT: How many of you will there be coming and when will you get there? The bedrooms in the main house have about 6 beds each. The priority for these rooms will be given to families with small children. Everyone else will be accommpodated in 2 other houses about 20 minutes from the venue, nearby WWOOF farms or on the floor of the conference room. Please bring sleeping bags, towels and if possible roll mats or materesses, last year 120 people stayed the night! You also need slippers to enter the conference room.


Will you will be bringing children? Last year there was a group of 15 children under 12! To organize everything so that both children / parents and others can have fun, please let us know their age and bring some toys,
books, games, non-slip socks, etc. we have a room set aside especially for them and Jamin and Cora will be entertaining them! Please bring cots / mattresses for babies
and young children.


Let us know if and what you intend to bring as food to share, for those arriving by car already prepared dishes would be advisable, we are doing all the catering this year so we ask everyone to bring a contribution for
the meal. This has worked well in past years with everyone contributing something and helping with washing up etc during the weekend.

We also need a team to help with the cleaning, please indicate on the form if and when you can help, particularly those of you who are not in a hurry to leave on Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:14

How to get to PANTA REI

Localita' Le Guardie, Passignano sul Trasimeno, 06065, Perugia.

www.pantarei-cea.it www.buonaterra.it


From Rome

Motorway A1 exit Orte. Take the E45 towards Perugia / Lake Trasimeno and Passignano Est exit, turn right towards the village. Cross over the first level crossing and proceed to the next level crossing; take the first right, then take the first left, go past the post office (left) and at the roundabout take the second right. Follow the road that runs along the cemetery (left) and ASL (right) for about 100m climb up to the crossroads of Via San Crispolto, take the road that goes to the left for about 2 km and you're there.

From Firenze

Motorway A1 exit Bettolle. Follow the signs for Perugia / Lago Trasimeno and exit at Passignano Ovest.Entering the village, pass the church of the Madonna dell'Oliveto, take the first left towards Hotel Villa Paradiso,
continue uphill for about 2 kms and arrive at a crossroads (with a Madonna in front and a pine forest on the right) and turn right, follow the signs for Panta Rei for about
another 600 meters and you will be there.


(please let Bridget know by Thursday 5th if you are coming by train)

Firenze S. M. Novella 08:02 Passignano sul Trasimeno 09:49

Roma Termini 07:28 Terontola-Cortona 09:26 Passignano sul Trasimeno 09:49

This is the only train that we be at the station to meet

Important: Up until Thursday 5th if needed call Bridget on 0565 765001, after that phone 329 0806234.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bridget and the WWOOF staff

Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:11

Operating rules of the Assembly

Any paid up member of WWOOF Italia is entitled to attend and vote at the meeting. Any member can also be represented by another member with a proxy vote (no more than 3 per member)
The Assembly is validly constituted, in first call (prima convocazione) when there are present, even by proxy, more than half of the members entitled to vote, in second call (seconda convocazione) whatever the
number of attending members entitled to vote is. In the AGM resolutions are passed by an absolute majority of votes of the members present and / or represented,

The programme of social and cultural events which are open to everyone

Saturday 7 March

20.00 Dinner

21.30 - Live Music and dancing

Sunday 8 March


Presentation meeting of Non Violent Communication

followed by

individual meetings of empathic communication

at 11

from Catalonia

Presentation of the experiences of the Emyr Foundation

at 12

The band and protagonists of the Transumanza Tour

preform a concert/show

alle 13,30

Shared lunch - WWOOF Italia offers a hot meal

participants are encouraged to bring something or to make a contribution

Throughout the day on Sunday

Seed exchange and market with produce from WWOOF farms.

The day's program is subject to changes and / or additions

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