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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


In the heart of the Valle Grana, one of the 14 alpine enclaves which uses the Occitan language, we aim to practice agriculture and use old peasant farming traditions. The main activities are the breeding of Piedmontese cattle, the cultivation of vegetables, hay, work in the forests and the processing of the wood needed for winter heating. The family run farm, which consists of the stone house, barn and tool shed, have been renovated keeping the original features and is now our home. Surrounded by meadows, that produce fodder and vegetables, the barn and the hut house a couple of donkeys. The animals, from spring to late autumn graze outdoors. A minor part of the farm is located in the lower valley; other vegetables are grown here surrounded by a small orchard, chickens, rabbits and four goats. Most of the products grown are for our personal use or are made into preserves which we use in out 25 place restaurant. The goal is to breaking down as much as possible a chain that in the last half century has changed structurally farm life, with the conviction that it is from the earth that changes happen. A separate room in the house is available for guests who can help in the activities related to the different seasons and with baking. French is our second language, with English we try to get by.

Our winery is located on a San Luigi hill, with a view of the rolling Dogliani hills and the Langhe. There are 24 hectares of land of which 7 are vineyards. The owners, respectively Ursula: agronomist, Marcello: engineer in oenology and since 2016 Filippo graduated agronomist and viticulture student in France. In the last twenty years they have realized their dreams in this farm and produce wine with direct sales, tend orchards, make preserves for the winter and much more! All this would not be possible without all the helpers giving them a hand, especially during the harvest. The farm has become for many people a place where they can live with nature and other people of all ages from different social backgrounds. Many of them on returning home appreciate their glass of wine much more after observing the genuineness of the vineyards and the sweat and hard work required to achieve this.
Ours is a newly born farm, so there is a lot to do and many of the structures and projects are still in formation. We have bees, hens, two cats, a large vegetable garden, some vineyards (which are not healthy at the moment ...), buildings to be restored naturally and many roe deer and wild boars all around us. There are 12 hectares, 6 of which are forests, 4 are meadow and the rest hazelnut, chestnut wood or are uncultivated. We are a young couple oriented to an alternative lifestyle. Our objective is to create a multifunctional farm, planned following the principles of Permaculture. We have many guests and we are delighted to have people interested and motivated and there is also room for wwoofers' to use their own initiative and projects. We speak Italian, Swiss German and English. We eat together, usually vegetarian food, so there is no problem for us to host vegetarians or vegans.
Situated at the entrance of the Val Maira in a hamlet at an altitude of 1000m, with 32.000 m2 vegetables, chestnut trees, woodland, fields and raspberries. This farm has been occupied since 2006 by us, and our two children (16 &18). F. is a music teacher, I. works in the environmental field. We moved from the city to find a place where we could live with more respect for the cycles of the seasons and life. A great deal of work has already been done but there is plenty more to do! We can host WWOOFers from June to October. Help needed in the vegetable garden; preparing, seeding, maintaining and harvesting; in the woods; maintaining, clearing, cutting, to bring the area to life after being abandoned for many years; in the hamlet and surroundings; clearing old pathways, dry stone walling. Accommodation in the house for one person. Whilst here there will be the chance to go on excursions in the beautiful surrounding countryside. We organize cultural activities together with our friends and activities for children. We have a Labrador dog called Nutella and 4 cats. We produce for our own use and to exchange with friend, jams, vegetables, chestnut conserves and pies. English (school level) spoken.
I am Daniel, I'm 30 years old and, with the help of my family, I manage the farm and agritourism in my great-grandparents restored house in the high Maira Valley, at the foot of Mount Chersogno. On our organic farm we grow vegetables, medicinal plants and have about 200 beehives from which we produce honey that has earned awards from Slow Food; we also work on the maintenance of the forest, cleaning trails and recovering uncultivated areas. We have seven sheep, a goat, chickens, rabbits, two cats and a dog. In the agritourism, consisting of 5 rooms, we receive guests all year round who love the mountains, hiking, mountaineering or being in contact with the fascinating nature of the Maira Valley. We are surrounded by a network of well-marked trails and we're a stopping place on the Occitani trails, a route of nearly 180 kms that runs through all the municipalities of the valley. We would like your collaboration during the period from May to October and can accommodate one or two people who are motivated and curious to learn and exchange experiences. We are fond of nature photography and Occitan music we play and often sing! The nearest town is 35 km, the train station is 60 km away and the bus around 15 minutes' drive. Spoken languages: Occitan, good French, and a little English, Spanish, German.
This farm is situated in Alta Langa on a hill with a view of the Piemonte Alps. We are Christian (25) and Julien (32) and run the farm since 2018, when the former farmers handed it over to us with all their knowledge. We raise around 60 sheep of the local Langa breed, which graze pastures around the farm from spring to autumn. We milk the sheep by hand and make high quality raw milk cheeses in our dairy, for which we are represented by Slow Food. We have a fruit orchard and vegetable garden for our own use, a vineyard that provides grapes for our self-made wine and bees for honey, There is also a small agritourism attached to the farm with 6 beds and a restaurant for 16 people, where we serve our own produce. We also sell at markets. Accommodation is in an adjacent house with own room and shared bathroom, minimum stay 3 weeks. Help needed with all aspects of daily work. In winter we dedicate ourselves to maintenance work with fences and animal sheds, production of baskets, work in the woods, pruning and making salami. We cook mainly using our own produce. Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
Our farm is a small wine producing business in Dogliani, in the heart of the Piedmontese Langhe, an area famous all over the the world for the richness and quality of its wines. We have a small production (about 10-12 thousand bottles a year) and are attentive to traditions and respect for nature, therefore offering genuine and quality wines, in particular three different types of Dogliani Docg (a different wine from each vineyard) and we also carry out some original experiments with our wine making.. Lucia and Silvio work with love, passion and energy: "We aim at quality and not quantity, and we base our philosophy on the protection of the vineyard, its health and, consequently, on the production of natural and healthy wines which in ten years has brought many appreciations and awards". The quality of our products is largely the result of a natural choice of life: We believe in the balance between tradition and innovation, and we are convinced that to obtain a quality wine, fully respecting nature and health, we must work mainly in the vineyard, intervening the minimum necessary in the cellar. This, in our opinion, allows us to recognize the original and unique peculiarities not only of the different vineyards, but also of the individual different vines which is therefore reflected in the characteristics of the wines. In the vineyard and in the cellar cleanliness and attention reign, but also research and comparison. To pass on our experience and to learn different techniques. We provide our knowledge and are ready to confront methods and philosophies different than our own. We are happy to share moments of work, learning, but also taste, conviviality and relaxation with new friends who come to visit us on the farm.

This farms main activity is sheep farming with Langhe sheep (an endangered breed), which produce milk for cheese and meat. In addition we raise Piedmontese cattle, pigs and other farm animals such as rabbits and poultry.
We grow strawberries and soft fruit, chestnuts, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, beans, green beans, potatoes. We have an agritourism with six bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a restaurant for 60 people, we have free wifi internet. We speak good French and some English. Accommodation in a room with a bathroom with use of the kitchen when wanted or you can eat all meals with us.  You can have the opportunity to learn from us how we manage our livestock, and process the products we grow into jam or preserves in the kitchen for the preparation of traditional Piedmontese dishes. It would be interesting to have an exchange of ideas between people who have the same interests from other parts of the world.

The desire to redevelop the territory and the push to take a step towards sustainable and innovative agriculture are giving shape to a farm that increasingly aims at creating networks that benefit the surrounding areas and beyond. The farm was founded at the foot of Monviso with the aim of creating a production chain of hemp and hops, acting in connection with the actors present in the territory, from the main breweries in the Cuneo area to national and international partners. We are 3 young guys who have decided to make the best use of the land and resources left by our family. The company was born on the Buschese hill, about 800m high in a fairly isolated wooded area (15 minutes by car from the town center). It has about 20 hectares of which 12 are wooded, 2 are hops, 2 are hemp, 1 is hazelnuts, 1 is a kiwis and 1 is an experimental greenhouse, we also have an apiary. At the farm headquarters, an agritourism is being set up that will give space to multiple musical, artistic and cultural events. In addition to the agritourism facility there is a an old house which under renovation, a wood-burning oven, a swimming pool and a large terrace; all crowned by a splendid view of the plain. We often work with neighbouring farms to organize summer events. With a spirit of sharing and learning we try to work while having fun and learning every day. Depending on the season and the number of guests, we can offer a room, a tent or a camper place. We will choose together with our guests, based on their interests, the collaboration that best suits them; respecting, however, the priorities that agriculture tells us. We share our experiences not only to teach but also to learn.
Ciao, I'm Andrea. With my wife Manu and my sister Irene we decided to cultivate the land of our grandparents and live from agriculture. We produce vegetables and fruit, preserves and jams from organic farming. For some years we have also opened a agritourism and restaurant. We manage 15 hectares of land and we work with some seasonal workers, we collaborate with agricultural institutes and universities and we often welcome students for internships. We would like help with with manual work, to cultivate our large vegetable garden, to look after orchards and woods, with maintenance or cleaning, to pack our produce. We are willing to share our experience and passion for agroecology. We offer a bed in our house, in an independent room, to those who are willing to enter our daily life, our work and family, with two lively children of 6 and 10 years, and many cats in the house. We are used to hosting people and traveling, we speak English and French. If you are willing and not frightened of doing humble and tiring jobs, if you want to get dirty and discover organic farming methods, you are welcome!