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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Farm and agritourism of 7 hectares in the Langa Astigiana . We produce wine, vegetables, hazelnuts, strawberries and make conserves and typical Piemonte antipastas. Help needed mainly in the vineyard, the synergic vegetable garden with firewood, playing with the children  and with cooking. We live in a large restored stone farmhouse and still have some small restoration jobs to do on it. Meals with the family and can be vegetarian. No smoking in the house. Accommodation in the house in room with 2-3 beds and shared bathroom. We speak good English. We are interested in sharing our experiences and showing you this beautiful area!.

Small family-run vegetarian agritourism where we concentrate mainly on beekeeping and the production of honey and propolis. We also bake bread once a week, work with wood, restore furniture, make ceramics, make candles from beeswax and spin wool when we have time. We have a vegetable garden and a fruit orchard. We also do a lot of activities with children from March to May. WWOOFers are invited to collaborate and share our lifestyle but must be able to adapt and willing to help out also with the more tedious but very necessary jobs on the farm (i.e. not only seeding and harvesting produce). We have a donkey, 3 goats, 2 sheep, chickens, ducks and rabbits. English, French and Spanish (a little) spoken. 

Small family run farm in the Lange run by P., S, A. (2001), N. (2003) and grandmother F.(1930). We grow maize, barley, hay, Lucerne (in rotation), hazelnuts, have a vineyard, fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches, apricots and plums) and soft fruit. We also have bees (with a workshop to extract and bottle the honey), farmyard animals, chickens, geese, ducks, and guinea fowl. Dogs, cats and small goats. We have 3 rooms in the B & B and 30 seat restaurant. Our house is surrounded by a small lawn and a flower garden. The jobs are very varied and not repetitive, the most interesting and important for us being with the bees and in the vineyard. Sometimes we participate at markets to sell our produce. We are not vegetarian but respect the reasons that people are. We do not speak many languages but have travelled a lot and learnt that with patience and the use of gestures we can make ourselves understood. We speak a little French, English and Spanish. We are happy to teach you what we know as when you teach you also learn.

We grow nuts and vegetables using organic methods. We pay great attention to saving water and energy through the use of a solar greenhouse and rainwater collection, the use of advanced irrigation systems that allow a lower consumption of water and greater effectiveness in combating the growth of weeds in our deep bed system. Our goal is to depend less and less on non-renewable sources of energy by limiting the use of mechanical means and replacing them with animal labour. Our donkeys, goats and horses are helping us understand how to work in harmony with them, feeding them with the vegetation that most farms destroy with herbicides. We expect great dedication from WWOOFers to the relationship with the animals and in our vegetable garden and in return we offer free time to enjoy the pool or the ‘cinema’ as well as interesting lessons on baking bread, canning and making fruit sorbets. Every Sunday we make pizza in the wood oven which we share with many friends and fellow farmers. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of Russian, but we would be prepared to learn more to make the cultural exchange that drives us to host WWOOFers even more fruitful!

We have this dynamic farm which is situated in San Marzano Oliveto. The family is composed of us and our 2 sons (1985-1988). We produce wine, are a teaching farm with donkey, there is a Bar on the farm and L. makes beer. People who come here live with the family, we can not accept vegetarians and vegans. Please bring a sleeping bag and we accept pets, the accommodation is in an independent farmhouse 200 ms from the farm. The work can vary depending on the season, and may include jobs in the vineyard, wine cellar, maintaining the donkeys fences and with activities with the donkeys. We ask you when you come here to fit in with our family and lifestyle and to help with the general jobs on the farm. We are planning to start a vegetable garden and so this will also be one of the jobs with which we need help. We speak English, French & Spanish.

We are young guys who have traveled the world and have finally realized our dream of starting a farm located on top of a small hill in the heart of Monferrato. We mainly deal with the management of a vineyard of about 7 hectares and using natural methods produce Barbera, Moscato, Cortese and Chardonnay wines. We also have a little hazelnut grove, fruit orchard, vegetable garden and chickens. Our prerogative is to have a holistic approach to managing the farm, where every job is aimed at reducing waste and using the available resources. We are constantly researching and experimenting with eco-sustainable techniques, thus having a minimal impact on the environment. Daily activities take place in total collaboration both in the vineyard and inside the house. Surely there is a lot of work but fun is not lacking, there are frequent barbecues and get togethers at weekends. We are looking for people who want to get in touch with and live this experience with us. You will have your own room. Four-legged friends are welcome and can keep Ciucino and Olimpya, the dogs on the farm, company.
Our cooperative was founded in 1980 in Pino d'Asti, on the initiative of the members of the Fraternità Emmaus and some farming friends after having had several years of experience of living in the country and from the conviction that working the land is only possible if done with sharing and cooperation. The cooperative started in 1983 in Albugnano, in Cascina Penseglio, in an old house, surrounded by crops (vineyards, pastures, fields and woods). We are dedicated to cattle breeding and farming: vegetables, vines, cereals, pasture and woods, the farm produces wine and preserves. Since 1987 we have dedicated ourselves also to agritourism to allow many people to enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility of the farm and to establish a direct relationship between producers and consumers, between the land and food. The wwoofers can stay in the rooms of the farm with shared bathroom, we all eat together, the activities vary according to the season and include activities in the garden, in the vineyard, in the woods, in the barn and the farmhouse. The farm can be reached either by car or once a day there is a bus that comes from Turin or with prior agreement we can pick you up at the stations of Chivasso or Asti. Languages ​​spoken: French and English.
We bought this house in the country with some land about a year ago and would like to start a synergistic garden; we have hazelnut trees; we are making a chicken coop and have done the essential renovations. Our idea is to be as self-sufficient as possible. We like to have you have your help and company for the chores inside and outside the house, there seems a good compromise and an opportunity for growth. We are a couple with two children, two dogs and a cat. We have two cars. we are in the countryside 1 hour from Turin, 20 min from Asti ..and there is good public transport and a railway station nearby. We have wifi and accommodation is in a downstairs room with bathroom. A presto!