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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We have a Trullo in the hills 20 kms from the sea and have 2 ha of olives, almonds and vegetables. Jobs include working the land, pruning, in the vegetable garden, with the fruit trees, harvesting, maintaining dry stone walls, making conserves. Accommodation in a room in our house with shared bathroom (we live in Locorotondo 4 kms from the Trullo in an old house in the town centre). English, German, French and some Hungarian spoken. Can cater vegetarian. Smoking allowed in the house and we have cats. We consider sharing domestic chores a part of communal life.

Our farm covers an area of approximately 22 hectares, divided into several plots. The main crops are olives, almonds, cherries, figs and fruit trees, there is also a vegetable garden for the farm and family needs. The farm has always been owned by the family, back in 1983 it also became an agritourism an activity which is now essential to the livelihood and social and territorial development of the farm. The farm activities are organized by a team of collaborators and are agricultural -picking olives, almonds, fruit, garden work etc.; and with the agritourism, the transformation of products (jams, tomato puree etc.). Tasks are chosen based on the skills and interest of WWOOFers in order to be of help and support to the people who work here as permanent employees. There are 5 workers here and they are the point of reference for everyday tasks for WWOOFers. For this reason we ask for stays of no less than four weeks, possibly longer, in order to integrate into the work system and to gain a deeper regional and cultural knowledge of the region. Between us English, Spanish, pidgin French and a little German are spoken but everyone else speaks only Italian therefore a basic knowledge of Italian is essential.

This farm was founded in 1970, and is precise life choice of the owners. Living in contact with nature. In fact, it is a family run farm, located south of the Murgia in Bari, in the countryside of Putignano, on the border with the mountains of Gioia del Colle. The land is destined for the annual rotation of fodder and cereals. Initially conducted with the usual methods and techniques, it has undergone a biological productive conversion not only in cultivation, but also in breeding over the past twenty years. Besides the cultivation of cereals, the farm cultivates cherries, almond groves, olive groves and vegetables. The farm works on closed cycle of breeding and with organic methods over the entire supply chain, follows the entire path from the feeding of the 30 cows (of different ages- all of whom were born on the farm), up to processing of their milk that is daily transformed in the adjacent dairy. We would like to share this experience with Wwoofers. The accommodation is in a single room adjacent to the house and meals are shared with us. The members of the family are Paolo (60 years) who deals with the external management of the farm and his wife Anna (59) who deals with the management of the dairy and the daily transformation of the milk. The jobs that our family would like to share are the harvesting of vegetables and fruit in season, planting, milking and cattle breeding, processing of dairy products, sowing and harvesting cereal crops.
A recently started work in progress, the farm is developed around a farmhouse whose foundations date back to 1400. We rigorously follow an organic/environmentally friendly agriculture. Our flag is, as Benjamin (Atipico # 1) says, the Post Apocalyptic Gardening. We practice aridocultura with fruiting forest crops, trying to find the best method for our area. Our house is a coming and going of people, a laboratory, a continuous research and an experiment that often results in chaos. We believe in sharing (knowledge, culture, food, time ...), this is our mission.