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Medio Campidano

We are two energetic and eclectic friends (female) in our 50’s who are hoping to collaborate and share the running of our new project, a beautiful 6 ha piece of land on the Medio Campidano plain with many olive trees, a fruit orchard, vegetable garden & woodland. All of our cultivation is strictly organic. A year ago we finished renovating the house where we live and a small cottage with bathroom and cooking area for guests (max 2 as there is only a double bed). We are about three kms from the town, the railway station and the hospital. We have bicycles we can lend you. Depending on the season we take care of the garden, harvest wild plants, prune and harvest the olive trees, prepare firewood for the winter. We also have a beautiful fully equipped workshop where we re-use, recycle many different objects that we find. English, Spanish and French spoken.

I live in the outskirts of Villacidro (Province in South Sardinia) in a house surrounded by 2500 square meters of hilly terrain overlooking the Campidano plain, crossed by a small stream and crowned in the west by the Linas. In this corner of paradise I cultivate a small orchard and a vegetable vegetable, which are alternately available for almost the entire year. I also have a small olive grove that produces an excellent oil which supplies the needs of the whole family. The methods used for cultivation are absolutely natural, with operations reduced to a minimum and aimed at conserving biodiversity and agronomic spontaneity, all exclusively for family consumption. At the moment I'm trying to create a synergistic garden behind my house, I am studying the methods of cultivation, albeit self-taught but also with the help of more experienced friends. My house is arranged over two floors and I can accommodate guests on the first floor, where I have semi-independent furnished and heated rooms, with two single rooms available, one of which is convertible into a double if necessary. The kitchen which is used daily is on the ground floor, where I live, and there is a wood stove that I use regularly to make bread. While living in the countryside, the centre of Villacidro is 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car from my house. I have a basic knowledge of English, and I can share with difficulty simple conversations in English, but I have friends who can help me.
We are three curious, hospitable people and are motivated to undertake significant cultural exchanges. We live in the middle of the Campidano plain about 30 km from the south west coast of Sardinia, the green coast, and about 800 meters from the town. The village is 8 km from the railway station. On our land there is an olive grove, an orchard, a henhouse, dogs, cats and a donkey. We also have a vineyard and a grove of eucalyptus trees from which we obtain the wood for our requirements. We collect solar energy with solar panels and wind energy with a small wind turbine and so supply our house. We use a compost toilet system. Every day, in our settlement, we are engaged in the care of the animals, land and people. Our seasonal jobs are: harvesting, cutting-wood, vegetable gardens. We can accommodate up to two people in a caravan (in the winter months) and in tents (only in favorable seasons) or a single person in our little wooden house. We have three bicycles available for guests. The preparation of meals is shared, as is the cleaning of the public areas. We need collaborative and creative people who are willing to share with us for short periods (minimum two weeks) and help in the design and implementation of: seedbeds, key hole; chicken coops in deep litter, pergolas and the planting of our food forest. We arrange our way of life through the principles of permaculture and nonviolence. Languages ​​spoken, but not well, French and English; we also host people of other nationalities.