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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Ciao, my name is Lucrezia, I am 57 years old and for nearly 20 years have been farming organically, in the past I grew vegetables, since 2010 I have produced sheeps cheese. I live 40 kms from Bologna at an altitude of 670 m s.l.m. amongst meadows and woods. What I love most about it is the direct contact with nature, firsthand, through my 20 sheep and through the wood that I cut to keep warm. Then there are the continuous miracles: that grass turns into something seemingly so different as cheese, lambs are born and find their mother's nipple, the moon appears and disappears, after the winter spring comes back, etc. etc. A typical day goes like this: from February to October we start milking the sheep and (every 3 days) make cheese. We also move the electric fences, put the sheep out to pasture and clean the stalls. Other jobs vary depending on the season: in spring the sheep are sheared, hooves clipped, the grass cut where it is needed; in summer we collect the stones from the fields, saw firewood and store it in the woodshed; autumn we sow barley, clear drainage ditches; in winter we cut the wood, mend the fences, shovel snow. In addition to the kitchen preparation of daily meals we make bread, pasta, dishes made with ricotta cheese, lamb, preserves. I have a permaculture vegetable garden which is mulched with straw. Finally in the evening the sheep are bought in to the barn and at the end of July there is a second milking. For more information I will be happy to be contacted by phone because I can not always connect to the Internet.
Ciao! We are Stefano (28) and Michele (34), and for a couple of years we have run this three-hectare farm that runs along the banks of the river Dardagna. We are located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on the borders of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park. We grow vegetables, berries, medicinal plants, herbs and produce organic seeds, following them directly from planting to harvest. Since last year we have also started a small production of honey. We sell at markets and to local buyers groups. Since last year we have joined the association "Campi Aperti " and "Genuino Clandestino", and we participate at their meetings every Thursday at the XM24 market in Bologna. During the season (March-November), we live mainly in the fields, where we have a caravan, tents and a small tree house. Our house is situated in the small village of Rocca Corneta, ten minutes walk from our land. Our desire is to continue the setting up of an agricultural and human project based on exchange, self-production and selling directly to customers, to generate practices that go beyond the mere specification of cultivating organically. Projects in which we can develop collaborative networks with other farms, and not just live together in this beautiful valley. The jobs to be done are many and varied: sowing, hoeing, transplanting, fertilizing, management of greenhouses, irrigation, construction and repairs of small structures, harvesting wild plants, preparing for markets, and many others ... each according to your ability and taste! You can also go walking, swimming in the river, dance and spend evenings under the stars! PS, we can speak Italian, Spanish, French and a little English.
Ours is a small family run farm where we have reproduced, in an area of intensive cultivation, an ecological niche where agricultural and the park coexist in perfect harmony, thereby preserving the environmental balance. For over 25 years we have not used any type of herbicide or chemicals and we strive towards natural farming as much as possible trying to follow the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka. For this reason, we welcome anyone who is willing to help us in achieving this goal, to share our ideas and methods and to learn about our activities: beekeeping, cultivation of lavender for essential oil, in the synergistic gardens, grape harvest, maintenance of the forest and wetlands, pruning and taking cuttings, harvesting wild and aromatic herb and everything else needed to take part in our daily life. This is also a teaching farm. Cooking is shared and we use our own produce, can cater for vegans and vegetarians. The minimum period of stay is one week, maximum three, and we host from February to the end of October because, in winter, there is little to do. We are half an hour away from Bologna which is easily reached by train or bus. We understand a little French, English, Spanish and German.

We are a couple in our sixties who have moved to the country after having been a veterinary surgeon and a herbalist. We have always kept bees and we have also written extensively on the subject in the past. Now semi-retired, we have recuperated the farm and the mill, which had been abandoned for 50 years and which is situated in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on the border between the two regions, one km from the exit on the A1 Roncobilaccio. We carry out beekeeping, grow medicinal plants, preserve, renovate the house, we have a hen house, the river, the road needs to be restored, we can teach you to do the stone walling, we must build a hut for our donkey, we sometimes need to empty the mud from the vaulted rooms under the mill. Everything is done in moderation. No one runs behind and by the way we like to talk more about bioethics, Leopardi of European policy by the fireplace or under a tree to fresco.Abbiamo many books, all beds, we love music and art. We eat "Mediterranean" and we try to eat less meat. Our food culture is Tuscan-Emilian-Marche with foreign incursions. We are very close to Florence and speak French, a bit 'of Spanish and little English: we'd like to learn it better. We are installing the satellite dish to receive Internet

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Ciao I am Luigi, I'm 32 years old and I recently started this agricultural project that I have been I've been cultivating for years. I find myself in a beautiful place on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, my small farm is at an early stage so the energy that I would like to have from travelers is with building and doing other tasks. There will be a large vegetable garden and an orchard to care for and then the weekly baking of bread and focaccia. Have you ever tried using sourdough? Here we can do it together !! I would like to have your help when there are commitments but give you plenty of freedom in your free time Accommodation is in a single room and bathroom, the house is big and I live alone. The farm is 4 km from a train station that connects us to Bologna and Florence. I speak a little English but I learn fast. I do not have an internet connection but have many books. For food I'm open to everything, we could exchange recipes and experiment with new dishes. I eat meat but I much prefer vegetables. The period I can accommodate people is from April to the end of October.
This eco village was born in 2011 from the dreams of four people and from their desire to build something different. We are on a ridge that offers a splendid 365° panorama. We are self sufficient in energy, have a system for collecting rainwater for irrigation and a system for the purification of wastewater. Currently eight people live here, divided into four families. The activities that WWOOFers can help are with maintenance of the two community gardens (spring-summer), harvesting and selection of chestnuts (autumn), cutting and stacking of firewood (autumn-winter) and other routine maintenance and small construction activities (all year). Accommodation is in a tent or in a large room and you can free access to all the communal areas in the village. We like to recite, play, think, meditate, in both structured and informal moments and we like to share with anyone who wants. We speak Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

This farm is situated at 670 m in a popular tourist area. We are 1 hour from Bologna. The farm is accessible by train, the bus stop is only a few metres away and we also collect from Bologna station. We cultivate 8 hectares, partly fruit orchard with soft fruit and partly vegetable garden. The farm is a permaculture project that was started 10 years ago. The environmental and agricultural jobs have taken a great deal of work but they are now growing. There is a workshop where we transform fruit and vegetables. Accommodation in two rooms - only one of which is heated - and shared bathroom, but there are two compost toilets outside. Meals together using mainly our own produce and can be vegetarian. Throughout the year there are meetings and conferences etc. Minimum stays 1 month, best between March and October. Help needed with harvesting fruit, mulching and maintenance of the grounds as well as in the kitchen where we hope to exchange recipes. We ask for commitment during days of work and total freedom in your days off. You can learn about pruning and tree cultivation and hope for a reciprocal cultural exchange. A little English and French spoken. We hope to have internet from April.

We have a university curriculum, but our parents were peasant farmers, simple people who have always looked after the land and lived off its produce. To continue their work and to live closer to nature, we want to remember their teachings and apply our knowledge. These are the reasons for our chosen lifestyle. We grow organically, with biodynamic experience since 1991, 1 ha vineyard Montuni del Reno, grape varieties which are local from the Bologna plains, as well as a vegetable garden and an orchard. We have 20 bee families and 4000mq of vegetables for our snails. There are 4 goats and many birds and farm yard animals. Everything you like to do on the farm can be done, we are open to new experiences together with you. We have a bedroom with a bathroom for you with everything you need. The agritourism carries out recreational activities with a 4000 sqm park and a swimming pool of 6 x 14 meters and two apartments with 4 beds. The availability of travelers is independent of our needs. Our strongest motivation is to share our knowledge and to convey the desire to continue to care for the earth. Mostly we eat vegan from our own produce or from friends. We invite you to discover life in the countryside as it once was. Very little technology and lots of nature. My partner speaks good English and a bit of French and Spanish. We are in the urban part of the city of Bologna, reachable by public transport, we are 4.5 km from the two Torri di Bologna.
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Ciao a tutti, we are a group of people who for the past few years have been working in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines within the Regional Park of Corno alle Scale. We deal with environmental education and promote well-being through contact with nature. We have mountain refuges where we host adults and children who want to experience hiking, adventure camps and other activities. We want to start a vegetable garden from which we hope to provide at least some of the food for the refuge. One refuge is in area is surrounded by Beech woods in the Silla valley whilst the other refuge is next to an artificial lake and is surrounded by deciduous woodland. The main jobs here are with the refuges and the areas around them, helping with childrens’ summer camps and in the vegetable garden.. We also have the space and so intend to ask your help to set up a film festival related to the environment. We work from June to October and we accommodate you in the refuges where we also live in the summer. We look forward to meeting you! Languages spoken English, French, and Spanish.
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We manage a farm of 4 1/2 ha adjacent our home, Bruno works full-time on the farm, Elena has a job elsewhere and therefore is only on the farm part- time. We have 2 children aged 6 and 12. The two other people engaged in the farm are Luca & Beatrice. Being a Social Farm, during certain periods there are also interns and others sent by the Social Services of the area. Our activities focus mainly during the morning and consist of the harvesting, sorting, cleaning and packaging vegetables. The afternoon is generally dedicated to transplanting, sowing, weeding and other works. The most intense period is from April to October and during the months of January and February we have a quieter period. We welcome help with meal preparation and tidying the kitchen. We eat mainly organic and vegetarian food. Some of us speak school English, Elena also speaks French and Spanish. We do not have TV, but an internet connection is available. Other chances to help are: June/July/Septembers we have small groups of babies (care&cooking is needed). In case you would like to join us, few recommendations before writing us: - We do not have a separate room in the house so we can offer only the sofa-bed in the living room or camping in the fields if weather allows. - We may accept only one person per time (no couples/families) - We ask you to write us ONLY if you really intend to join us and if our profile really fits to what you are looking for. We receive so many requests but 99% turns to nothing, so I am sorry to say ..no time-wasters!