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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Ciao this is a farm and forest located 50 km south of Bologna in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in the municipality of Castel d'Aiano. We have been hill farmers for several generations and have a free and cooperative spirit. There are 40 has, 15 of woodland, two chestnut woods 12 meadows and pastures, a soft fruit orchard and a vegetable garden. Here is a summary of some of our activities: - biomass energy obtained from the forest (production of wood chips for eco-boilers) - we rear Mora Romagnola pigs, Dexter cattle, Suffolk and Bergamasca sheep - we process our meat weekly using traditional butchery methods - run the farmhouse restaurant with accommodation where we serve excellent food and wine typical to the area - participate with a stall at fairs and festivals of the Bolognese Apennines - Recovery and transformation of the chestnut wood - we have plans to make a vegetable and herb garden - we collaborate with a social cooperativere Etabeta. The WWOOFers can participate in the following activities: spring summer: planting, transplanting and weeding in the garden, harvesting in the orchard, caring for the animals and agritourism activities, gardening, In Autumn cleaning and harvesting of chestnuts, winter pruning and cutting firewood, accommodation in double rooms with bathroom, we prefer single more mature people. 

Ciao, I'm Federica the owner of the farm. We are a family run farm / restaurant / educational farm and we are one of the leading farms in Emilia Romagna for organic agricultural production. In fact 10 top chefs have their vegetable gardens here. If you want to participate in our project, to learn how to produce high quality vegetables for the haute cuisine market, come to us !!! We have an agritorism and restaurant in Bologna. We have 8 hectares, of which about 4 are intended for a vegetable garden where we grow ancient varieties. We have moved on to complete organic management of the land, so this year we will need a lot of help for all the preparation, transplanting and harvesting. We are also experimenting with biologically intensive agriculture and experimenting with synergistic agriculture. We supply several restaurants with our fresh products, delivering two or three times a week to Bologna. If you are a dynamic person, you have a great desire to learn, on the farm there other young people who come from all over the world. We give you the opportunity to learn everything you need in our marketing and communication projects with our educational farm programs. By supporting our employees you can acquire skills in these fields. Our goal is that a small piece of San Giuliano, can be transmitted to you and follow you in your professional and personal life, to do this, for the entire period of stay we will be at your disposal. You will share with us and with our two children the life of a family of farmers and restaurateurs. Here you can understand and learn how to design an agricultural production according to a kitchen that works with products of the highest quality.
The nearest public transport is 5 km from house, and it is better to get a lift from us as it is a fair distance. We cultivate medicinal plants and we have a herb garden. I live with my son and I follow the farming and teaching. We are able to accommodate all the year, both at home and in 3 small wooden houses, including one in a large mulberry tree and the other two in the woods near the house. For organizational reasons, we are not able to accommodate more than 3 people. Periods when help needed: the spring is the most challenging time and when we need the most help: basically in the garden for weeding, with the schools that come to visit for Sunday seminars to help generally with the activities; In summer and autumn help is needed harvesting and cleaning the herb. We are very flexible with free time and work time. What counts most for us is a participation of ideals and values and a sincere spirit for mutual exchange. We prefer if you can help at the weekends and take time off in the week. We have difficulty to have people for short stays as you do not have time to learn the routine. For those who want to stay longer we have a 2 week trial period. Our passion is the generous world of herbs and sharing of experience in the field of self and herbal cosmetics. Our seminars concern these topics and we to let you take part in these seminars in exchange for help in the preparation and clearing up after. I am happy to give more information.
Ciao, my name is Lucrezia, I am 57 years old and for nearly 20 years have been farming organically, in the past I grew vegetables, since 2010 I have produced sheeps cheese. I live 40 kms from Bologna at an altitude of 670 m s.l.m. amongst meadows and woods. What I love most about it is the direct contact with nature, firsthand, through my 20 sheep and through the wood that I cut to keep warm. Then there are the continuous miracles: that grass turns into something seemingly so different as cheese, lambs are born and find their mother's nipple, the moon appears and disappears, after the winter spring comes back, etc. etc. A typical day goes like this: from February to October we start milking the sheep and (every 3 days) make cheese. We also move the electric fences, put the sheep out to pasture and clean the stalls. Other jobs vary depending on the season: in spring the sheep are sheared, hooves clipped, the grass cut where it is needed; in summer we collect the stones from the fields, saw firewood and store it in the woodshed; autumn we sow barley, clear drainage ditches; in winter we cut the wood, mend the fences, shovel snow. In addition to the kitchen preparation of daily meals we make bread, pasta, dishes made with ricotta cheese, lamb, preserves. I have a permaculture vegetable garden which is mulched with straw. Finally in the evening the sheep are bought in to the barn and at the end of July there is a second milking. For more information I will be happy to be contacted by phone because I can not always connect to the Internet.

This farm is situated at 670 m in a popular tourist area. We are 1 hour from Bologna. The farm is accessible by train, the bus stop is only a few metres away and we also collect from Bologna station. We cultivate 8 hectares, partly fruit orchard with soft fruit and partly vegetable garden. The farm is a permaculture project that was started 10 years ago. The environmental and agricultural jobs have taken a great deal of work but they are now growing. There is a workshop where we transform fruit and vegetables. Accommodation in two rooms - only one of which is heated - and shared bathroom, but there are two compost toilets outside. Meals together using mainly our own produce and can be vegetarian. Throughout the year there are meetings and conferences etc. Minimum stays 1 month, best between March and October. Help needed with harvesting fruit, mulching and maintenance of the grounds as well as in the kitchen where we hope to exchange recipes. We ask for commitment during days of work and total freedom in your days off. You can learn about pruning and tree cultivation and hope for a reciprocal cultural exchange. A little English and French spoken. We hope to have internet from April.

Ciao! We are Stefano (28) and Michele (34), and for a couple of years we have run this three-hectare farm that runs along the banks of the river Dardagna. We are located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on the borders of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park. We grow vegetables, berries, medicinal plants, herbs and produce organic seeds, following them directly from planting to harvest. Since last year we have also started a small production of honey. We sell at markets and to local buyers groups. Since last year we have joined the association "Campi Aperti " and "Genuino Clandestino", and we participate at their meetings every Thursday at the XM24 market in Bologna. During the season (March-November), we live mainly in the fields, where we have a caravan, tents and a small tree house. Our house is situated in the small village of Rocca Corneta, ten minutes walk from our land. Our desire is to continue the setting up of an agricultural and human project based on exchange, self-production and selling directly to customers, to generate practices that go beyond the mere specification of cultivating organically. Projects in which we can develop collaborative networks with other farms, and not just live together in this beautiful valley. The jobs to be done are many and varied: sowing, hoeing, transplanting, fertilizing, management of greenhouses, irrigation, construction and repairs of small structures, harvesting wild plants, preparing for markets, and many others ... each according to your ability and taste! You can also go walking, swimming in the river, dance and spend evenings under the stars! PS, we can speak Italian, Spanish, French and a little English.

This farm is situated near Monteveglio next to the Parco Storico dell'Abbazia di Monteveglio and covers approximately 6 hectares with vineyards, olive grove and woodland. In the vineyard we grow the main local grape varieties: Oignoletto, Barbera and Negrettino. The farm's cantina turns these grapes into wine to be sold directly to the consumer: some of the oil and wine is used in the agritourism, open all year (except between 15/12 and 31/10), in which we cook Bolognese meals with carefully chosen raw materials. In the summer WWOOFers can  also eat on the terrace, from which you can see the stunning view between the Valle del Marzatore to the Valle dell'Invenata. The farm also has a swimming pool, open from April to September. There are also various food and wine-tasting events, the fruit on the farm is turned into produce such as jams and preserves. WWOOFers take part in all the farm activities. We speak English.

This farm is located in the Samoggia valley 30 km from Bologna, at an altitude of 200m. The land (3 ha) is flat and bordered by forest alongside a river, there is another piece of rented land (1.5 ha) in hilly terrain 1 km away. Five people work here, myself (the owner) and 4 farm helpers. On the farm, which has been certified organic for 20 years, we mainly produce vegetables (2,5 ha), fruit and grapes (0.5 ha) and cereals (1.5 ha), almost exclusively for selling directly to customers. We prepare weekly boxes of vegetables for various buyers groups in Bologna and the surrounding area and participate in a market for organic producers of which we are members. The farm is small but with the large amount of vegetables produced it requires a lot of manual work, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and packaging produce. We're a good team and despite the fatigue and the heat (or cold) we have fun too and we have the satisfaction of producing good things. We offer the opportunity to gain experience in the horticultural field from April to November. Accommodation for one person is in the house in a single room with a shared bathroom with us. I live here with my two children, 15 and 17 years old, sometimes my grand daughters and my partner. Food is mostly vegetarian but not exclusively, based primarily on vegetables, grains, legumes and pasta.

We are an organic farm and farmhouse with restaurant and some rooms and apartments. The farm is family run, converted entirely to organic production (certified since 1993), and is about 155 hectares of which 85 are oak coppice while 70 hectares are cultivated with barley, wheat, field beans and alfalfa. The main activity is the breeding of dairy cattle. To feed them we use fodder and cereals of our production. We raise beef cattle that we sell directly to private individuals or specialized butchers. In addition to the cows we also have 2 horses and 1 donkey, some chickens and cats. The farm is managed by Luca, with the help of his father, while the agritourism and educational farm are followed by his sister Elisabetta and her family. Luca and Elisabetta, who initially took different paths from agriculture, have returned to agriculture and breeding with enthusiasm and commitment and with the aim of transmitting to the future generations the passion for the craft and the territory. WWOOFers will be able to take part in these activities: milking, help in the cultivation of the fields, harvesting wood, they will also learn how to make cheese, to cook and to make preserves based on fruit and tomato, to help out in the agritourism (in spring / summer) and maintenance work. All this according to the needs and the agreements that we will take together. We speak Italian and English. The meals are cooked at the farm and eaten together, we consume a varied diet, seasonal and typically Mediterranean, all the products used are produced by us or purchased from producers or certified organic production. The accommodation is on the farm, where there is an apartment with 2 double bedrooms and a bathroom
This is a newborn farm where we the cultivate industrial hemp intended for technical and officinal use alongside the activities of cultivation of edible flowers, aromatic medicinal plants with an educational herbarium available to schools, families and nature lovers. Beyond the practical aspect of cultivation we deal with training and environmental education. We transform many plants and vegetables both as food and for personal care. The farm is included in the CO.IN.FU.SO. (We cultivate for a sustainable future together) that at the national level is involved in experimenting with the cultivation of different varieties of Cannabis Sativa L throughout the national territory. We grow hemp, medicinal plants, a wide variety of vegetables, we are custodians of seeds and we have an herbarium with over 300 medicinal plants. The collaboration we request covers both harvesting and maintenance of the various crops and the related transformations. We are not a family nucleus but two friends, Danusia and Vincenzo, responsible for the herbarium and the farm. The volunteers will live in an attic in Danusias house. We will share meals, using products from our garden or bought from neighbouring farms or organic markets. The best time to come here is from April to the end of October. We speak English and Spanish.