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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Who would like to help out on our herb farm from mid May to the end of September? We can help you learn all aspects of herb production with our family (three generations work here with grandparents, parents and children) from seeding to harvesting and the preparation of the products. We prepare condiments, herb salts, syrups, cosmetics, and many other products. The farm has been organic since 1990 (part of the 'Unione Coltivatori Alternativi') and certified by ABCERT, Terlano. Accommodation in double or single room, our grandmother cooks lunch (Tyrolese and Italian cuisine) and is unhappy if there any left-overs! Breakfast and dinner you will prepare yourselves. Vegetarians welcome and we'd love to learn new recipes. We all help with clearing up. Sundays are free to explore the area, we are happy to take to/collect from the railway station (a 10 minute walk). German spoken
We are a family and we run our vineyard in the South Tyrol, in a scenic area at 600 m above sea level, in a beautiful, quiet and secluded spot, surrounded by forests and wildlife. We work according to biodynamic methods, in addition to the vineyards we have a large vegetable garden, various fruit trees, woods and animals: 1 horse, chickens, 2 dogs and cats. We need a helping hand for various jobs to be done on the farm and in the house, depending on seasonal needs and which are mainly carried by ourselves (including home renovation, stone masonry, etc.). Having ourselves had very good experiences as WWOOFers, we would like to give this opportunity to others by sharing our projects which are supported by biodynamic, homeopathy and led by our great respect for the environment. In return we ask you to have an interest in nature and willingness to work hard even in the countryside. From March to October we can accommodate up to 2 people (families by prior request) preferably for long stays with accommodation in a separate room with bathroom. Meals will be prepared together, mostly with our own organic produce, although we are not vegetarians we eat little meat. Distance from bus station: 3 km - approx. 30 min. walk to the nearest village 7 km away (we have bicycles available for you to use. We can collect from the station. We speak German, Italian and a little English.

This is an agriturismo in the mountains at an altitude of 1100m above a beautiful quiet valley from where it is possible to admire the Dolomites land listen to the stream below. The farm has 8 ha of pasture where we grow hay for our animals, and 35 of woodland which consists of pine, fir and larch trees. We produce organically meat from our pigs, rabbits & lambs, and also grow vegetables, potatoes and soft fruit for our own use and for our guests. Horses (if you can ride) and mountain bikes (if you are strong enough) are available to volunteers. We also have a lake which you can swim in which we use for irrigation, there are photovoltaic solar panels and a central heating system run using our own wood and a spring with a pond with trout. Help needed with agricultural jobs, hay making, repairing fences, wood cutting, in the vegetable garden, with the flowers and areas around the house, with cleaning and feeding the animals, and with maintenance work. Minimum stay one week, accommodation is in an independent room, lunch is eaten together but you eat on your own for breakfast and dinner as we need to have a little privacy! We are interested in hosting people who love nature and who are interested in discovering how to run a farm in a hard but unique environment. English and German spoken
This farm is situated in Val Venosta at an altitude of 1000 meters, above the village Cengles, in a quiet location with springs and a lake. The farm is about 500 years old, the actual house has been completely renovated with lime, hemp and other green building materials. There are 3 hectares of meadows and some animals- Llama, Alpaca, hens, sheep and cows, fish, a small vineyard and vegetable cultivation, the whole farm is certified organic. The owner is a partner in a company where industrial hemp is grown, processed and comercialized for food and green building. Help needed on the farm with care of the vineyard, making hay, harvesting and processing of wild berries and collecting mushrooms. This year we are also planting trees and shrubs. We speak German, Italian and English. We prefer to have Italian or English mother tongue speakers to improve our language skills! WWOOFers have access to the entire ground floor rooms, a kitchen, living room and a bathroom. In the vicinity there are the Ortles mountains, plenty of silence, a lake for swimming and a castle with a bar / restaurant which holds cultural events. The nearest cities are Merano and Bolzano (about 1 hour).
Hello! Our farm on 800m above sea level is located in the heart of South Tyrol in the middle of nature. We, Margareth and Simon, have sheep, pigs, chicken and cats, there are various gardens with different vegetables, herbs, exotic plants and flowers. The farm has 40 very steep hectars in total, three of them are meadows, acres and orchards. We have our own potatoes throughout the year, we make wine, Sauerkraut, syrups, jam, speck, sausages... All without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In our farm restaurant people can come on reservation and eat the food prepared with our products. We rent out the apartment on the top floor of the house to holiday guests. We both have a background in the arts, so we’re organising in different periods throughout the year an art program with a residency and public events on the farm called "Hotel Amazonas“. We’re happy to share knowledge, experiences and interests in a creative and unusual farm environment. We’re looking for independent, hands-on people who like being in nature. Your activities could include: feeding the animals, seeding, planting, curing and harvesting fruits and vegetables (f.e. chestnuts, pears, apples, potatoes, grapes...), wood works, collecting hay, making fences for the sheep, repairing things, building a bread oven, serving food in autumn, kitchen work etc. We can offer you an own room, and a shared bathroom and kitchen and we take care of the food. There’s a little wood and a metal workshop that you could use. 30min by foot from the house there’s a river where you can refresh yourself in summer. Nearest bus station (Vanga/Wangen) is 30min steep walk from our house, but we’re regularly driving to the next towns for shopping as well. We speak German, English, Italian and a little French. Looking forward to meet you!
Our farm is located in high val Venosta, near the border with Austria and Switzerland, within the Stelvio National Park. We live on the farm with our children of five and two. We moved here in 2013 year and started our activity and we have completely rebuilt the farm building it in wood and using ecological and natural materials according to the principles of bio-building. Accommodation is in a small hut, built in wood near the main farm. Usually we all eat lunch together while breakfast and dinner are prepared and eaten by guests in the hut. The area where we are is very quiet, located about two kilometers from the nearest town and enjoys a panoramic view of the upper Val Venosta. Our farm is still in the development phase and our philosophy of life is to live in and with nature with the principles of self-sufficiency. Our guests can help us work with animals (laying hens, pigs, sheep), small wooden carpentry jobs (fences, repairs, ...), packing eggs and similar jobs.

Our farm is located on the plateau of Favogna (1,020 m asl), a part of the town of Magrè, which includes several farms and 2 hotels. The town centre is 10 kms and we go in almost every day. We are a couple of 33 and 36 and since 2008 have cultivated (using biodynamic methods) a diverse variety of vegetables, strawberries, cereals and honey. The area cultivated with vegetables is approx. 1,5 ha. We pay particular attention to the cultivation of varieties reproduced from seed, promoting plant growth through a well-planned mixed culture, activating the life of the soil with a good management of the compost and avoiding soil compaction (we work a good part of our land with with our donkeys). Whoever comes here will be helping in vegetable garden, harvesting strawberries, caring for the donkeys, selling at the market and other tasks. We can host people from April to late October, accommodation in caravans, with bathroom and hot shower in the nearby barn, max. 2-3 people. We would like to accommodate WWOOFers as an opportunity to exchange experiences, culture and work for a minimum period of 15 days. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to go hiking in mountains, swim in the beautiful lake Favogna which is 5 min walk from the farm, to accompany us to the market and so on. The food is organic and mostly vegetarian . We speak German, Italian and English.

We are a young family with two small daughters. 3 years ago we rented our farm. We have 2 dairy cows, 5 calves, 4 pigs, and about 20 hens a dog and cat. With the milk we make cheese, butter and yogurt. In the kitchen we try to use our products above all. We grow many different vegetables and herbs on 0.5 hectares of fields with which we make money. We have 4.5 ha meadows where we make hay twice a year. On other 4.5 has we graze our animals and Highlands cattle. We gave since the beginning been organic, and now we are biodynamic. We are in a wonderful place in the mountains at 1140m with a spectacular view. The distance to the next town is 3km. Here the road ends. Here it is never boring, because there are many different jobs are to be done.
For 30 years we have practiced biodynamic agriculture, seeking to perfect the agricultural systems we have and to expand them. It is a constant search for us to understand and take part in nature. The jobs are varied: from routine jobs in the orchard and in the garden, with the hedges, the pond, seeding flowers for the bees and making biodynamic preparations, harvesting flowers etc .. spraying the plants. Maybe to also read a good book and then plan new projects. Our children help at certain times. We stay at our home or on the farm which is a quiet and spartan place. We hope to accommodate people with desire to research the fundamental basis between nature and man. fondamentali tra natura e uomo. In February we clean the trunks of the apple trees and apply a rivitalizing paste if anyone would like to learn about this, even if only for a few days, be in touch.

We are a family of four with a small organic farm in Malles, Val Venosta (in Alto Adige on the borders of Switzerland and Austria). Malles is a village of 2,500 inhabitants at an altitude of 1050 m and is much visited bu tourists as it is the midst of the Alps and there is a lot to see. We mainly cultivate spelt and rye, potatoes and the Pala pear which a very healthy hierloom variety of pear. In our garden we grow various varieties of fruits and vegetables which we harvest and preserve together, some to eat fresh and some to store for the winter months. It is with much pleasure that we manage to feed ourselves almost entirely from our own produce. Activities which we need help with; harvesting in August and September, selling in the local markets, in the house, cooking, making bread, juices, chutneys, marinated vegetables, dried fruit, liquors, mushrooms and many other things. We live in an ex women's monastery which has a very friendly ambiance, many friendly people, bicycle rides in the area and walking in the mountains (Ortles, the highest mountain in Italy can be seen from the balcony). If you are interested you can also participate in folk dancing every Tuesday, every Friday there are courses and dance evenings. Weather permitting you can also go to visit the Resia lake, Glorenza, the smallest mediaeval village in Italy, Coira castle or the old Monte Maria convent. When are children are at home (both of them study and work in Vienna) they will be happy to take you to the summer festivals, to the pub, or to vegetarian barbecues with music and other young, alternative people. We look forward to meeting you with pleasure. The Pobitzer family.