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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Ciao, we are a couple of farmers who, with the help of a Swiss seed company and several Italian organic partners, have created a new organic agricultural reality that produces vegetable seeds and more. The farm is located in the municipality of San Martino in Pensilis (CB), 10 km from Termoli and a few minutes from the sea. Currently we grow about 8 ha of mixed vegetables for the production of organic seeds. Our work is distributed throughout most of the year and consists of sowing, transplanting, irrigation, weeding of various species and varieties of vegetables as well as harvested in the warmer months where our work is most concentrated. We can offer a room in our house with two beds and a shared bathroom, we prefer vegetables but we are not vegetarians. We can communicate in French and English. Ours is a sometimes tiring job but it also gives a lot of satisfactions and knowledge; we would like to share all this with equally interested people, confident that sharing personal growth and the whole project will increase its’ value.

500 ha biodynamic farm divided into vineyards, an olive grove, wheat (especially hard wheat) and forage crops for the milk cows and goats reared on the farm. In particular, this Agricultural Society was created with the aim to: -Create a project with short supply chain and produce products of high nutritional quality -Experiment, creating a model for biodynamic agriculture in southern Italy, -Promote the training of young biodynamic farmers -Accommodate people interested in rural tourism. We ask WWOOFers to stay at least a month and to have goodwill, availability and adaptability, and not come with preconceived ideas but to be open to new experiences. We offer you the opportunity to make a real work experience and learn about life on a large and complex farm and we believe this is mainly what the traveller should expect from us, sharing in all the aspects, positive and negative, of life on a young biodynamic farm. Also to have the ability to compete with its daily challenges as well as the experience of living and sharing with all the people who live and work here. The daily routine is agreed at the beginning of the stay and then modulated depending on the farms needs and preferences of the WWOOFer. We provide a room to sleep, meals are shared with all the farms employees. Although we are not completely vegetarian, almost all of the meals are vegetarian and only rarely do we eat meat and fish, of course, those who wish may buy and cook their own when they want to. You will find PCs with internet connection and a working wi-fi network. Although the farm is located about ten miles from the nearest town, just opposite the main building there is a bus stop that connects to the main urban centres in the area. Some of us speak English, but as the majority of the people here do not it would be better to have people who speak some Italian.

The farm covers 13 hectares, we grow cereals, vegetables, olive and fruit trees completely organically. We have 3 donkeys, a horse, four dogs, two miniature goats and chickens. In a small workshop we transform our produce, we organize days for schools as a teaching farm and events for families. We carry out projects with social cooperatives and associations for disabled people, we strongly believe in the benefits that agriculture provides to everyone, disabled people or not. The house on the farm where I live with my partner has been restructured following the criteria of bio building and is environmentally friendly, solar, photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection and reed beds. The farm work includes the management of the gardens and the olives, caring for the animals, help in the kitchen and during the recreational activities. We have a double room available with bathroom and a common room with a small stove. We eat together, the meals are mainly vegetarian using our own produce. We prefer people who stay for at least one week. We speak a little English and Spanish.
We are a 50 year old couple who moved from Milan and our careers to be in our personal heaven on earth in the hills of Molise. Since the mid-90s we have played with the idea to move to one of the remotest valleys of Central Asia where we travelled on foot during our holidays, or to Afghanistan near a school or one of the hospitals that we financed with our non-profit organization. In the end we did not do any of that, but we bought a farm now reduced to ruins in Molise. Restructuring it we have installed a stove refractory, that with a few kgs of wood heats the whole house, photovoltaic panels for electricity and a solar thermal system for hot water. Now we live with two horses, five dogs, cats and chickens. Adjacent to the farmhouse there is a large vegetable garden of more than half a hectare and some fruit trees. The garden is fertilized with manure from the horses and with our compost. There are also 70 olive trees. We produce our oil, our vegetables, our preserves and sour dough bread. We have chickens, but only for the eggs, we do not eat meat. We can provide a room with bathroom. We gladly welcome people during the spring / summer / autumn to help us out in the garden and with the animals. At home we speak Italian, German, English and French. The farm is about 4 km from the village Sant'Elia a Pianisi. We have 2 "flow hive" beehives (cruelty free honey). For photos of our paradise visit our instagram account: evcolavi