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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


My son (11) and I live in this old house mid way between the Adriatic sea and the Gran Sasso national park surrounded by 1 ha of land, in the hills. WWOOFers can help me in the vegetable garden, with land clearing, making new fences, caring for the chickens and domestic animals, harvesting fruit and making natural preserves and with maintaining the house (which needs a lot of work!). A very isolated place and I do not have a car. Only Italian spoken.I and my 12 1/2 year old son live in an old country house halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the natural park of Gran Sasso (TE), surrounded by almost 1 ha of land in the hills. WWOOFers can help me in the care of the garden, cleaning the land, cutting wood, making new fences, caring for the hens and domestic animals, harvesting fruit and making  preserves, with house maintenance (which is in great need of help!). We do a lot of bart a and trade with friends in the area, such as: (exchange of healthy food, aid and expertise). We also go to farmers markets. We are active in the growth of a really supportive and environmentally friendly reality. Hospitality is rather spartan and the food strictly vegetarian. I have a car and I can pick you up at the train station or bus stop (Bellante Stazione). I prefer telephone contact. I speak only Italian, also accept foreigners as long as they write to me in English by text message. The house numbering was changed by the council from 28 to 11, but the house is the same! Thank you

We are a small farm located about 4 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and to the east of the Apennine mountains near the town of Giulianova. Giulianova train station is about 5km away and on the north south Adriatic train line (Bologna-Bari). There is also a bus from the station to about 500 mt away. On this land sits a beautiful, old stone house which was originally built in the late 1800’s. We have about 1,5 acre or 7000 square meters of vineyard with the potential to plant and cultivate more. The existing vines were planted in 1968. On the land there are also about 120 olive trees which produce an exquisite oil when harvested. Work needed depends on the seasons. There is pruning to be done in the Winter, Spring and Summer. Harvest for grapes and olives happen in the Fall. First with the grapes. Throughout the year there are house projects and other practical work to be done. We are a couple from Italy and California. We speak both English and Italian. We eat simply but very well, with lots of fresh, local ingredients. Lodging is simple and straight forward as well. We get great satisfaction from harvesting and producing our own wine and oil and look forward to sharing this experience with our WWOOF guests!
We are a small farm officially born a year ago, there are four of us (Annalisa), my husband Pasquale and our girls Sabrina 17 years, Chiara 14 years. Our origins are Neapolitan and the choice to change life was dictated by a desire to start living, we have a small vegetable garden that allows us to provide (in part) our needs, we have about 300 olive trees, hens, a rabbit, two dogs and a cat that live free and 3 cats that honor us of their presence at home. We grow cereals and ancient grains with the project of giving birth to a small pasta factory. We understand English and my daughter speaks English and Spanish, we offer hospitality at home, food is always shared, we need help for small tasks in the garden and in the management of the small orchard and olive grove.
Our farm is located in Cellino Attanasio, about 40 minutes from the sea and 50 minutes from the Gran Sasso. We are reopening a farm which had been closed for years. We need to sort out the rooms, to finish the boarding kennels for dogs, to restore the garden, we have about 600 olive trees to follow and many fruit trees: walnuts, apricots, cherries, apples, over 1/2 hectare of vineyard .. we have other ideas for organic production for the near future, but we are really at the beginning. We would like to share our experience with motivated people who really want to see how to initiate a different life choice .. the experiences we are doing are unpredictable and unusual .. and we need motivated and enthusiastic help that allows us to finalize our small objectives in the medium term: the rooms for the B & B and the boarding kennels for dogs, the garden and the olive grove. Here I am on the farm by myself, I am Claudio, 44 years old and I have chosen to take care of this land, leaving behind me the city and my profession as an architect. I hope to know and host simple and practical people who want to follow this path with me and that together we can learn a lot and work in harmony. I speak a bit of English and French.

Biodynamic/organic farm and agritourism of 51 hectares, with 15 ha of woodland. Our main activity is a lot of work with a herd of 50 goats: herding, milking, cleaning out stalls and cheese making. We have 3 Jersey cows, an olive grove, synergic vegetable garden (thanks to 2 WWOOFers), fruit orchard, 3 pigs, bees, chickens, 2 dogs and 2 cats. The farm is at 550 m in an area between the Adriatic sea and the mountains of Gran Sasso. The family consists of a couple with 2 children (2004) and (2008). Help needed all year round especially during spring/summer: hay making, herding, harvesting apples and pears, with the bees, and in the vegetable garden. In September/October we need help with the olive harvest. During winter, work includes cutting wood and cleaning the stalls. Accommodation in a room in the house with shared bathroom. English, French and Spanish spoken. We especially like people for longer stays. It is essential that you can speak Italian.

Our farm is located in Notaresco, a town of 3500 inhabitants, at an altitude of 300 m., between the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic in a district of 10 houses, where there is a microbrewery, an agripub, where we breed cows and pigs and sell the meat in the village and directly from the farm. We produce oil, wine and fruit and make vegetable preserves. Only the olives are milled in a nearby olive press, everything else we do on the farm, the wine we make in our small cellar and the preserves in our workshop, and we then sell them in the farm shop. From this year, after the harvest of the ancient variety of wheat, we will also make pasta and flour. We also have a truffle bed, which has waited in vain for someone to collect the truffles that it produces .... And then there are Otello, Brina, Jeffrey, our three dogs .... and ten hens .... many pigeons and birds ... their dawn chorus is our alarm clock. I’m Luisa .. then there is my husband Massimo and Leonardo and Davide ... our children of 28 and 24. The idea of ​​hosting a wwoofer on the farm who offers us their collaboration, the sharing of daily quarrels, the moral support in the hardest days, the friendly presence during the day, when you work, when you eat, when you relax to tell your experiences, seems to us the nicest exchange that can happen. WWOOFers have a room with bathroom and an adjoining kitchenette. WE ONLY SPEAK ITALIAN!
We are a cooperative of young people who cultivate 23 hectares with vines, olive trees, orchards, vast fields of grain and a small plot of saffron. We take care of the earth through treatments with biodynamic preparations. We have an agritourism which we have renovated from an old farmhouse, and host groups for courses and seminars. We have created a school farm, for children 3 to 10 years, which is the heart of the farm, to combine education, agriculture, arts, crafts and hospitality. We welcome those who want to know our farm, those who believe in the uniqueness of every encounter, to share research on organic and biodynamic production, to learn along with us living and working in the nature that surrounds us. The work is based on horticulture, maintenance of the environment, care of the fields, for the grape and olive harvests, all of which require sensitivity and predisposition to the relationship with the children in the kindergarten and in school. The accommodation may be shared if there is more than 1 WWOOFer and is on the farm or in private houses.

My partner and I with our two children aged four and two live on this farm. Our farm has been going for a little over a year and everything is in the initial stages; and all the produce, for now, is for our own consumption. On our land are olive trees, fruit trees, a small vegetable garden and arable land (spelt and clover) and our animals: ten free range black pigs blacks, a goat, four families of bees, dogs and cats. The activities that can be done here are many and varied! We'd like to erect a small greenhouse heated by manure, to grow indigenous vegetables and herbs from seed; make a chicken house, a fence for the goat; and then there are also all the household chores and caring for the animals, making bread with sourdough, conserving the seasonal fruit, making creams etc My partner speaks good English, German, Spanish and the local dialect, I speak a little English and Spanish. The accommodation we offer is a large room with a shared bathroom. We believe that hosting WWOOFers and sharing everyday life is a great opportunity for growth for us, our children and the farm.

Ours is an organic farm which has been certified organic since 2010. We are a Dutch couple and when we bought the farm in 2005, we realized a dream which we had had for over 30 years: living a healthy and natural life, producing our own food. Our farm is situated 3 km from the village, the bus stops 500 m away. We have 10 ha among pastures with alfalfa, orchards, olive groves, vineyards and woodland. We raise chickens for eggs and turkeys for meat and there are 4 cats to keep us company. Our guests stay in a separate apartment, and give a hand in working in the vegetable garden, orchards, olive groves and vineyards, conserving food for the winter, pasturing the turkeys. Recently we replanted forest on 8 ha of arable land and these 5000 plants need to be tended too. We speak Dutch, Italian, English, German, some French and Turkish. We welcome WWOOFers for short periods.
This is a small young farm devoted to the cultivation of ancient cereals, legumes and food hemp in Abruzzo, in the upper Tordino river valley at the foot of the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga and 10 km from the city of Teramo. We deal directly with the entire supply chain from cultivation to processing and packaging of the seed up to the sale of the finished products. Among our projects, the construction of rural area providing fun and educational activities with children based on contact with nature and with the world of agriculture, and the restructuring of an ancient water mill on the river. Our family consists of Simona (architect), Alessio (anthropologist), Enrico 4 years and Filippo 18 months, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 6 hens. We inhabit a village of 10 houses where eight people live permanently and carry out activities not only strictly with production, but also of information and dissemination of rural values, economic solidarity and critical consumption. We live a simple lifestyle. We are omnivores but eat a lot of vegetables and grains, and grow most of our food. Accommodation is in our house or a tent for periods of at least 2 weeks. We can speak English and a little French and Spanish. We like to accommodate families with children.