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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Hi everybody. My name is Paul, I have 20.000 mt of land in Ceriana and Bajardo (900 mt slm) and I produce olives, wood to burn and a little quantity of oil, vegetables and wine. I just started this adventure and I'm helped by my mother Giovanna, her boyfriend Adriano and my dog Pancho. We need help especially between October and February, during this period the activity is put the nets on the ground and take the olives; these operations are simple and also fun if done together, as also take olives to the frantoio where you can see directly the production of the extra-virgin oil. By the end of the winter We will be engaged in the activity of pruning, manuring and cutting the grass with the purpose of understanding and supporting the natural growth of the olive trees There are also some activities that we do during all seasons like cut wood, grow vegetables and forage for natural plants, gift of this magic land, simply by taking a walk in the forest. I can offer a private room in my house that should be shared also by two people; I don't have internet but it's possible to send email and consult the web. I accept smokers but not in the house because of health and safety. During the autumn and winter the countryside is quiet, in spring and summer everything changes and tourists come to visit us from everywhere. See you soon! :)
We are an English family who speak English and Italian and have a small organic olive farm of about 2 hectares in Apricale – an historic village in Liguria in Italy, close to France and the Riviera. We bought our farm some years ago. Sadly, it had become rundown over the years so we are undertaking a program of works to bring it back to its former glory. We are very passionate about traditional methods. Therefore, our philosophy is based upon supporting the age-old traditions of Ligurian olive farming, which requires extensive networks of terraces, trees and dry-stone walls upon which the famous Taggiasca olive is cultivated. We are currently painstakingly restoring these old terraces by hand and bringing the 300-year-old trees back into production using only organic and traditional methods to do so. It is our intention to have a fully productive organic farm, immersed in nature, in the near future. We are offering an opportunity to join us on our journey to restore a unique part of Ligurian heritage and patrimony for those who wish to learn more about organic olive farming and the traditional methods, which originally created this old and honourable way of life. We have many jobs to do and days spent with us may include irrigation, organic fertilisation and protecting the olives from pests using Kaolin, tree pruning, terrace clearing, dry-stone walling and various other related tasks on the land dependent on the time of year. You may even be lucky enough to be with us when we are pressing the olives into oil, which is the highlight of our year. Penny uses our olive oil to make soaps and cosmetic products, and is training to be a professional olive oil taster and can’t wait to share what she has learnt. If joining us on our journey sounds interesting to you, we’d be delighted to host you so drop us an email.
We are a family: Philippe and Federica, Marius, Romeo and Oscar. We live in a beautiful medieval village in the Ligurian hinterland. We come from the city and we have been here for almost 4 years following a path of degrowth and being closer to nature. There is a small workshop where we make bread (native grains, sourdough, mill for milling the wheat), there are vegetable gardens, for now we have two goats and a cat, we hope to have hens soon, there are dry stone walls to be repaired, a little housework and making preserves, fencing ... above all a commitment to the rebirth of the sense of community, and the values ​​of sharing. We are here, in Rocchetta Nervina, 12 km from the sea and from Ventimiglia, right on the border with France. Philippe is a baker farmer, Federica works in computer communication and graze the goats, the boys study and participate in family activities. Our diet is not strictly vegetarian, even if meat consumption is very limited. Very few dairy products, no milk. We host for the pleasure of sharing our lifestyle and of learning from those who come from "outside". We are fluent in Italian and French and a little English is spoken. We can offer an independent room with a bathroom: maximum two people. A stay of at least 3 weeks is preferable.

We are a small farm in Apricale, Ventimiglia, and since 2011 have been restoring old terraces with the intention to cultivate them using natural techniques with full respect for the local environment. We have 7000 square meters of land, of which only a small part is cultivated as a vegetable garden. The land includes several fruit trees and is surrounded by woods. The jobs to be done are very varied and cover different needs aimed at self sufficiency. We ask WWOOFers, depending on your ability, to help in the daily tasks of managing the garden and vines, in the preparation of preserves, as well as in other jobs such as cutting trees and cleaning the forest and terraces, maintenance, including of the dry stone walls. The house can only be reached on foot by a hilly path in 15 minutes. The house has only an outside toilet and an outdoor shower without hot water (although there is a solar heated bag available). A few minutes walk away there is a river where you can swim. Despite the lack of hot water we ask for good personal hygiene. We can host people from late March to mid-November. Depending on availability, we offer a room or a tent. We do not eat meat and are happy to adapt to special diets. We cater for both individuals and couples for a minimum period of one week. Languages spoken French and English.