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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a family with two children (born 2009 and 2013), we live in the woods and meadows in the Sabine Mountains, at an altitude of 520m, in a beautiful and isolated place, just 25 km from Rieti and nearly 100 from Rome. For several years we have cared for this land (5 ha), growing our own vegetables, planting trees, taking care of the fields and woods. We built two houses according to the principles of green building. S. works in the large family vegetable garden. She also teaches kids in the town, but the most important thing is to be with their own kids, who are at home, learn and work with us (home schooling). G. is a painter, and he takes care of the olive trees and the maintenance and construction works as well. Beside the main house, there is a small wooden house and next door is another stone house-room for guests (and WWOOFers). We would be happy to have some help: in the garden, with grass cutting, to clean up the trails in the forest and various other maintenance jobs. We welcome people who want to stay in a secluded and quiet place. We do not smoke, do not eat meat and we do not have TV. We have two cats. We would like to share our everyday life, knowledge and experience with others. Length of stay by prior arrangement. We eat mostly organic simple food. Languages spoken: mainly Italian but also English, French, Serbian and Hebrew.

This farm overlooks the Farfa river valley and is bordered by oak woods. We cultivate vineyards, olive groves, cereals and fodder crops used to feed a herd of dairy sheep which graze in the pasture; we also cultivate an orchard of ancient fruit varieties that are suited to organic production. The farm was one of the first in Lazio to face the conversion to organic in 1992 and therefore pays a great attention to the environment and animal welfare as well as to a work ethic. Rome is about 45 km away and is easily reached by city train.

On this 9 ha family run certified organic farm they produce olive oil, kiwis, a small amount of wine, cherries, figs, vegetablesfrom our sinergic garden. It is located in Sabina, an area famous for producing excellent oil. The owner, an agronomist and an agricultural teacher at the school, works alongside the WWOOFers. Help needed throughout the year, stays of minimum two weeks, for harvesting, pruning and other agricultural activities. Volunteers can help 5 days a week and have two days off or choose to help whenever help is needed. Together we cook and eat local and farm produce. We have a room in the house which can accommodate 2 people, with separate kitchen, bathroom,use of internet and bicycles. The house is located in Fara in Sabina (Rieti) in the middle of a rural village, Corese Terra, in hills covered with olive groves, with good connections to Rome (only 40 km)- bus stop 500 metres away and subway 5 km away. Easy connection to Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports. If necessary, we can collect from the station “Fara Sabina- Montelibretti”. Rieti is in central Italy and the farm is an ideal base for visiting many of the main cities in Italy. Every weekend you can participate in trekking excursions organized by CAI. It is also possible to arrange night bicycle trips in Rome in summer. A little French spoken.

We are a couple who hope to reach total self sufficiency and are immersed in the Sabine hills, near we have mountains for trekking and freeclimbing and a cool stream where in summer were we go for picnics or a siesta during the hottest hours. Rome is 50km away and by train you arrive in 50 minutes in the city centre. We grow vegetables, fruit, olive trees, we have a greenhouse of 4000m2 and 14 hectares of arable land and woods. We carry out natural and sustainable agriculture, we collect wild plants that we sell together with our other products to the AIAB market in Testaccio-RM- on Sundays. When we do not sell everything, we transform and make preserves, jams, pickles, vinegar, liqueurs, herbal teas ... We are a couple but we often host friends who help us in exchange for hospitality and people who they want to build a different world gravitate around us and we try to do it together. There is alo 83-year-old Nonna Maria who is still superactive, she makes bread, desserts and then takes care of the vegetable garden. We want to host wwoofers because we love to travel and meet new people to share life in synergy with nature, aiming for self-sufficiency and total self-production. Now we want to open a camping site using natural and recycled materials, we also need help with green building. We can accommodate a person or a couple in a small house with bathroom, otherwise tent or caravan. We speak Italian, English, French and Spanish. Our goal is to practice, learn, share and spread a lifestyle based on natural wellness. Local and healthy food; body care through ayurvedic massage and kalari (we are also masseurs), the use of medicinal and other plants that we prepare when possible. We use only natural products to clean the house and the body, those of you who come here must do the same. See you soon!
This farm hosts our rural life project and we carry out activities related to permaculture and agroecology. We are a family with children of 5 and 4 years and we are taking care of three hectares of land of which one and a half is woodland and the remaining divided between olive grove, orchard, vegetable garden. We have a small spring in the woods and a wetland to turn into a bio lake. This season we plan to rebuild an old ruin using sustainable techniques and continue the pruning of olive and apple trees. In collaboration with other local farms we cultivate industrial hemp crops. We host WWOOFers in a small house in the historic center of Poggio Moiano which is about 1.5 km from the land, more or less 20 minutes on foot. With public transport it is easy to to visit Rome. We are very interested in sharing the experiences of travelers and hosting people who want to learn the principles of permaculture and participate in the development of the rural project.
Pietro's arrival pushed us to implement plan B. To look for a place to take care of ourselves. A wild oasis where we can learn together the harmony of everything that moves. Living, not simply telling, an alternative to the hasty and distracted city life. Last year we found this 7-hectare treasure chest. A valley with woods, pastures, springs, a stream, an olive grove and many walnuts. An hour away by bus from Rome a healthy and resilient environment in which, in a short time, we met dormice, squirrels, Martins, Porcupines, Foxes, Boars, Hedgehogs, Toads, Frogs, Tritons, Salamanders, Snakes, many birds and insects of every colour and shape. Our family has 6 donkeys and a kitten named Poep. My name is Francesco, I'm a father, environmental engineer and a novice grower. Barbara, my partner, works mainly in Rome and occasionally works on the internet from here too. Our idea is as clear as ambitious: to achieve food and energy self-sufficiency, making it in balance with the natural flows that surround us. The principles of permaculture and synergistic agriculture are the basis of our selection criteria. We have many small projects under way, such as: a hydroelectric turbine, a bio-pool, a food-for-life, a glamping area, a vegetable garden, an olive grove, and many others we hope to create with you. We can accommodate you in a a private bedroom, or alternatively, an independent attic. I am vegan and Barbara is a vegetarian, but we are respectful of everyone's choices. What binds all our activities is a different definition of time. Nothing here is carried out hastily, everything happens in a calm, present and mindfull manner. Pole pole, in Swahili, means "slowly". The idea is thus to promote awareness and enjoyment of every single breath.

 This farm is situated in Sabine and is well connected by train and the Roma Firenze motorway. It is a farm of 18 ha, with animals, woods, forage crops, a vineyard, olive grove and vegetable garden. it is certified organic and applies biodynamic methodologies. The jobs are very varied and depend on the seasons; pruning, harvesting, fencing, caring for the animals and in the vegetable garden. You can also learn about the principles and practice of biodynamics. The practical side is run by a Sherpa Nepalese couple, who live with me, and their 4 children (born in '97, '00, '03 & '08.). The farm commercializes their produce, also via the internet. There is wireless internet in the house. Accommodation in a room with separate entrance, bathroom and kitchen. We speak English, a little French and Nepalese.

We have a farm with a small ecological agritourism situated 50 km north of Rome. We are a family with a daughter (born in 2011) and son (2015). Accommodation is in a room with bathroom near our house, or in a room with a bathroom in the farmhouse - it depends on the time of year. We share all meals with you and meals are vegetarian and mostly organic. The 40 ha farm is located in the Monumento Naturale Gole del Farfa. We take care of and protect the agricultural landscape. The farm is seen as a museum of farming where one can see millennial olive trees, a Roman villa, the remains of an ancient mill, an aqueduct, a medieval bridge, the woods along the river and the old cattle tracks. We can host people from from March to November for a minimum of 10 days. Tasks are varied and depend on the season. There are agricultural jobs and jobs in the agritourism. In the organic vegetable garden, processing produce, in the garden, the orchard, olive grove, trail maintenance in the mountains, with teaching, bread-making, cleaning and care of the house and jobs in the kitchen, pool area. Languages spoken: Italian, Dutch, English, French. WiFi available.
My house is part of the medieval walls of Toffia, below which is a terraced garden for fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, a polytunnel and plans to construct ponds and plant more permanent crops. Also part of the village walls is a communal herb garden, L'Orto dei Semplici, about 60 sq m set up 4 years ago but still needing the occasional watering and new plantings. There are 180 olive trees on 2.5 acres of steep land on Monte degli Elci, 2 kms from the village at 440m above sea level, producing a very good olive oil. Also some fruit and nut trees, and also here, plans to diversify with herbs, maybe livestock, more fruit and veg, terracing/swales to improve water retention in the soil (hugelkultur), continuing clearing the invasive plants from the land to create a forest garden, generally following permaculture principles. Accommodation in own room with a terrace, or sharing a room with a grand piano and harpsichord. Food mainly from the garden or neighbours or from the 'wild'. Rome is 40 minutes by train from Fara Sabina, or there's the bus from Osteria Nuova, closer to Toffia. There's also plenty to see closer to hand, like the largest olive tree in Europe (and maybe in the world...), and occasional concerts by Titubanda to check out. Help needed all year round, mainly with the olives, but it depends also on the season and the skills that guests bring. Mother tongue English, French also spoken and Italian of course. Stilt walkers - and other cultural workers welcome, also LGBTQ.
The family: she (56) teaches mathematics at the local high school and enjoys ceramics in her large studio; he (57) is an agronomist, works in the office and in the countryside. Their children: the first (30) is a biologist and PHD at the University of Geneva has a young baby, the second (28) works in Rome and is also father of a beautiful baby, the third (26) is 'abroad for a master's degree and the fourth is a student in Perugia. The farm: our family lives in the countryside on the top of a hill overlooking the medieval village of Torri in Sabina, in Lazio, less than an hour by train from Rome and well connected with Rieti and Terni, both about 40 km away. The land has belonged to the family for generations. We have an organic farm of about 18 hectares of which 8 hectares of hills with an olive grove and 10 ha (with irrigation) near the river Tiber, cultivated with cauliflowers and cereals. We would like to host volunteers to prune the olive trees, to cut the grass, for the harvesting of olives, for planting and maintaining cauliflower fields. Depending on the time you need to prepare jams and preserves, bottle and label the oil ... There is always something to do! We can accommodate a couple in a double room, and a single wwoofer in a single room with a balcony, the bathroom is shared but is very large and bright. Internet wifi is always available. We will share meals and daily life, we have an open mind, we love meeting new people, sharing experiences, cultures, different languages. We have been hosts for many years and have had many beautiful experiences in cultural exchanges. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world, every wwoofer is in our heart and has become a new friend.