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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm was started in 1998, we now have 8 ha cultivated organically. We are, myself, my sister, my mother and a helper. Since 2007 we have been biodynamic (not certified). The farm is located in the intersection of three provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Treviso, we have a farm shop and hydraulic wheel on the canal. The work required is very diverse because I cultivate at least 40 varieties of vegetables, varying from transplanting, weeding, hoeing to, irrigation, harvesting and packaging, environmental education and I also attended a Farmer's Market. Our food is practically vegetarian and is based on what we have on the farm. We mainly grow vegetables on the farm, but there are also some animals - Stellina the goat, Bio a little white dog and Birba a black dog and three cats. Then we have, Dispettosa, a voracious goose who is always ready to attack. Accommodation is one bedroom and a separate bathroom and I have a lot of space in the garden for tents. Nearby there are three walled cities such as Cittadella (with its parapet walk - the only one in Europe), then there is Bassano del Grappa and Castelfranco Veneto. Alternatively there is the temple of the Possagno where there are multiple works by Canova and then Asolo with its fortress. 30-35 km away there are Padua, Vicenza and Treviso. Nearby there are the sources of the Sile and Brenta River and the path of the Ezzelini. For hikers there is Monte Grappa with two climbing routes & hiking trails. Venezia is 50 min away. At the farm shop there is access to a free internet connection, provided with a laptop. I speak fluent Italian and some English.
Summer List
We are a family of three (Alberto, Sabrina and Agata, born in 2009) and we run a small project for the production and sale of organic vegetable seedlings. We collaborate with various entities in the area such as social cooperatives and universities. Alberto works part-time with the farm organization and for the remaining time works in the greenhouse and orchard. Sabrina, his wife, does biomolecular research at the University of Padua. We consume mainly organic and vegetarian food, we do not smoke. We have a few hens, a cat and a rabbit. For the wwoofers we ask for help in the greenhouse - seeding and transplanting seedlings, with maintenance of the vegetable garden, the garden and small maintenance jobs or cleaning in the house. The working time is flexible and must be agreed on a case-by-case basis without ever exceeding the limits promoted by the association. Guests will have a room with private bathroom, meals will be eaten together. The property is 4600 square meters and is located about 40 km from Venice, 25 from Padua and 25 from Chioggia. The means of transport are quite good. We prefer non-smoking guests. We speak good English and basic Spanish.

A man, the land he has cultivated for a lifetime, his birthplace, that contains stories of a rural culture that threatens to get lost in the dust ... but there is a choice: He shares everything with two associations and a cooperative society. Founded in 2012 this project is "an experiment in social life" of this man with a community of 5 families (11 adults and 15 children) who seek to practice openness in relationships and actions, sharing and sustainable projects with solidarity. The purpose: self-promotion of people and the family, hospitality and openness to the territory, promoting a sober lifestyle and equitable redevelopment of the rural setting. We have 2 hectares: one in conversion to organic, the rest is park, pasture, vegetable gardens for our own consumption, an orchard and young woodland, a pond fed by rainwater, all managed in a natural and synergistic way. There are 3 donkeys, free range hens, rabbits, dogs and cats. There is a play area for children, space for campfires, a football pitch. Help needed with general jobs, mowing, pruning, care of animals, transformation of produce, cutting firewood. Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French. Here we eat little meat but lots of vegetables. Accommodation in a single room with shared bathroom. We are close to Padua and Venice by bus and train. Length of stay by arrangement.

This farm is run by a family of three brothers and a sister. We produce high quality olive oil and have bees; the typical jobs on the farm are pruning (February / March), olive harvesting (October / November) cutting wood in the forest (December) and beekeeping from April to September. The extra activities that we practice and propose are: climbing, tai chi / chi kung, yoga, nature walks and more .. Accommodation offered in bedrooms or a small apartment. The cuisine is variable (from vegan to carnivore). We have the company of four dogs and one / two cats as well as all the animals in the forest. In the area of the Euganean you can visit: medieval towns (Monselice, Este, Arquà Petrarca etc.), Venice, Padua, Verona, the Thermal Baths, the park of the Euganean and more. The languages spoken are English and Italian.

We are looking for people now to help in the garden, with foraging and planting shrubs. This farm is made up of two properties: 1) on the Padana plain at Casale di Scodosia and 2) at Battaglia Terme inside the Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei - Ca Vecchia. 1) The farm (26 hectares) consists of the outbuildings of the 7th century Venetian villa Correr and is an oasis for wildlife. A forest of oaks, hazelnuts, walnuts, ash, alder and paulownie covers half of the land. A hectare is kept for the wildlife. Twelve hectares are cultivated with soya, maize, wheat and lucerne. In the vineyard there are chicken and goose houses, and between the kiwi vines is the shed for the donkeys, cows and sheep. The rabbits have their own fenced area outdoors. This is also an agritourism and farm school. 2) Agriturismo Ca Vecchia consists of 50 hectares of woodland in the Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei 1 km from Catajo Castle, which the agritourism was once part of. There is a nature reserve within which is the "Erbario del Monte Ceva". English, French and Greek spoken.