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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm and the surrounding land in the past was part of the Castle of Trevinano. The rural building dates from the early eighteenth century and is located in the extreme and unspoiled Alta Tuscia, the crossroads that characterizes the conjunction of Lazio with Umbria and fascinating Tuscany. Our vineyard, located at an altitude of 600m is the result of rigorous selection. Cultivation does not require the use of synthetic chemicals, the soil being nourished by green manure and biodynamic preparations. Weeding and much of the work in the vineyards is done manually. The wine is not filtered during bottling, sometimes when needed a small amount of sulfur dioxide is added. The natural composition of the wine is not altered by any treatments. We came to this property in 2007, we are a couple with a child, two dogs and two cats. Besides wine we grow vegetables, fruit and oil for our own use. We ask WWOOFers to help in the everyday management of our farm; things to do are varied and depend on the period. We offer accommodation in a double or single. The nearest town is 1 km.
Our farm (which is certified organic and biodynamic) is at an altitude of 400 metres. It is small (2.5 hectares) but varied: old oak trees, caves and a river with waterfalls which sing day and night. But generally we sleep at night. Activities, depending on the season, are varied: cultivating aromatic herbs, in the vegetable garden, hazelnut orchard, grapes, olives, honey, potatoes, maize, fruit etc. for family use. It is also a teaching farm with bees, donkeys, chickens, a dog, cats and goldfish. Mostly it is all done by nature with the sun, the flowers, the insects, birds and everything that moves by day and night. But generally we sleep at night. Help needed all year round, accommodation in room for max. 2 people, length of stay by arrangement. The village is 1 km away and there are good connections to Rome (70 km). The sea, lakes and hot springs are all within a 30 km radius.

Our family run organic farm is composed of 5 has of vineyard, 700 olive trees, a ha of Kiwis and a vegetable garden where we produce vegetables to sell from our farm shop. The land is divided up into sections and this allows you the chance to see different areas of our beautiful countryside. From September we have our grape harvest, white -the famous EST!EST!!EST!!!- and red and the wine is made in our cellar. Then there is the Kiwi harvest and finally the olive harvest in November and December. From January we start the pruning and jobs in the vineyard and vegetable garden, transplanting and then harvesting. You have to chance to help us when you want, our family is made up of myself, my wife Laura and three kids from 14 to 10 years old., a dog and various cats. We can accommodate two people in the house, or if you wish to be more independent you can pitch a tent in the garden. The house is near the village (10 minutes walk) and from there there is a beautiful view of the Valley of the Lake of Bolsena. We speak a little English and Spanish.

We are a young couple. We’ve just moved to the province of Viterbo, just north of Rome, where we’ve bought a small piece of land and are starting a farm. Eugenio was born in the north of Italy and he is responsible for most of the agricultural activities on the farm. Alexandria is from the USA and besides helping on the farm she is also an english teacher. We need help with the following activities on the farm depending on the season; our synergic vegetable garden, our newly planted fruit orchard, and a small olive grove. We participate in a farmer’s market once a week where we sell our vegetables and are able to meet up with other local farmers. We live in the historical center of town and travel about two kilometres to our field by bike or by car, depending on the season. We try to eat most of all, vegetables from the garden and sometimes we like to have some meat. We accept all regardless of dietary restrictions, but a warning in regards would be nice. Please communicate any allergies that you may have. We speak Italian and English very well and are passable in French and Catalan.
My name is Francesca and I have a plant nursery in Bassano in Teverina. This nursery is a historic nursery that I want to use for other activities as it is very large, I would like to create a park with different disciplines. This is why I thought of inserting my project here, hoping for help and an exchange of rural and botanical memory. The activities are greenhouse cultivation, land art installations, plant pruning and management in general - you will find news through social channels and on the site. We eat together and in general our kitchen is traditional, we also have a oven where we can cook outdoors. I take care of the nursery and the association ‘I love Garden’. My mother and I live in the garden/ farm. There are many initiatives and routes to visit in the area, also by bike. Accommodation in tent, camper, a wooden house in the park and a room in the apartment. I hope you enjoy my initiative.
This is a young organic farm started in 2016 in the province of Viterbo, thanks to Gaia who believed right away after her studies in this lifestyle and project. The farm, in a beautiful area surrounded by hills and streams near the lake of Bolsena (90 min from Rome) at the time is composed of 5ha with 150 olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil, mixed orchard with ancient varieties, vegetable garden, aromatic plants, breeding of bees and hens. Recently we built a food workshop in which it will be possible to make every type of transformation and a small sales point. We offer comfortable accommodation, healthy food, a welcoming work environment and 2 four-legged friends. We look for collaboration, enthusiasm and a great desire to learn in exchange.