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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our farm is located 17 km from the highway and the centre of Chiavari and Lavagna and there is no bus service. We are a small farm with agritourism and we have lived here for 25 years. We have restored and we continue to improve the land and the house where they we now live. We have 6 cows, 10 horses, goats, sheep and chickens. We are surrounded by several hectares of woodland, chestnuts, a vegetable garden and olive grove, several fruit trees. In the winter we dedicate our time to the animals and forest management as well to pruning and preparation of land, in the spring we are dedicated to the production of vegetables and the vegetable garden. We are organic farm. The farm works three days a week as a social farm and at the weekend we accommodate tourists and have a restaurant. In spring we often have students for the day who dedicate their time to studying nature. In the summer, we are dedicated to hosting ‘green weeks’ over about two months for children (8 to 15 years) who love nature. We can accommodate WWOOFers in the rooms up until 30 April and from 15 September onwards when they are not occupied by guests. We have lunch and dinner together and you can help with agricultural activities alongside one of us, in moments of intense work on a farm we ask you kindly to help with tidying the dining room. We speak school level English and only one of speaks French and German. We have two dogs and four cats living free, are of whom all friendly and accustomed to people.
Ours is a small family farm situated 19 kms from the sea and the Ligurian Riviera, about 8 Kms from the nearest town, the property is 18 has and at the edge of the Parco Naturale dell'Aveto. It is made up of mainly woodland and chestnut forest and is surrounded by uncontaminated nature and wildlife. There is a large vegetable garden, olive grove, fruit trees and hazelnuts. Our dream is to preserve this uncontaminated spot and return it to its original state after many years of neglect. The work is mainly clearing and recuperating the land whilst respecting biodiversity. Help also needed with the vegetable garden, harvesting the olives and collecting firewood and with jobs in the house. Water is from our spring, and most of the food is produced on the farm. We cook vegetarian, although sometimes we eat a little of fish. Accommodation in own room with shared bathroom, or, if preferred, in tent. Wood fired heating. There is a dog and 2 cats. We can accomodate from May/June to October/November. At other times we host only during the weekends. A little French and English spoken. The house isn't reached by public transport. We can accompany you by car to the nearest train station depending on our commitments.
The farm is located in a beautiful position at 300m altitude in Val Graveglia, within the Parco dell'Aveto, a 20-minute drive from Chiavari and Lavagna (the Ligurian Mountains, Portofino, the cinque terre and other beautiful places are easily reachable). The house is served by the communal road, the bus arrives at the village 4 km away. Hospitality is in a room with shared bathroom. A thermal stove produces hot water and we also cook on it. The intent that has pushed me to move here is to preserve and improve this piece of land that is my home and which had been neglected for some years; to create an encounter point between people, who, while pursuing different paths, share the same values ​​and love for nature, who want to cultivate the Earth and to cultivate personal growth relationships that interact with Nature. To reach these goals, I need a hand to: maintain, plant, mow, sow, build driveways, fence, cut grass, make wood, harvest olives, cultivate and make preserves and jams from the produce ... And everything that the countryside needs during the different seasons… I also organize psycho-physical training courses here (I'm a holistic trainer and specialize in Creative Expression), so it is also helpful to have a hand with preparation and participation. I love cooking and eating in company, I love the Art of recycling and transforming objects, I appreciate those who work with enthusiasm so I would like to host motivated, responsible and "positive" people to share daily life, interests and cultural exchanges. I speak Italian and I understand a bit of French and Spanish I am happy to host also for short periods and families with children as long as they are autonomous.
We have a small farm at an altitude of 500m inland from Genova near the source of the Scrivia river, therefore ideally situated for the attractions of the city and for walking and cycling. In 2006 we started cultivating vegetables using the principles of synergic and organic cultivation, (we also grow the famous Quarantina potato) soft fruit and we harvest wild fruit and herbs. We also cultivate roses for syrups. We have 4 rooms with 8 beds in our agritourism and there is plenty of space for other activities (courses workshops etc.). We make syrups, liquors conserves and aromatic vinegar from our flowers, herbs and fruit. We are two sisters, myself with my husband Stefano have a son, Sebastiano (2001), and my sister. with her daughter Lela (1991). English, French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken. Our donkey, Vitalba, the Sardinian goats Melacarla, Melateresa & Gianchetta, mixed varieties of chickens and ducks, some rabbits, our dog, Gigo and cat Misia all keep us company. We opened the agritourism and teaching farm in 2011 but still have jobs to do- fencing, clearing the land and woodland, enlarging the rose and herb cultivation, and we love to work together with our friends and guests. We are happy to teach how to cook, make bread & deserts with the produce we harvest.
We’re Paolo (35, Italian) and Rosa (33, Greek) and our dog Pita. We’re in the process of renovating an old abandoned farm and clearing the surrounding terraced fields. The land is located at about 200m altitude and enjoys a spectacular view of the Ligurian Sea. Genoa centre is only 45 mins away with public transportation. Sea and mountain are both easily accessible on foot. We’re part of a small group of young families that’s repopulating the Vesima Valley and recuperating its agricultural and silvopastoral tradition. Our goal is the creation of a mini farm for vegetable production, following methods that are not only sustainable but regenerative as well. Soon we’ll introduce a fruit orchard and a few small animals in our system. We focus on taking care of the soil even before the plants, and introducing ourselves in a small-scale local solidarity economy. In the meantime, there’s still a lot of construction work to be done, employing as many natural and second-hand materials as possible. We don’t eat meat, we use a compost toilet and heat our water with a solar panel and a wood stove. At the moment we live with basic comforts in a 9 square meter tiny house, but guests sleep in a bedroom in the adjacent building that has been renovated but has no heating yet. We don’t accept requests for hospitality by guests who intend to stay less than a week. We’ve been woofers ourselves, so we are confident in our ability to build a working and living environment that will satisfy us all, finding balance between work and leisure, sharing and privacy. We propose no fixed working schedule, but we work all day every day at a relaxed pace and we hope that our guests will be as excited about our project as we are.
We are a young family run farm and agritourism nestled in the woods between Piemonte and Liguria, between the Beigua Park and the Capanne di Marcarolo Park. We cultivate kiwifruit, chestnuts, strawberries, soft fruit, vegetables, medicinal plants and mushrooms all using organic methods: ingredients that we use in the kitchen of our farm in a genuine and healthy way. Our goal is to create a small, independent ecosystem, a serene oasis, where human /nature integration is beneficial and respectful of both. Our project is constantly evolving: we would like to dedicate ourselves to permaculture and learn natural water purification systems, devote ourselves directly to the herbal transformation of medicinal plants and create a local network of lasting exchanges between farmers, artisans and experts. In our kitchen we prepare traditional dishes, and we are oriented towards a vegetarian diet, so vegans and vegetarians are very welcome. We have two donkeys, a few sheep and three dogs. In addition, our farm has spaces both indoors and outdoors for the organization of seminars, meditation and yoga retreats. We often also host pilgrims going to Assisi, who walk the path of Peace, (Cammino della pace, Chemin de la Paix), which passes not far from the farm. We speak Italian, some English and Anna (our Moroccan cook) also speaks French. We can accommodate two wwoofers in the rooms of the farm, but there is also the possibility to pitch tents in the summer. We provide a computer and wifi. The nearest town is 3 km away and there is the train station and you can get to Genoa in less than an hour and Turin in two and a half hours. We hope to welcome you soon!
Small family run farm. We have goats, sheep, rabbits, geese, chickens, horses, pigs. There is a small orchard and vegetable garden, we also grow Roses to make syrups. There is also an agritourism and we are a teaching farm
We are a twenty minute drive from Genoa, Chiavari and Lavagna located in the Val Fontanabuona in the municipality of Neirone. The farm was started ten years ago and we cultivate 1 hectare land with rotation of seasonal vegetables, strawberries and fruit trees, mostly located around the farm. Also in the vicinity we have woods of hazel and chestnut coppice. The olive grove, about half a hectare, is located on the hill by the sea in S. Bartolomeo di Sori. Two years ago we stopped using machines for cultivating and now use animal traction. Our donkey Rosa uses French equipment for ploughing the land and also to dig the potatoes thus greatly reducing the manual labor of hoeing. Work in the vegetable garden requires the presence of two people, one near the animal to start her and stop if necessary, and a driving tool. We use Rosa to carry away the wood, move the hay, bring materials, or bags in the event of excursions, and also to keep the kids entertained. With the help of traces and forestry hooks she helps us move beams and logs of wood from the forest and bring them closer to the road. As well as Rosa, we have Langhe sheep for both milk and meat, currently there are are six. The other animals are rabbits, chickens and a dog. The house has solar panels on the roof. On the back is placed the solar panel for heating water there is a wood-burning fireplace with forced ventilation and the thermal stove heats the water and the radiators. I am Daniela, the owner and my husband Stefano who works in Genoa and helps me whenever he can and our little Samuele, 5. We can accommodate 2 people in the house with 4-5 places for tents or there is a terrace for campers where we have water and electricity. I make homemade bread and many dishes and cakes with our vegetables and fruits, eggs. Cheese is from local farms and sometimes we eat our chickens and rabbits.
Hi guys, we are a young couple from Verona, Stefania and Mauro with newborn Gioele. For 5 months we have lived in a old farm near Genova, in the middle of the forest with a view of the sea. We have wwoofed in Italy and in other parts of the world (Morocco, Argentina...). At the moment we are working to improve the house and clean around. Fortunately we have an oven to make bread, pizza and cakes that we sell in the Saturday markets. We offer lots of places to sleep, good food and wine and lots of fun. You can reach the sea in 30 minutes by foot and the bus station in 20 minutes. We speak English, Spanish, German and French.

This farm is situated a few kms from Genova and the coast in a small, isolated and peaceful valley. By the side of a river we have built our house but to become a 'proper' farm we need help with the land and surrounding woodland (7 ha). Tasks to be done vary according to the season and to the interests/skills of people who come here and include, opening an old water channel, collecting fire wood for the winter, building dry stone walls, fencing, in the vegetable garden & house, making jams and conserves or helping to teach our son English! In your free time you can visit the town or the beach, swim in the river or go for walks in the woods. We love music and have a guitar and piano that you can use. Accommodation in two small independent houses nearby. Stays of at least two weeks preferred. We have two children, (born 1993 & 2003), and are happy to accommodate families. English (mother tongue), French and Spanish spoken.