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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Francesco (1989). I spent 3 years as a wwoofer and in 2016 I moved from the city and acquired some land. It's a 6ha farm, in the hills. There is woodland, 164 olive trees, a small run down vineyard and grasslands full of orchids. At the centre is the country house. After 20 years of neglect i'm renewing things following common sense and environmental principles. I'd like to cut my living cost and raise my life quality, shrink market presence and maybe leave behind something good! I work on olive trees, plant trees, lose time with the veggie garden and recover the land. I plan to build some greenhouses and get poultry, rabbits, bees and maybe sheep. A small part of the house serves as B&B. A very naturalistic approach allows me to manage everything, alone! Wwoofers backup helps me to do more and to work on ecology, fostering the Wild which i believe is common good. I'm planning water managements and ways to mix the wild habitat with the farm habitat. I try to contribute to local networks. I try not to take myself too seriously! I host no more than 2 wwoofers in a room with shared bath. If you are a family we can make some room. We eat, cook and clean together and i'd like to share my free time with you too. In the kitchen we use little meat and we can adapt our diet for vegetarians and allergy sufferers. The town is 3km away, railway station 6km (or 9km). I try to reply to all emails within a week. Tell me about yourself! I'd like if you plan to stay at least 15 days. I live with my girlfriend and two dogs, if you travel with pets we shall see if they get along. Gay friendly.
This is a family-run organic farm located in the Orvietan hills in an unspoilt rural setting. The main activity is breeding Chamois dairy goats. All the milk is made into raw milk cheeses, soft and semi-soft cheese and yogurt in the dairy. The farming methods are strictly natural and we have full respect for the animals health, the environment and the consumer. The farm, which extends over 18 hectares of arable land, also follows a path of complete supply chain, from cultivation of the land, the production of cheese to selling our produce directly to our customers from our small farm shop. The farm is is powered by alternative and renewable energy with low environmental impact. In addition to the goats we have horses, donkeys, chickens and geese. In the fields we cultivate forage crops and cereals. We speak Italian and English.
This project was born in 2014 by the will of 6 of us from the city who wanted to change our lifestyles. We rolled up our sleeves, gathered the tools, and began to clear manure from an old barn in the woods of Poggio Lavarino (TR), in the unspoiled Valserra, with the intention of rediscovering the pleasure and values ​​of rural life. The difficulties have been countless and there has constant effort! Today we are in 2 (Susanna and Jacopo) to carry on our little reality with of goats, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks but also a small domestic vegetable garden and some olive trees. After the first few years of living long periods in a trailer near the barn, in 2017 we managed to get a house in the village where we can host the wwoofers in a private room. The necessary help varies according to the seasons, but for us it is especially important to share, which until now has always been manifested in a beautiful symbiotic relationship with "our" wwoofers.

Ours is a small farm in the hills between Orvieto and Todi, 12 ha where we have a herd of dairy goats, pigs, sheep, farmyard animals, pets, a young olive grove of 600 trees and a vegetable garden and orchard for family use. We have a dairy where we transform the milk every day and 5 apartments where guests and WWOOFers can stay. We are 4 adults and 2 children, we are Norwegian, therefore we speak Norwegian and Italian but also good English and French. We have lived here for 8 years, it was a lifestyle choice, we still have much to learn and develop. We hope to exchange of ideas, thoughts and knowledge with wwoofers. On the other hand, life here is also full of daily tasks, daily and / or seasonal care of the animals and the land, the maintenance of the houses and fences, the wood, the garden etc. etc. Here, we would like your help in everything we're doing. We always have lunch together but in the evening you'll have a kitchen in your accommodation where you can prepare dinner but of course we provide all the food -usually from the farm. We are in an isolated place and it is very quiet, surrounded only by fields, woods and parks. We often go to Orvieto and so of course are happy to take you to the train. 

This hermitage is a very isolated farmhouse, particularily suitable for people who need to temporarily get away from the stress of the city and recharge their batteries in the peace of nature and the countryside doing simple jobs. It is nestled in the green heart of Umbria, near to a nature reserve and 15 km from the nearest village. The house has been carefully renovated using green building methods, is equipped with photovoltaic panels, heated by wood and has it’s own water from the well. The main jobs are in our organic garden and cleaning the access paths. The food is vegetarian, we mainly use our products and those of local producers. We do not have television, there is a landline but not good mobile phone reception, internet is only available in the reception area. There is a small chapel on the property. Meals are shared together in the refectory. The "luxury" that reigns in our hermitage is linked to ecology, healthy technology and spirituality. The WWOOFers are housed in a single room with bathroom . We speak English, French and Spanish.

Small farm of about 3 ha surrounded by woods between Orvieto and the lake of Bolsena about 600 m above sea level. The area is particularly rich in biodiversity and is part of an area which has been closed to hunting for forty years. This place is suitable for those who love tranquility, contact with nature and respects her rhythms. The main activities for which help is needed are the following: in the organic vegetable garden with attention to ancient local varieties; we are in the process of creating a synergistic garden. Harvesting fruit and herbs, transplanting trees, pruning etc. Forest maintenance: cleaning and making signs for pathways, collecting firewood and identifying plants at risk of genetic erosion for reproduction by seed, cuttings and transplants. Maintaining the gardens adjacent to the houses (weeding, watering, transplanting, etc.). The farm is actively involved in the protection of animal biodiversity also with the construction of artificial nests, bird feeders and shelters for small wildlife, creating small ponds etc. In this sense it is working on testing a model of low-impact living which is respectful of other life forms. We are happy to host people who do not smoke and are vegetarian. The accommodation provided is in a single room with bathroom (possibly shared by other guests). Medium-long length of stay. Basic English spoken.

Family run farm situated 560m above sea level on Mount Peglia. We produce about a ha of vegetable garden, hay, oil, a little wine for home consumption, soft fruit. Jobs include harvesting and storage of onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and beans, making tomato sauce and jam, haymaking, harvesting olives for oil and grapes for wine. But in the countryside there are always many chores to do, especially in a wilderness like this! We are just 9 km from Orvieto (5 km is along a dirt road) but as we have 3 children there is always someone who goes into town. We have no TV but we have internet, a good sense of humour is essential!.

Isolated farm run by Heidi, who cares for the land and animals and is also a voice therapist. There are 3 hectares of land around the house with 80 olive trees, a vegetable garden, 40 fruit trees and 6 ha of woodland, as well as chickens, cats and dogs. Large house divided into self-contained apartments (3 apart from Heidi’s), two double rooms and various outhouses. Help needed in the fields and on the farm, looking after the animals and in the overgrown vegetable garden. Planning to utilize the large spaces for various courses. Also runs a B&B. German, English and French spoken.