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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.

Pesaro Urbino

Our farm, which has always been organic, is situated 7 km from Urbino and is run by us, a couple. We have cows (10), pigs (60), rabbits and chickens. All the animals are free range. We have chosen breeds that are in danger of extinction (especially the Cinta Senese pigs). We also have facilities for the preparation of our meat on the farm. We are not vegetarian, and only really speak Italian, but happily accommodate all nationalities. Accommodation in a room in the house or a good tent in the summer, meals organic. We do not have an agritourism by choice - the farm is much more important than tourism, no swimming pool.

On this farm we offer you the chance to learn about and experience saffron cultivation. Our family run farm is certified organic and is situated 400 m above sea level far from any town. We live in a old stone farmhouse which we are renovating. Working with saffron is VERY repetitive work and all done by hand and for this reason is not to everyone’s liking. Planting, weeding, and then harvesting are generally jobs that people only find interesting for an hour or so. There are a few other jobs to be done such as clearing the land, repairing fencing, nothing difficult. Depending on the time of year you wish to come we can teach you different aspects of saffron cultivation, we can host people only 1) in spring for short periods of up to a week 2) from June to beginning of September and from mid October to mid November.. We have WiFi which you can use with your own computer. We cannot host children or smokers. We are not vegetarian but can cater for vegetarians. We are 50 km from Pesaro railway station and 10 minutes from the bus stop. Rimini is the nearest airport. You must be able to speak English and we prefer to have non Italians to have a cultural exchange, one of us speaks excellent German.

Seven years ago we left the city to move to the country. Our farm is located in a village 10 km from Pesaro. We have renovated an old farm house following the techniques of green building using natural materials and local and renewable resources (wood from the forest, rainwater, sewage treatment on site, composting of organic waste from the kitchen, cutting grass, animals). The house is surrounded by 2.5 hectares of land, half of which is woodland. The rest is cultivated with olive trees, fruit trees, vegetable garden. We sell oil and olives, fruit in small quantities, eggs; we produce jams, preserves, liqueurs. Our garden is about 300 square meters, we grow it in permaculture. We have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks. Since last year we have included the bees, with the help of some neighbors and we have have two donkeys. We like cooking, we adapt our food to what the garden, our land offer us. Our dream is to develop a closed-cycle company, where every element is useful to another, including us. We speak English and French well and like to exchange ideas, experiences, languages ​​with people from other countries. We have two girls born in 2012 & 2015. We will be happy to share our home and work in the countryside, especially in summer and autumn (May-November).
Our organic farm is located 25 km from Fano, in a very pleasant and peaceful panoramic, hilly environment, close to a small town. We breed local cattle from the Marche region. Our land consists of about 15 hectares dedicated to pasture, arable land, olive groves and woods. We have a large vegetable garden well stocked with different vegetables and flowers, which offer products all year round. We breed a horse and pigs. There are also affectionate dogs and hens that give fresh eggs. We are not vegetarians. We host at home in a comfortable room. We speak Italian and German. We are a fifty-year-old couple with four daughters outside the home who often come to visit us and bring our little grandson. The usual jobs cover many areas of country life: feeding the animals, cleaning the barn, setting up the fences, collecting and chopping wood, taking care of the vegetable garden; moreover, the olives are pruned and the olives are harvested, the grass is cut and the hay is produced. We are pleased to welcome people who are passionate about agriculture and the environment and to share with them the daily life, according to the rhythms of nature, in a spontaneous and sincere ecological and personal environment.
This is a small biodynamic organic farm of 6 acres with a large vegetable garden, with a donkey, dogs and cats set in the hills at 450 meters. We are 40 min from the sea, 30 min from a beautiful river and 10 from Urbino - a well known city of art. You can use bicycles or walk. We have 4 children,. ('91,'94, '98, 2000), the oldest of whom is studying in Berlin. Jobs are varied and we ask you to be adaptable to help when needed. Help needed in the garden, with harvesting fruit -apples, grapes, plums, almonds, figs, cherries - (depending on the season) from which we make juice and jams. We have large house and therefore we always have restoration jobs to do. WWOOFers will be part of the family so maybe can cook for everyone or help in the jobs to make our house more beautiful and harmonious. Many past WWOOFers remain in our hearts and continue to visit us from time to time. We prefer longer stays (initially at least 2 weeks and 2 months if all goes well). The accommodation is in the house. We are a family of artists and musicians and any musicians are welcome to play with us. We are very interested in natural medicine and astrology. We speak German (my mother is German), English & French.
We are Betty and Lorenzo and we live within 5km from Piobbico (Marche, the province of Pesaro Urbino), in a hamlet called Bacciardi with only 6 inhabitants. Here we have realized our dream of opening a farm and raising our two children (Aenea - 10 and Gaia - 8) away from any source of pollution. We have dairy goats, free ranging pigs, bees and poultry and farmyard animals. We grow vegetables and also have a small vineyard. Once a week we make sour dough bread with a mother dough which is 175 years old which we bake in our wood-burning oven, to heat the house we decided to use only the wood which we cut into the woods on Monte Nerone. We offer accommodation in a house adjacent to the farmhouse where there are 6 beds and a small bathroom. During the weekend, and every day in summer, our time is occupied by our restaurant- we have two small rooms where we can accommodate about thirty people. On Wednesdays we make pasta. We ask WWOOFers to help collaborate with tasks on the farm, with caring for the animals, in the vegetable garden and with the firewood. We provide bicycles, the nearest village is 5km away. We are very happy to host and share our time with people who love nature and silence and who want to learn different types of activity (there is something for all tastes!). We speak English.
We are Daniela and Giorgia, companions in life and work. We have a farm in the Sassocorvaro countryside, a small town of 5000 inhabitants 25km from Urbino. We live in a large family home, Giorgias family consisting of the father, mother and grandmother. The house is on three floors, with another independent house in the garden. On our farm we grow vegetables on raised beds which are then destined for direct sales with home deliveries. We cultivate organically and try to enrich our land with little processing and green manure. We raise hens but in our family we include 2 dogs that live with us in the house and 1 cat. We would like to host people to exchange ideas, to plan together, to learn and above all to share. Daniela and I are vegetarian but we are the only vegetarians in the household so we also cook meat. We prefer to share lunch and, not necessarily, dinner and breakfast. We live near beautiful places that we can visit together and 40 minutes from the sea which can be a welcome place for relaxing weekends.

The 5 of us (me, my wife, & our 3 sons) live and work at 530 m above sea level near historical villages, many interesting sites (such as the world famous Frasassi Caves) and we are just 45 km from the Adriatic Sea. Of our farm's 21 hectares - completely devoted to organic farming since 1988- we cultivate around 10 ha in grains, pulses, forage and vegetables irrigated with water from our lake. We have a flock of 50 sheep and we make our own cheese for family consumption. Our work with WWOOFers is based on collaboration both in the field (sowing, hoeing and harvesting) and in the barn (weaving onions and garlic) as well as in the house (sharing domestic tasks including cheese-making). We have hosted WWOOFers for many years, from all corners of the world and of all ages. We are more than satisfied with the ensuing relationships and many of our new friends continue coming back to visit us. In fact it's not only the material help so much as a shared participation in communal family living, that we appreciate. Spring and summer are the seasons we need help in most. English, German and French spoken.