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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Ours is a micro bio-farm in Alta Carnia, with livestock: cattle, goats and donkeys (dairy animals). The farm is committed closed cycle production using biological methods: homeo biodynamic permacultural. We sell direct to customers - milk, vegetables and medicinal plants. Polenta and typical dishes of Alta Valle del But. We are at an altitude of 1000 meters and about 1600 in the summer when we move to pasture in the mountains. We do trekking trails with the donkeys up to 2000 meters altitude riding the mule tracks of the Great War to the borders of Austria only we bring peace with us! Breathtaking scenery. It’s a quiet and unspoiled place habitually inhabited by marmots and other wildlife (deer, fallow deer and chamois), hawks and eagles soar above us, if you are lucky you may meet a bear (they are very shy animals that do not attack as people used to think) Ciao a presto. ‘Mandi’ (the word they use as a greeting here) means: I'll leave you, I send you into the hands of the Lord."
I'm Gianni, I manage this forest and a bed and breakfast, in Friuli Prealpi Giulie Alps, on the border between Italy and Slovenia and between the towns of Platischis and Prossenicco, two small villages near Taipana 700 mt slm. I maintain the house and the surrounding area where I live, cleaning the surrounding forest and the trails, up keep of the drystone walled terraces terracing with dry-stone walls of a part of the land near the house, I hope to plant an orchard and the create a vegetable garden to supply our needs; I then hope to fence a part of the property to include animals. Whoever wants to take a part in our way of life in harmony with nature, sharing and developing a sustainable project together will be welcome. For now I live with two dogs, I love good music, conversation, eating any kind of food as long as it’s healthy and genuine, drink spring water and do not smoke. There is a lot of work here but it is varied and interesting, our life is simple and serene. I will be happy to share my experiences and knowledge which has also been gained with many years of working abroad, in return for an interest, energy, enthusiasm, desire to get involved, in a mutual exchange and with personal growth. Accommodation is in a separate room with shared bathroom, I need a hand with all the daily activities, especially in B & B and the kitchen. You can arrive by train to Udine or bus to the village of Nimis. Length of stay by prior arrangement, languages ​​spoken: English and French.
We live in Oltris, a small hamlet in Ampezzo Carnico. Mainly we deal with Art and Communication (also for some local agricultural activities) with the support of the vegetable garden, the orchard and the forest. The philosophy that we would like to share with our guests is to live in a decentralized place, integrating nature and technology in favour of healthy living with the right times. In the family we are 2 adults (Nadia and Sergio) with 2 daughters, Shadi born in 2010 and Kaylee of 2014 (we practice homeschooling). The wwoofers can collaborate in the daily life of the family, from the care of the orchard and fields, to the artistic activity, but above all to the exchange of experiences and personal growth of everyone. We have a room reserved for guests. We welcome both vegetarians and non (for various reasons we would like to avoid smokers). The house is surrounded by 5000 square meters of land, other small plots around the village and one hectare of forest. Right now there is a dog, a cat, 4 Indian ducks, 7 geese, 11 hens. We can host you in any period of the year, but preferably spring and autumn (minimum 2 weeks in order to build up a relationship). For those wishing to walk, from the village of Oltris leave several paths that lead into the woods, in the stream lumiei or the plateau of Pani. From Ampezzo, which is a 20-minute walk away, you can reach Sauris in 20 minutes by car or bus. Mountains, paths, streams, places of art, Carnia is full of places to discover.
Hi, my name is Marco and I live in a small house in Magnano in Riviera, near a huge wood that goes all the way to Slovenia. I am paraplegic and I live with many animals such as sheep, hens, quail pheasants and of course two very special dogs. I would like to achieve energy and obviously food independence within a few years, I have a small greenhouse and an evolving vegetable garden. I studied nutraceuticals and I like cooking very much and would like to produce super-organic dog food. I have recently started producing medicinal mushrooms, I am studying Staments books in American technical with the right calm. Permaculture and the principles of the Blue Economy are at the base of my actions and projects. I studied sculpture in Venice and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I consider myself a craftsman. I would like to meet people with an open and curious mindset. Here the place is very quiet, ideal for relaxing in peace and learning to hug the trees. I really like cooking and I like to experiment ... even if my real passion is animals, plants and mushrooms ... that I find exceptionally beautiful, therefore worthy of respect. I have an ovovegetarian diet that I integrate with some organic products in times of need ... but I'm not an extremist. I am not a smoker and I would rather avoid hosting smokers or those with similar addictions. There would be a lot of work and a lot to learn and for that very reason I prefer people who stay for at least a month ... at least if you are not already a super expert in permaculture and working with plants and mushrooms. I have to set up a laboratory and build the bio swimming pool, finish fencing some of the ground and plant giant bamboo, light hemp and wood to be inoculated with mushrooms. I also have two families of bees; in the future I would like to create a room for practicing apitherapy ... step by step.

Our farm is near a small village called Clap, 700 m. a.s.l. We are about 1.5 km from the nearest village overlooking the Friuli plains and, on clear days, enjoy a view up to the sea. Our aim is to become self sufficient whilst living in harmony with nature and our surroundings. We would like help with the various tasks we have. Looking after the animals (sheep and rabbits), bees, in the vegetable garden, cutting wood, reclaiming grazing land, making hay and some building work. We can accommodate people for long or short stays in a family atmosphere. Accommodation in own room.

Ciao a tutti, I'm Massimo, I live in Costapiana a rural village, located in at 400m. s.l.m. in the municipality of Faedis. Together with my friends Gabriele and Barbar I share my life in contact with nature and passion for agriculture: organic cultivation, recovery of ancient indigenous varieties, maintenance of wooded areas, meadows and pastures. The village is 3 km from the bottom of the valley and is reached along the communal road or by walking along the paths. From the courtyard of the large rustic stone and wood house, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view, and see, on most days the sea on the horizon. The day is divided into various activities, such as: garden and fruit tree management, clearing in the fields, woods and trails, and small building and maintenance jobs. There will be moments of sharing, spirituality and music, embraced by the warm refreshment of a fire under the stars. Our project is to give space to a meeting place for musicians or people who want to get closer to this art, so we have a variety of musical instruments available, and our idea is to be able to develop this with everyones contribution. We have two guest rooms, please bring your own sleeping bag if possible, services and kitchen are communal. There is also spaces for tents, campers or vans, using the facilities in the house. Our cuisine is predominantly vegetarian and vegan, but other food choices do not preclude hospitality. We also welcome couples with children, Barbara and Gabriele have a two-year-old daughter. We prefer to host from April to October for a period of one to a few weeks. We all speak some English.
Ours is a small family-run organic vineyard located in Cividale del Friuli, a town named "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. My name is Paolo (06/21/1958) and I live and work with my partner Andrea (7/27/1971) then there is Francesca our daughter (23/03/2005) and Lambert a huge but very affectionate Leonberger. Our job is to bring our wines from grapes to glasse as we sell our products directly to the final consumer in the south of Austria, in Carinthia. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with people who come here, which we have gained over many years of work asking in return for passion, energy, enthusiasm, desire to do and get involved. The jobs to be done are: winter pruning of the vines, cleaning of weeds, summer pruning in the vineyard, harvesting of the grapes, maintenance of the garden, stacking wood, and in the wine cellar bottling, decanting etc. WWOOFers will stay in a separate room the other spaces are shared including the bathrooms. The minimum stay required is 2 weeks. We speak quite well English, Hungarian, German, Spanish, but we make ourselves understood also in Portuguese and French. Regarding the food we are omnivorous, however, the diet always provides an important supply of vegetables such as to make compatible the coexistence with vegetarians. Smoking accepted only if respectful of those who do not smoke. At home there are various musical instruments and can be shared if used with care.
I, along with my wife we run this 7 hectare farm in the Carniche alps near the Austrian border. We have 4 goats, two pigs, chickens, bees and 2 cows and we make cheese on the farm. The agriculture is biodynamic and we aim for self sufficiency, and therefore eat our own produce. We cultivate hay, cereals, potatoes and vegetables. Help needed depending on the season with hay making, clearing in the fields, harvesting cereals, in the fruit orchard, with the animals and in the dairy. Accommodation in room. German, Serbocroat and a little English and French spoken. Prefer stays of 2-3 weeks. Non smokers.
I am the pioneer of an Eco Village under construction, around me are gathering people who want to help the project in their various capacities and so on the farm is like being in an extended family. At this moment everything is evolving! The activities that take place are: to build walls with natural materials (straw, earth, sand ..), look after the small vegetable garden and orchard, clear the forest from brambles and brushwood, organize artistic and / or educational events on agricultural issues. The garden is on the baulatura with Hugelkultur method and BRF technique (with wood chips), permaculture is practiced and experimented with. The volunteers have the opportunity to camp and also to stay in my house in Lignano, 30 minutes from the farm. The structures are not yet complete so it is advisable to return to my home to cook, wash clothes and take a swim in the sea. On the farm you can swim in the river and walk in the surrounding area. We are also one hour away from Venice, Trieste and Udine. I welcome volunteers from May to November, the minimum stay required is 2 weeks. Languages ​​spoken: English and Italian. Food: vegan - vegetarian. Smoking accepted only if respectful of those who do not smoke.
This 13 ha farm is situated on the Friuli plains. Homeodynamic (homeopathy combined with biodynamic agriculture) agriculture is practiced. Various types of vegetables are grown all year round - in greenhouses and outside - herbs and fruit trees. Particular attention is devoted to the improvement of our seed and seedling production. Since 2006 we are an Eco village. We are already established as a cultural centre for biodiversity, the centre of the farm was built using the principles of green building (probably it is the largest building in Europe constructed in wood and straw), a 8,000 square meters tunnel, a windmill and a building for the production of clean energy (mainly compressed air) made of wood and wool. The WWOOFers are accommodated in single or double rooms in our guest house. The meals are vegetarian, with many ingredients coming directly from the fields. Length of stay: variable, although for organizational reasons we prefer periods of at least 15 days. We cannot accommodate children. Possible jobs include: planting of trees and vegetable seedlings, harvesting fruit and vegetables, weeding. Languages spoken: Spanish, English and a little French.