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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Conduciamo i nostri terreni secondo i principi della biodinamica. Abbiamo 15 ettari di vigna certificati con i quali produciamo vino Chianti Classico. Abbiamo 2 ettari di olivi con i quali produciamo olio extra vergine. Coltiviamo un orto per l’insieme delle persone/famiglie che lavorano con l’azienda. Curiamo i giardini che circondano gli edifici della fattoria, una parte dei quali affittiamo a turisti estivi. Abbiamo 35 ettari di bosco grazie ai quali ci scaldiamo. Ci sforziamo di conciliare le attivita’ che conduciamo, con il microclima di Monte Bernardi. Michael, proprietario, e’ in particolare enologo e viticoltore con estese esperienze sul campo e in cantina. Ci importa condividere le nostre esperienze. Abbiamo in mente di avviare nel prossimo futuro, una sistemica produzione di compost, alveari, un pollaio. Siamo una famiglia di 4 persone (1975, 1970, 2006, 2010) e ospitiamo in una camera con bagno proprio, che fa parte della nostra abitazione. Un autobus ci collega giornalmente con la stazione ferroviaria di Santa Maria Novella a Firenze. Parliamo Inglese e italiano, un po’ di tedesco.

Family-run farm of 3 hectares in the hills near the sea in Castagneto Carducci. I (co-ordinator for WWOOF) and my 2 children - who are abroad and here only in the holidays- live on and run the farm with help from friends and WWOOFers. We have chickens, geese, a cat and 2 dogs. Our aim is to provide as much of our own organic produce (i.e. olive oil, eggs, fruit, nuts and vegetables) as possible, and sell the excess (which is generally only oil and eggs). We have a reed-bed system to recycle our water and photovoltaic solar panels. Need help for jobs in permaculture vegetable garden, fruit orchard, olive grove and various other jobs. We collaborate with nearby WWOOF farms, one with a forest garden and reforestation project and the other a biodynamic vineyard. We also participate in a community vegetable garden as we do not have enough water to have a large garden here. Accommodation for 2 people in bedroom with own bathroom or in a comfortable caravan. English spoken.

Small 6 ha family run farm (2,5 ha of olives, 1 ha abandoned vineyard, pasture and woodland). We are situated in central Tuscany between Firenze, Lucca, Vinci, Pisa and Siena. We have Sardinian donkeys, Mohair goats, an old Jersey cow and Merinos sheep for their high quality wool, barnyard animals, cats, dogs and tortoises. Help needed with the olives and in vegetable garden, cutting wood, maintenance jobs in and outside the house, with the animals, harvesting and preparing seasonal fruits. Families and children welcome, accommodation in room for periods of at least 2 weeks. Meals genuine, possibly vegetarian, vegan and can cater for other diets if requested. English spoken and a little French, Spanish and German.
Our small family-run farm which has been organic since 1995 and certified ICEA (AIAB) is 2.2 hectares of which 1.4 hectares is olive grove (with Correggiolo and a few Moraiolo varieties). The olive grove is a lot of work with pruning, manuring, working the ground and harvesting, and in a good year it gives us an income. Up until 2015 we also grew cereals (for our bread) but due to excessive damage by wild boar and deer we have had to abandon this project although we still make bread using a neighbours flour. We also have 17 hectares of woodland from which we cut wood every year for our own use. We have a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Our house is a converted hay shed which we finished renovating (almost!) in 1998 but there are still jobs to be done. We have had photovoltaic solar panels since 2004. We have chickens, including a local breed which is in danger of extinction - Val d’Arno black. Esperanza (Spanish, born in 1957) and Ada (our daughter born in 1993) speak in Spanish, Bruno (Swiss, born in 1957) speaks German, English and French. Public transport comes to 20 minutes from the house but not frequently so we can arrange to collect you from Siena station. Stays of at least 2 weeks in caravan or tent.
Our farm is located on the Costa degli Etruschi, in Donoratico, in the province of Livorno, 4.5 km from the sea. Lovers and respectful of nature, in 1993, by choice, we converted our farm to organic. In the past, for years, the main crops were: vineyard, olive grove and artichokes; for about twenty years we have oriented our production on wheat, and in particular on extra virgin organic olive oil, thanks to our 1400 olive trees, and to the vegetable garden for our consumption and pleasure. We take care of all the production cycles of each crop, for the olive trees for example we fertilization, pruning up to harvesting the fruit and bottling and selling the finished product, for the vegetable garden instead we prepare the soil, we plant the seedlings, fertilize, irrigate and harvest. We welcome wwoofers into the family, sharing with them our daily life, helping with the work in the fields, having lunch and dinner together. We offer accommodation with other wwoofers in an apartment on our farm.
A family farm which has been cultivated for generations of about 45 hectares of land, of which 18 are vineyards and 1 is olive grove. We are a young couple and we are the custodians of this land which we cultivate through organic and biodynamic farming; there is a youthful spirit throughout the farm. We are a few kilometers from Lucca. The main activities take place in the vineyard and in the wine cellar: those interested in learning the art of winemaking can follow the stages of cultivation and the processing of the grapes. For those interested in the activities of the agritourism you can participate and help during the wine tastings organized for our guests and work together doing small gardening jobs around the farm. We can accommodate up to 2 wwoofers at a time up to a maximum of one month. Accommodation, which is in rooms in a two-story building next to the office with canteen which is used and shared by everyone, is three bedrooms and one bathroom, lunches are shared but for other meals wwoofers are autonomous and during the grape harvest meals will be eaten with the interns on the farm. We ask you to help with the cleaning of communal areas. You may find yourselves working with people who work on the farm and with the people with whom you share the apartment. The harvest and all types of work are very challenging but carried out with enthusiasm. Public transportation in our area is quite good, there is the WiFi in some rooms.
We are a group of people who have run this biodynamic farm of 200 hectares together since 1988. We have cows, goats, bees and cultivate cereals and forage crops, vegetables, olives and fruit. We prepare all our products ourselves and are almost self-sufficient for food. We base our work on sharing and follow Christian principles. We ask you to share the same work hours and meals, which are vegetarian. We do not drink alcohol and prefer non smokers. Accommodation in room, please contact us in time to prepare tasks to be done together and bear in mind that we speak almost exclusively Italian.
Our farm is located in the rolling hills of Siena, 15 km from the city, 2 kms from a small hamlet where there are all the essential services and the bus stop to Siena. We're a couple who are over sixty and we cultivate fodder for animals, cereals, olive trees, some fruit trees for home consumption and we are setting up a synergic vegetable garden. In addition to organic farming we also experiment with biodynamic farming techniques; in addition to all agricultural processing and cutting wood in the forest we take care of all general maintenance: shelters, sheds fences, ditches, road, park maintenance around the house, etc. Some horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats brighten our days. Most of the time is devoted to our goats (30) that are milked by hand 2 times a day and graze in the fields during the day and are kept in stalls at night. We also have a small dairy where, however, only people with the correct hygiene certificates can help out. We can accommodate a maximum of 2 people in a double room with bathroom for minimum of 3-4 weeks, besides Italian we speak French.
I'm Fiammetta (1985) I live in a farmhouse 4 km from Prato, 25 minutes by train from Florence. I take care of 5 hectares my family’s land with forest, olive grove, vineyard, fruit trees and a vegetable garden. I have two dogs and lots of hens. I sell / exchange what we do not eat ourselves (myself and my parents - who do not live with me). I make compost, I work in the vegetable garden by hand with forks and hoes. I sow everything I put in the garden. I put in order and do the various maintenance jobs on the house. I produce jams, soaps, kombucha, skin creams and much more. I deeply love cooking, taking care of everyone and learning. From September 2018 the place will also host a Waldorf kindergarten. I have not bought meat for 15 years, I always cook vegetables, I make bread in a wood oven, ferment vegetables in a thousand ways, I collect / use wild herbs. I can accommodate up to 5 people even for long periods. Apartment A: room with 2 single beds and a double sofa bed in the passage room. Apartment B: room with single bed. I speak English, Spanish and French.
We are a certified organic olive farm with 2300 trees under our management. They are all terraced into the hillsides around Cortona and have all been abandoned by the previous farmers for at least 7 and up to 35 years. We recover the oliveti over time (we have about 400 trees remaining to bring into production). We are committed to farming organic and producing amazing olive oil - so far winning 30 international awards for our olive oil. We would like to share the perspective of an American who came to Italy, is working the land and trying to bring back these ancient oliveti. My wife and I live permanently in our home in Cortona which has 6 bedrooms and 3 baths. We have a quite large garden that produces both for our house and for some of the things we make such as transforming the flavor of balsamic vinegar from Modena. We are everything eaters, but can offer meals for vegetarians as well. Our town is rich in culture, especially from an Etruscan standpoint with museums inside of Cortona, tombs within walking distance from our house and many walking trails. There is also a bus line within a 5 minute walk that can take you anywhere in our surrounding area. We have a big garden, so we always have work to be done in the garden, and most days during the week I go up to the olive groves and do work - for example mowing the grass, pruning, harvesting. We also clear the land and bring the trees back into production in the grove that we are still recovering from being abandoned since 1985. There may also be some work to be done harvesting our crops and helping with the transformation of our vinegar.