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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Organic, multifunctional farm which specializes in vegetables, wine, cereals, preserves and olive oil and is located one hour from Firenze, Pisa, Lucca and Siena. The farm is of 54 hectares half of which is cultivated and the rest is woodland. The owner, 12 workers - many of whom are young and all are passionate about farming, and 2 families live in the hamlet and all share the goal of establishing a sustainable model of organic agriculture, with respect for the environment and which is fully integrated in the local community. WWOOFers (max 6) will share a comfortable apartment with 3 double rooms, and you will prepare your own meals with food produced or provided by the farm. WWOOFers will participate in various tasks, both in the fields, harvesting and weeding, and in the shed preparing vegetable boxes for delivery. Minimum stays of one month.
This sanctuary for saved animals is situated in the Parco Nazionale di Migliarino, in a beautiful area with rivers, sea and pinewoods. The cities of Livorno and Pisa are nearby. It is a sanctuary for domestic animals: horses, donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep and dogs who have been saved from extreme suffering by various animalistic associations and who were destined to be killed and now live freely on four HAs of land and are cared for according to their needs. It is also a centre for environmental education, to teach about vegan philosophy and non violence. Particularly in the warmer months the sanctuary is visited by schools and families who can see and get to know these animals who are normally hidden from view in intensive farming systems. We teach about the environment in relation to the meat and dairy industry and the right of respect for all living things. Accommodation is in the house in a room shared with other volunteers, meals organic and vegan eaten together, no smoking in the house, drugs or alcohol. WWOOFers help with the care of the animals, guided tours and events at the refuge as well as in the household. Please be aware that the works at the sanctuary are physically demanding. We are in need of an extra hand all year long and happy to welcome strong and independent individuals. English spoken.
Needless to escape from ourselves, and in fact here we are: Giovanni (1977), Ramona (1980) and our two daughters Maya (2017) and Marleen (2015). We make up a family that wants to manage 22ha of land made up of 3.5 ha of vines, 500 olive trees, 6 ha to arable land and the rest of the forest, all with passion and respecting the biodiversity of the place and the natural biological cycles. Hospitality, art, culture and tradition and simplicity are part of our being. The cycles of work are based on the season and the crops: we also ask for a hand in the maintenance and improvement of the areas suitable for agritourism hospitality (if interested), but we can also dedicate ourselves to our synergistic garden and many other activities. We hope to meet people with whom to share and discuss, and so (as it happened to us sometimes) give the opportunity to find themselves more and more. Our hills and a good glass of organic wine pay off the hardships of the working days and make you feel part of this wonder, which is our Mother Earth. We are 23km from the sea and 33km from Pisa, spoken languages; ​​Italian and German mother tongue, fluent English, French level school.
Small 13 hectare (7 of woodland) farm in the 'Colline Metallifere' 35 kms from the sea were we have lived for some years and which we cultivate using the principles of Fukuoka. We collect wild herbs which we dry and make conserves from the seasonal fruits and vegetables. We have a small plant nursery with aromatic and wild plants, chickens for eggs, 2 small dogs and 6 cats. We need help caring for the animals, harvesting herbs, caring for the plants in the nursery, in the synergic vegetable garden, in the woodland, making paths for guided excursions, new fences, in the olive grove and making bread and conserves. We can accommodate 1-2 people for stays of not less than two weeks in a room in the house. We ask you to use only natural detergents for your personal hygiene. Meals are mainly vegetarian and organic. We speak English and a little French.

Certified organic farm in the the hill in Pomerance, Pisa. Agritourism with fruit orchard and olive grove. They have three cats and a dog. Help needed for fruit and olive harvests and in the garden. Accommodation in house with use of kitchen. Help needed in spring and autumn from up to 3 people. English and French spoken. 

My partner and I together manage about 3 acres of land that are divided between an orchard still very young but full of ancient truths and endangered and the 'vegetable garden that we try to work with minimal use of mechanical means. During the summer we transform our products and throughout the year make bread with natural yeast and using organic ancient grains that we are lucky to find a few miles from us. Every month we participate in 2-3 organic markets that are organized in our area and we would like to share with our guests. We live in the country just a few steps from our lands, in a small house in which from time to time we organize musical events, cultural, culinary. We prefer to accommodate 1-2 people in one room of the house for periods of not less than one week, we have little more than 30 years and eat vegetarian. We have 2 small children. G. speaks very good Spanish and English.

We are a couple and we run a farm in the Tuscan countryside where we cultivate 2.5 hectares of olive trees, 2 hectares vineyards and 1.5 hectares of orchard, a kitchen garden and some woodland. Since 2012 we are certified organic conversion in 2013 we renovated a small winery where we bottle our own wine and olive oil. We live in a country house of 80 square meters, the kitchen garden is adjacent to the house, we can host you a guest room with a comfortable double bed. Help needed with the vineyard and the olive trees and the transformation of the wine and olive oil throughout the year. We are mainly vegetarian, love to cook, we use almost exclusively our vegetables, olive oil and wine, we buy all our other produce from our food coop. We can accommodate a single person or a couple by prior arrangement throughout the year. We love animals and our garden is populated by 12 cats that live outside and one who lives in the house, then there are Wilma and Ida, our dogs. We speak fluent English and a little French, Spanish and Arabic.
Our farm is situated in the hills in Tuscany in the municipality of Lari (Pi). We, myself - Irene (35), my husband Luca (35) and our children Sveva (2012), Emma (2007) e Pietro (2010) are genuine Tuscans! Our 8 ha family run, certified organic farm, has 1200 olive trees, 400 fruit trees, a large vegetable garden, 6 horses (we organize treks and walks), sheep, goats, bees ..... an agritourism, small restaurant, we are building a workshop for transforming our produce. Depending on the time of year we need help with: pruning, harvesting fruit and olives, cutting firewood, care of the garden, animals and small maintenance jobs. We can accommodate up to 3 WWOOFers, minimum stay one week, in summer in your own caravan or tent, in winter in the apartments in the farmhouse. We love cooking and so we can spoil you with our dishes which are all made from organic and seasonal produce. We love to travel and enjoy being with people from different cultures. The village is 1 km away, the bus stop 800 m, we have internet connection and bicycles you can use. Languages spoken: English, French and Spanish.
Our organic farm of 6 hectares extends over hilly terrain and is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the breeding of chickens and rabbits outside. In addition to recovering the ancient olive groves planted centuries ago (destroyed, except for the radical mass, in 1967 due to a devastating fire), our intent is to safeguard and spread our traditional culture linked to the production and preparation of food. Currently the recovery of olive trees is going hand in hand with the restoration of dry stone walls. Depending on the season, the WWOOFers participate in pruning and cleaning olive trees, olive harvesting, restoration of dry stone walls, contribute to the care of the farmyard animals, the vegetable garden and the orchard, participate in the preparation of homemade products, prepare meals, learn our traditional cuisine. From December 2016 we are also educational farm! This year the farm has four new friends: three Skudde sheep and a Sardinian donkey named Lampo. We are a few miles from the sea, from Pisa and Lucca. Languages ​​spoken: English, Russian and French as well as Italian. Contact Helena and / or Giacomo, preferably by e-mail. We need help throughout the year, especially in the summer months.
Our farm is small (7 ha) and family-run. We are a family of 5 of which 3 have finished studies and are working abroad. We bought the farm in 1981, after we had been working on a bilateral German project in Africa for some years. In 1981 the farm was converted to organic. In the meantime our activities are limited to olive trees. We do not have animals or a vegetable garden. The work for WWOOFers therefore depends on the season: land clearing and grass cutting., preparations for the harvest of olives and the harvest itself from mid-October to December.. August and September are the two months when - due to lack of work and considering the heat - we do not need WWOOFers. The work is not very varied and we therefore only ask for 4 hours a day, except for the olive harvest when we all work together, also in the afternoons. Meals are mainly vegetarian and partially organic. Accommodation is in a comfortable appartment on the ground floor of our house. We can welcome. 1 or 2 people for a minimum stay of at least one week. Our wwoofers should be independent and enterprising. Our interests are classical music, reading (we have many books in English, German and Italian) and politics. German, English and French spoken. Each year we are getting older. Take into consideration that in 2019 we are 75 (Sigismund) and 72 (Ursula). Recent wwoofers could have been our grandchildren, which was very pleasant and Interesting.