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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Summer List
This is a project of life, a point of view on our future, first of all an exchange of ideas and work, of art and nature, a building site in evolution, reflecting on how it is possible to do without necessarily resorting to overbuilding, but rather reappropriating of ancient crafts and working methods, (dry stone wall, earthenware, raw earth bamboo, etc.) Our house is being renovated in self-construction and we need the wwoofers to help us with the work; whoever comes to us can learn how to make bricks of earth, to build with raw earth, learn to work the bamboo, see what the environment offers and transform what it offers us in resources for our restructuring, an experience that will then be useful for those who decide to restore a an old house as we did. During the stay it may be that courses are held with teachers on the most varied techniques of green building and materials recovery, the house, as well as being our home is a school yard where we organize courses to learn ancient or new techniques that we need to go forward with the restructuring. We also need a hand to take care of our animals, which become more and more numerous, and the garden, at the moment the inhabitants are 2 humans, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 donkey and 1 pony. Wwoofers will be housed in tents, will have their own external bathroom with a shower. We live in the woods, but in a few minutes you can get to the bar of the village for every extra need, to get to our house there is a short walking path to do, it takes less than 5 minutes. For the moment we are organized to accommodate only in the summer months, from May to September.
Our organic farm mainly produces oil (3,000 olive trees with our own olive mill), a small amount of wine, camellias and vegetables for family use and agritourism. I, my wife and two other helpers work full time on the farm. Anyone who is hosted by us will be able to help both on the farm and in the vegetable garden, in the vineyard and in the olive grove where you can participate in the harvest (the most important moment of the year) and we will be happy to share our knowledge. We are certified organic since 1996 (the year I started) and for us the most important thing is the respect and conservation of our territory where we are born and have rooted.
Summer List
The name of this place means bamboogrove. Here where we'll work together, among nearly 15 mt (50 ft) high green canes, with branches full of evergreen leaves populated by a huge quantity of birds. You leave the main road and the town along it, with its comforts but noises too, and soon after you discover our little forest of canes, surrounded by an amphitheater of low hills and cottages, diving in the quiet of a suddenly re-found country. We'll be waiting for you to draw canes from the grove and work with them in order to realize structures, sculptures, elements of furniture that will give a touch of beauty everywhere they'll go. We'll dine inside the grove, under a refreshing roof of leaves, or heating ourselves under Sun's coziness in the front green field: a picnic in an unusual scenery that lets us feel daily like we are on holiday. In the afternoon you'll have the chance to ride the bike to reach the coast and enjoy the sunset at the seaside. During the summer time you'll be hosted by Sara, in a tent in front of her house. You will have a private toilet and the chance to use the shared spaces in the house (kitchen and garden). During the winter time Alberto and Pina will be your host and they will share their humble house. They have a bio and vegan diet. English spoken. Note: This is a proper forest so...there are insects, spiders and mosquitos. During the summer time could be hot and sometime we have to work under the sun or under the rain so it's good to have clothes and shoes for every circumstance. During the day time work in the forest the toilet is open air so a little bit of ability to adapt is request.
This is a cultural association that was born to enhance health, well-being, harmony, joy, peace, universal love; it supports aid projects to abandoned children in India, takes part in the protection of Mother Earth and its creatures; promotes meetings on Oriental cultures and philosophies, nutrition and natural medicine and ecological excursions. We are designing a small vegetable garden and synergic garden in connection with the energy of the cosmos we would like to start from November, we have a 500 m2 garden garden and we ask for help to build an outside home that is in synergy with cosmic forces and serves to produce vegetables for the self-sustaining of the people living in the association. We are vegans and we ask the wwoofers to eat with us in the evening following our vegan principles, other meals you can prepare in the kitchen but always following at least vegetarian principles. In the home and in the garden you cannot use your cell phone but we give you the availability of an ethernet line for those who want to use your computer, we can accommodate one wwoofer at a time and for a maximum of one month in a small room with shared bathroom, whoever would like is welcome to participate in our yoga classes, tai chi, postural reorganization, qi gong. We ask you to keep the premises that you use clean and tidy. We are a 20 minute walk through the woods from the sea and close to the cities of Pisa and Lucca, the lake and the Apuan Alps. The public transport is quite good.
Summer List
This biodynamic farm consists of 4 has of land in the hills with woodland and olives in Orbicciano in Val Freddana and 3 has of fields in the plains where the land is more fertile and easier to work, at Saltocchio near Lucca.  At Saltocchio we cultivate an enormous family vegetable garden so that we never lack for vegetables and fruit in season for ourselves and for the families who buy our produce directly from us. We need help with harvesting vegetables and various other jobs in the fields, and also with caring for the donkeys and in the garden. Respect for nature and social responsibility are the basis of our work, the agritourism is a tool to help us to promote these beliefs. We live where the agritourism is, at Orbicciano about 20 km from Lucca, there is not good public transport, but it is in a very beautiful place with lots of opportunities for beautiful walks. Any trips to the other land are done in our car. We do not have WiFi at Orbicciano but there is a place where we can share an internet line, at  Saltocchio, where we have another house, we have WiFi. Our family is made up of  F. & E. & 3 girls, 8, 6, 5 and a few months. We share all our meals with you but ask for help with preparation and clearing up. Accommodation in a room in the agritourism or when it is full in a tent near the house sharing the bathroom and kitchen in the house.
We are a young social agricultural cooperative formed by a dozen members started in 2011. We have always worked with biological and biodynamic methods, including very different people. We produce wine, oil, honey and vegetables in about 30 hectares and do some gardening. The lands we manage are scattered on the Lucca hills (vineyards and olive groves) and on the plains of Viareggio and Camaiore (vegetables). The wwoofers will give us a hand in the work of the field, of the cellar, to keep everything in order by improving our structure that had long been abandoned. The old stone house that houses the wwoofers is next to the winery and to other families who work with us all year round and who mostly come from Africa. A room with a bunk bed and a bathroom on the first floor are exclusively available. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and a living room with a large fireplace which is also the only source of heat in the winter on the ground floor and which we sometimes use together for lunch when we are not eating in the most distant vineyards or in the olive grove what we prepared at home. For dinner we usually go back to our homes and then see each other again the following morning. Given the proximity to the vineyards and olive groves, the wwoof will be of help in these sectors even though there may be the possibility of going to lend a hand in the garden or in the markets that we do weekly in the city. A few minutes on foot or by bicycle you get to Ponte a Moriano where there are all the services and also the train station to go anywhere. The center of Lucca is about 10 km away and can also be reached by a cycle path that runs along the river to the sea.
A family farm which has been cultivated for generations of about 45 hectares of land, of which 18 are vineyards and 1 is olive grove. We are a young couple and we are the custodians of this land which we cultivate through organic and biodynamic farming; there is a youthful spirit throughout the farm. We are a few kilometers from Lucca. The main activities take place in the vineyard and in the wine cellar: those interested in learning the art of winemaking can follow the stages of cultivation and the processing of the grapes. For those interested in the activities of the agritourism you can participate and help during the wine tastings organized for our guests and work together doing small gardening jobs around the farm. We can accommodate up to 2 wwoofers at a time up to a maximum of one month. Accommodation, which is in rooms in a two-story building next to the office with canteen which is used and shared by everyone, is three bedrooms and one bathroom, lunches are shared but for other meals wwoofers are autonomous and during the grape harvest meals will be eaten with the interns on the farm. We ask you to help with the cleaning of communal areas. You may find yourselves working with people who work on the farm and with the people with whom you share the apartment. The harvest and all types of work are very challenging but carried out with enthusiasm. Public transportation in our area is quite good, there is the WiFi in some rooms.
This is a 50 hectare farm with 25 ha of vineyards, 6 ha olive grove and some pigs, chickens, bees and rabbits. WWOOFers can help in the vineyards, sometimes with the animals, with the grape harvest, with other small jobs on the farm, and are naturally expected to help with household tasks and keeping the farm and their rooms in order. Accommodation is in an independent building, a decadent old house, with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. We share lunch, but in the evening you cater for yourselves (with food supplied by us). Ideally you need to be independently minded. During the grape harvest the farm revives the festive spirit, with many happy people here who are dedicated and work seriously. This is a real farm. We have been Biodynamic since 2002 and organic since 1997. Public transport is not very good in our area. English and French spoken.

We live in Motrone a hilltop ancient village in Tuscany it is 8km away (thank goodness) from Civilisation. We have a small farm of nearly 15 hectare which we are redeveloping a old vineyard and orchards, with bringing in organic vegetable gardens on a permaculture basis...We eat food grown on our land and try and pass on the responsibility of self sustainability. We will show you how to make wine and cheeses and flour from chestnuts in season. Starting and finishing times depending on the seasons, planting and harvesting. For days off we like folk to see the area and they can leave 7:30am on the bus and arrive back Sunday evening and I pick them up from the Railway station, we are a base for visits all over Tuscany, and with Pisa Airport and low airfares all over Europe. The help at the moment is watering, weeding, mulching and fertilising, replanting and cutting firewood But the exciting times are nearly here.., in March we are getting ready for Spring! Pruning olive trees, preparing the land clearing, ploughing and fertilizing. We are really looking for those with Building and mechanical experience or those who are used to manual work ..above all those who can work independently with minimal supervision and have practical life skills. The help requires someone who is reasonably fit and highly motivated and prepared to learn skills. We provide good accommodation sometimes we give you the food and you cook it for yourself ....free and very good WIFI .