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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our family runs this farm in the High Maremma near Montieri (Grosseto), Gerfalco. After having used the farm as a holiday home for years, we decided to start farming, we have 10 ha of land many of which are woodland. At the moment, in particular, we are focused on the restoration of a chestnut wood which had been abandoned for many years in the area of ​​Cornate, a protected area. We produce flour (drying the chestnuts for a month according to the traditional methods and grinding them in a stone mill) and we sell chestnuts. We also have an olive grove and produce organic olive oil. We have farmyard animals and in the summer a vegetable garden. We also want to get bees and start up small scale honey production. Summer and autumn are the times when there is most to do. We are looking to host WWOOFers who are interested in knowing this reality, in an area between the countryside and the mountains, in an area of ​​Tuscany which is still very authentic. For us, the important thing is to share knowledge and a heritage which is being lost and which, in our small way, we try to safeguard. In the house we do not have television or internet ... when we need to connect we go to the village. The house is isolated and the bus stop is about 3 km away. Accommodation for WWOOFers is in an apartment when there are no guests, otherwise in a wooden house near the house with use of kitchen and bathroom in the house. We prefer to accommodate one person at a time (no pets) for a period of 2 weeks. We offer mainly vegetarian food. The preferred language is Italian, but we speak a bit of English and Spanish.
We are a couple (1976 and '73) with a baby (2016). Before we lived in London, a life of office and city, but in 2012 we sought an alternative to a system that did not make us happy. So we started to grow a tiny vegetable garden on the balcony and make compost. We stopped going to the supermarket and started doing our shopping at the markets where only organic and local produce was sold and where we could use our containers, thus drastically reducing waste. We continued on our way with the self-production of soaps and detergents. We learned to make sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, bread with sourdough, etc. We have done courses of permaculture, recognition of spontaneous herbs, phytotherapy, regenerative agriculture and much more. We visited many organic farms, permaculture projects, and cohabitation experiments that inspired us and made us dream. In 2015, we finally found the right place for us in the South of Tuscany, in Maremma, a marvelous still wild place: a land of about 9 hectares, bordered by a river, and without electricity pylons. We have 100 olive trees, of which many are secular, oak and plum trees. We cultivate the vegetable garden and small plots of ancient grains. We experiment in the fields and design our home in totally off the grid bioarchitecture. Meanwhile we live in the village 3km away. We can accommodate one person in a room in the house with us, and up to two people in the caravan on the land. We offer shared meals based on organic and local produce as much as possible. We believe in mutual aid and networking. We are looking for collaboration mainly for maintaining and improving the olive grove, garden care, harvesting and processing of products.

The family consists of myself, my partner ('74 and '69), and our two children (2005 and 2008). Our farm is located at the edge of the village, a small medieval town of about 200 inhabitants and is in a panoramic position overlooking the sea. The farm is made up of several plots of land making a total of 2 has with 80 olive and some fruit trees. We have a vegetable garden, chickens and cultivate saffron. We are making a small campsite which can accommodate up to 12 people. I am a carpenter and my partner teaches yoga. We have a family school with our children. Whoever comes to visit us shares our lives according to the seasons: management of vegetable garden and chicken coop, making bread, preserves, stacking and filling the woodshed, pruning the trees and harvesting olives, harvesting and drying the saffron, cooking Our house is a small detached house a few tens of meters from the land; the accommodation that we can offer is a separate room on the ground floor, adjacent to the boiler room and pantry/laundry room. In the room there is a sink whilst the bathroom is on the first floor (you have to go outdoors to reach it). We can accommodate all year by prior arrangement. Family also speak English, French and Spanish. The sea is about 30 km, the lake dell'Accesa 20 km, Petriolo 45.

We have been farming organically on this farm for 30 years. The farm is located in the province of Grosseto in Scansano, the surrounding countryside is hilly with a lot of woodland. We breed cows and some sheep and have an olive grove. We make cheese and also have a vegetable garden and try to be as self sufficient as possible. We have always been happy to host people who want to be in the countryside and help us with our daily tasks, in this way we exchange our lifestyle with the outside world and vice versa. We ask people who come here to have some interest in our work with the animals, the vegetable garden and olive trees. Accommodation in a room (heated in the winter) in our house or at certain times in a caravan. Minimum stay two weeks, but prefer longer stays. In your free time you can contact other farms in the area and we will be happy to help you explore this beautiful area. We speak a little German and English. Our family is made up of 4 people

Tuscany and the Maremma, the metalliferous hills. For more than ten years, our farm has been synonymous with handcrafted wine, produced in compliance with the living and true expression of the place where it was born, with all its diversity. From the stones of the medieval village of Roccatederighi towards the coast and the sea, vineyards grow at different altitudes, in a landscape of Mediterranean maquis and holm oak forests. In all, 35 hectares of vines that have been grown since 2009 according to the principles of biodynamics. I, (1977), run the farm together with a friend (1980), who is responsible for the vineyards and the winery, we are the referents for WWOOFers who are welcomed into a vibrant and dynamic group, in an atmosphere of constant exchange and shared growth. Every day we carry out the agricultural tasks that put us in direct contact with the earth and nature. You can help in the vineyard with the many seasonal jobs, from the pruning to the harvest through the planting of ground cover crops and the different practices of biodynamic work and also in the cellar making the wine with us. There are also the animals to care for and to help cleaning in the woods, with the vegetable garden and with general maintenance. Accommodation is in Roccatederighi, 2 km from the farm, in an independent accommodation with beds and a kitchen. At noon we have lunch together. We speak English and we manage to make ourselves understood in French.
Since 1980 we have cultivated organically and now we are biodynamic, situated 8 Km. from Pitigliano in a panoramic position on a hillside surrounded by 7 kms of woods. We are a couple with our son of 24 who works with us. We cultivate barley, tomatoes, vegetables, hazelnuts and olives. We also have a campsite (max 25 persons), an agritourism (4 rooms with bathroom) and a large communal room where we serve breakfast and dinner when requested. Help needed with the campsite, agritourism and packaging our produce mainly from Feb. to October. English and French spoken.

Ours is a young organic family run farm which is in continual evolution. Our goal is self-sufficiency in food and energy and the exchange of produce with local farms. We are in the Maremma hills at 250 m above sea level opposite the island of Giglio and Argentario. A daily bus connects our farm with Grosseto and Scansano. We are a couple ('52 and '60) and our children are traveling the world. Our farm is 8 hectares planted mostly with olive trees. We also cultivate vegetables, grapes and fruit trees for our own consumption and lavender for processing into essential oil. We have a small chicken coop, a dog and two cats. WWOOFers can participate in all activities related to agriculture (pruning, harvesting, horticulture, ...), land management, maintenance (dry stone walls, fences, ...) and processing of products (jams, homemade pasta , biscuits, lavender sachets, soaps, creams, ...). We like music, we do not know how to play but have several instruments (a piano) that we can provide. For our guests we have a double / triple room with bathroom, heating and hot water. We prefer WWOOFers to stay not less than 15 days to be able to establish a relationship of cooperation and friendship. We host all year round. 

We are a couple A. and C. ('86 and '82), and soon we will be three! We have a farm about 15 hectares in the hills inland from Grosseto. We just settled down after a few years wwoofing and various other activities. In these few months we have expanded the old olive grove, created a small orchard and our first vegetable garden. In addition to agricultural activities we also rent out three houses adjacent to ours. Since we started the activities have been constantly evolving: we need help both with existing crops, vegetables, fruit trees, olive groves, vineyards and some maintenance spaces around the houses, as well as for new activities including saffron, soft fruit, artichokes and many other projects. We can accommodate one or two wwoofers all year round. Accommodation is in a shared room, in a detached house (if free) or in tents. Meals are shared but we need help with preparation! In your spare time you can take walks down to the bordering river, relax, or visit the wonders of the Tuscan Maremma, we are 30 min from the sea, and 40 mins from hot springs and the mountains (Amiata). A. speaks only Italian but C. speaks some with English, Spanish and French.

We have a small farm surrounded by woods near to Saturnia in Tuscany. We, a couple aged 65 and 64, came to live here with our 2 daughters in 1986 looking for a place to live independently, cultivate the land, and live with our animals. We have been organic since the beginning and we have sheep, goats, donkeys, a horse, and farmyard animals. We have 400 olive trees and a large vegetable garden. We try as much as possible to live from our produce and to be self sufficient. Our daughters no longer live here but often visit us with their children and friends. Whoever comes here can help us prune and harvest the olives, care for the animals, help in the garden and participate in other jobs on the farm (hay, fields, etc.). We are happy to show and teach our daily tasks. Meals eaten with the family, simple good organic food. Accommodation is in a separate house a or a caravan. Stays of at least 4 weeks preferred. English, German and Italian spoken.

We support the land, partially cultivated naturally, the other has been left on its natural path for 20 years to return it to its origins. Today, we are happy to reward its value with a “Contratto di Custodia del Terreno” I, Giancarlo, was born here, my partner, Elisabeth, settled here in 2015. We share our daily life with Beppe, the cat, her friends, Wwoofers who want to dive into a sustainable / sensitive reality and with our friends (peasant farmers). With them, other farms and people in the area, we are counting on building a solid network. We spend a lot of time on this goal which we follow also in our work. We collaborate with other farms by buying / exchanging products to add to those of our modest garden to provide vegetable boxes of seasonal products which we deliver to clients. We do this in the belief of sowing consciousness, awareness and love. We aim to confront ourselves in daily life with consumerism and general impoverishment in order to be less and less accomplices of the present system. You can give us a hand to spread our message and in everyday jobs that are based on this logic as with the vegetable boxes and - according to the season -, the olive harvest -pressing the olives in our olive mill, pruning, care of the garden, making preserves, etc. The meals, always shared, will all be obtained by optimizing and respecting our activity, keeping in mind the local developments. Our diet, which we do not want to label, is based mainly on vegetables. We are located in the heart of our Maremma, 12 km from the next town, Scansano. We want to build strong relationships, so we do not host for one or two weeks. We like requests that reflect this desire and welcome our choices.