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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Conduciamo i nostri terreni secondo i principi della biodinamica. Abbiamo 15 ettari di vigna certificati con i quali produciamo vino Chianti Classico. Abbiamo 2 ettari di olivi con i quali produciamo olio extra vergine. Coltiviamo un orto per l’insieme delle persone/famiglie che lavorano con l’azienda. Curiamo i giardini che circondano gli edifici della fattoria, una parte dei quali affittiamo a turisti estivi. Abbiamo 35 ettari di bosco grazie ai quali ci scaldiamo. Ci sforziamo di conciliare le attivita’ che conduciamo, con il microclima di Monte Bernardi. Michael, proprietario, e’ in particolare enologo e viticoltore con estese esperienze sul campo e in cantina. Ci importa condividere le nostre esperienze. Abbiamo in mente di avviare nel prossimo futuro, una sistemica produzione di compost, alveari, un pollaio. Siamo una famiglia di 4 persone (1975, 1970, 2006, 2010) e ospitiamo in una camera con bagno proprio, che fa parte della nostra abitazione. Un autobus ci collega giornalmente con la stazione ferroviaria di Santa Maria Novella a Firenze. Parliamo Inglese e italiano, un po’ di tedesco.
The farm is located in the hills at 460m s.l.m. and consists of a house with annexes, a carpentry workshop, an organic vegetable garden (to be enlarged) and an olive grove of 300 plants spread over 2.5 hectares. All this requires various types of work depending on the various seasons (from pruning to harvesting, preparation of the land, sowing, various maintenance etc.) Hospitality is in a "private" room in the house and we cook and eat together. I speak Italian, English and German. The seasons of greatest need are winter, spring and autumn. I prefer stays of longer than 10 days.
We are located in the municipality of Greve in Chianti, 3 km from Impruneta. It is a small 10 ha farm with vines, olive trees, sheep, hens, vegetable garden and forest. I work with my sister-in-law and various friends. Our greatest activity is; the production of oil and wine that we sell to organic markets in the area and on the farm where we also sell cheese, eggs and garden produce. We offer you a double room with use of bathroom and kitchen; meals are made whenever possible all together. We look for help in the fields, in the cellar, in the dairy, chicken run and herding the sheep and if you also like on Sunday in organic markets. We speak English and Spanish, and a few words of French.
This is a small farm producing IGT and DOCG wines and olive oil in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, half-way between Florence and Siena. The farm has 15 hectares of grounds (about 37 acres) of which 9 hectares (23 acres) are vineyards and the remainder olive groves and winery buildings. The family consists of Vicky, Guido and 3 kids born between 2001 and 2008, as well as cats, dog and quite often relatives or friends are staying with us. During the year we have quite a few intense moments between vineyard and olive works. We have 3 full-time workers who take care of all big works, but every season brings new challenges that need to be done from vineyard works, labeling in the cellar or simple gardening. We offer a studio room with own bath for one person for 5-10 days.
Our farm is just 4 km from Figline Valdarno train station (trains to/from Florence every hour). For thirty years it has been a hotel and a farm. Our leitmotif are the beauty of simplicity and organic production. Currently there is an ongoing handover from parents to children, at Casanuova two generations are living together., waiting for the third... Our products are wine, olive oil and lots of vegetables for the restaurant. For this reason, at any time of year we need to plant and sow, prune and harvest to keep the land that surrounds us beautiful and productive. We can accommodate up to three/four people at a time depending on the season. In addition to Italian we speak English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.
Farm of 30 hectares of which 20 is woodland, 2 of chestnut trees, 1.5 of raspberries and currants, 2000m2 of vegetable garden and we have 50 old varieties of fruit trees, all situated within the Casentinesi Monte Falterona Campigna forest national park, where P. is an official guide. All the cultivation is carried out organically and we have a workshop where we make preserves etc from our produce or from organic produce from other farms. There is also a small agritourism. Help needed with harvesting and preserving produce. We both work on the farm and we have two children who non longer live here. We try to eat a healthy diet and whilst vegetarians are welcome we cannot cater for vegans. Accommodation varies depending on the season, in the agritourism when there is space or in a room in our house. French, Spanish and a little Portuguese spoken

Our farm is located in the municipality of Montespertoli which is 30 minutes from Florence and 1 hour from Siena. My name is Giovanni Pandolfini (1959) and together with my family we have been moving the farm forward for almost 40 years. I work full time in the field, my wife, Paola (1963) teaches Spanish in high school and helps me when she can. We have two sons; Emilio (1990) lives with us with his partner Yaritza, but they have jobs. Sofia (1997), with her partner Michael, sometimes lives with us, and others, is wwoofing around the world. All of them, participate and help when they can. Our farm is about 10 hectares of which: one hectare of vineyard, about 0.5 of vegetable garden, 1 hectare of fruit trees while the remaining is arable land, forage, cereals and legumes in rotation. We have three cows, a dozen sheep and pigs and 5 hens; that give us milk, meat, wool, eggs and compost. Our production is aimed at self-sustaining and selling surpluses directly on the local market, we do not sell to intermediaries. We practice a natural agriculture, agroecological and we are active in the movements of peasant resistance, Italian (Genuino Clandestino) and international. We welcome wwoofers very willingly, because we like contact and exchange experiences and knowledge. We do not ask our guests for working hours, rather a collaboration and an interest in this way of life. We have available a guest room in our house that sometimes happens to be shared with other wwoofers.
Our home (built in '400) is situated 60 km from Florence and 3 km from the mediaeval town of Palazzuolo sul Senio, immersed in the Tosco-Romagnolo Appennines. With my wife and our son Lucia (1989), we have decided to care for our little piece of land in the most natural way possible. We have chickens and lots of cats, a vegetable garden and we produce, mainly for our own consumption, fruit and vegetables. In the summer we collect calendula and make creams and tinctures. In October we collect chestnuts. When you are here you will discover that life in the country is full of rich emotions and jobs to be done (e.g. making preserves, hay making, repairing fences, clearing undergrowth). We enjoy having people from all over the world (bring photos of your country with you!) and sharing their experiences to the rhythm of Reggae music! We ask for help for 4-5 hours a day to allow you to also have a good holiday. Stays of 1-3 weeks and some experience in cultivation and English spoken.

Our farm has 60 has of pasture, woodland and 500 olive trees, it is also an agritourism with riding stables 20 km from Florence. The guests come here to ride horses. We have 40 horses and stabling for 24 horses, all our horses free range on pasture. The farm is family run , ourselves and our son. F. takes care of the horses using his natural methods and R. takes care of the house. All year we have people who come to work with us for at least 1 month. We have employees and travellers with whom we share our activities, meals and life style. Our farm is organic but is not certified. We would like to share our work with the horses with people who are interested in actively participating. There is always work to be done with the horses, in the stables, pastures, fences, veterinary, making hay etc. We are renowned for the way we care for our horses. We heat our house with wood, and we have a seasonal vegetable garden. Activities: We all work together, with the horses in the stables and pasture, building and repairing fences. Olive harvest (November), collecting and chopping wood, repainting the house, other repairs etc. We all share in cooking and cleaning. Accommodation in shared room, meals eaten together. We speak English & German.

We have a very small family run farm and harvest wild produce and cultivate organically medicinal and edible herbs and fruit (currants, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.) which we sell at organic farmers markets. The house is at an altitude of 600 mtl surrounded by woods yet only 3 km from the village, which is served by bars, grocery, pharmacy, bus stop and so on. The family consists of Sara, Claudio and our two children of 12 and 2, all vegetarian, and our cat. On typical days we harvest wild herbs and fruit and make them into herbal teas and jams, work in the vegetable garden, care for the chestnut wood, restore the old hazelnut orchard, gather wood for the winter etc. all alongside the children. We love culture, nature, music, peace and the simple and humble life in the mountains. Accommodation is in a room in the house, but those who want to can pitch a tent outside. Stays of at least a week.