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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a certified organic olive farm with 2300 trees under our management. They are all terraced into the hillsides around Cortona and have all been abandoned by the previous farmers for at least 7 and up to 35 years. We recover the oliveti over time (we have about 400 trees remaining to bring into production). We are committed to farming organic and producing amazing olive oil - so far winning 30 international awards for our olive oil. We would like to share the perspective of an American who came to Italy, is working the land and trying to bring back these ancient oliveti. My wife and I live permanently in our home in Cortona which has 6 bedrooms and 3 baths. We have a quite large garden that produces both for our house and for some of the things we make such as transforming the flavor of balsamic vinegar from Modena. We are everything eaters, but can offer meals for vegetarians as well. Our town is rich in culture, especially from an Etruscan standpoint with museums inside of Cortona, tombs within walking distance from our house and many walking trails. There is also a bus line within a 5 minute walk that can take you anywhere in our surrounding area. We have a big garden, so we always have work to be done in the garden, and most days during the week I go up to the olive groves and do work - for example mowing the grass, pruning, harvesting. We also clear the land and bring the trees back into production in the grove that we are still recovering from being abandoned since 1985. There may also be some work to be done harvesting our crops and helping with the transformation of our vinegar.
The farm includes an eighteenth century villa and several hectares of land. On these we cultivate an olive grove (with about 800 trees), a small orchard and vegetable garden. I also started beekeeping with a colleague (currently - in February 2016 - with six hives, with the intention to grow progressively). This year we would also like to start our first experiment of Natural Agriculture (Fukuoka) and to integrate beekeeping with a carpet of flowers in the olive grove. At the moment we live here in three (me, my partner and a friend) but we have a dream to become a small community. We host seminars from spring to autumn (from Empathic Communication, led by myself, to other topics led by other people) and we have a bed & breakfast. We mainly need help in the orchard, the vegetable garden and in the olive grove (pruning in spring, harvesting in November and cutting the shoots in the summer, but all year round in reclaiming the land as part the olive has been abandoned for several years. Sometimes we need help with small jobs in the house and occasionally need a hand to prepare the space for seminars. If you have knowledge of Permaculture, Natural Agriculture, construction of yurts and dry stone walling or other interesting things we can start a small project together. The house is in a small village a few kilometers from Arezzo, which can be reached in fifteen minutes by bike (provided by us) or by public transport. The accommodation is in a room inside the villa and we are happy to share our daily life. We cook mainly vegan and vegetarian.

The house where I live (with my son, when he returns from university) is located in a small village of about 15 houses that were completely abandoned and then purchased by a group of people with the intenzione to create an eco village. We are 7km from the small town of Anghiari and is home to 12 families, some of the houses are holiday homes. I have a ha of land with olive trees, an orchard and a small vegetable garden, there is always something to do, work in the vegetable garden, grass cutting, maintenance of dry stone walls, maintenance of the house. We also organize courses and meetings about Ecological Communication, when a there is meeting I also need help organizing the hospitality. Accommodation for WWOOFers is in a tent or caravan (when it is free), and there is the possibility to get in touch with the world of eco-villages, as we are active members of the Italian Network of Ecological Villages (RIVE). English and German spoken,

Our small olive farm is situated on a spectacular Tuscan hillside, approximately 2km from the historical town of Cortona. We started working the farm in 2010 after many years living abroad. We cultivate 500 heritage olive trees for organic olive oil, produce saffron and have fruit trees growing sporadically around the land, wild herbs, vegetable garden and many other natural wonders. We run an ecolabel agriturismo, have two kids, swimming pool, a fresh water stream with a natural swimming pond to refresh during the warmer months and two delightful little dogs. We welcome help from willing workers of all cultures and nationalities with the following jobs: olive picking mid October to the end of November, olive pruning February to April, cutting back introduced plants and weeds, maintaining old terraced dry stone walls, preparing firewood for winter, planting and help with odd farm jobs is welcome all year round. We also welcome help from people with building skills, all guests ready to pull their sleeves up and help with the necessary farm jobs as they arise. We speak Italian and English fluently. Length of stay is organized by arrangement, preferably two weeks or more. Days off can be spent exploring the hills of Tuscany and the many beautiful historical places nearby. We do not host during Christmas, Easter or August. We love food, we are not vegetarian, though we can cater for gluten-free WWOOFers.

My name is Klaus, I am a 49-year-old German who has spent the past 22 years living in this beautiful and remote part of Tuscany. From spring to autumn I run enduro motorbike tours for German-speaking tourists here, and in the winter I work on my land and in my vineyard which is a relatively new project. I share my home with Lena, the best dog in the world! Help is currently required in the large vineyard, tying shoots onto the wires. Also other general outdoor tasks and tidying up outside.
 Helpers would learn about vineyard work and will enjoy the unprecedented peace, quiet and privacy of the location, with no other houses in view and no light pollution at night! This is a magical place for nature lovers. Basic accommodation is offered in private rooms with shared bathrooms. Each room has its own wood-burning stove but no electricity, to get you back to nature as much as possible :-) There is a shared kitchen and lounge which do have electricity. Constant hot water is available for showers. I have my own separate accommodation but we would generally share meals together in the dining room or outside on sunny days. Help with cooking would be very much appreciated. This is a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in this little piece of paradise. Its's half an hour by car to the nearest village although you could certainly walk or hitchhike there when required (not that there is a lot of traffic). I will be happy to take you to the bus in the village so you can visit the nearby city of Arezzo or smaller towns of Sansepolcro, Citta' di Castello or Anghiari. In your free time, there are endless opportunities to walk in nature and spot wild boar, porcupines, deer and wolf trails. Amazing views are everywhere!
My name is Marco, I am 26 years old and I live in the Tuscan countryside near the city of Arezzo. A few km from a national park, one of the most important in Europe where nature reigns uncontaminated. On my farm we have olive trees, vines, bees, poultry and wildlife in the chestnut and oak woods. The farm centre is an ancient castle from which the lords of the past controlled their possessions. Now it is a farm where guests spend quiet days surrounded by nature tasting our products. The works take up all the seasons, in spring all the agricultural work begins, the bees awaken from hibernation and start producing honey, the plants are planted out in the fields and the fruit trees, olive trees and vines must be pruned. In the summer we keep the surroundings of the farm in order, we water and care for the plants and animals. The garden requires daily care and when the fruits are ripe we make jams and preserves that are sold or eaten by us and the guests on the farm. With the arrival of autumn there is the grape harvest, the harvest of olives, walnuts, apples, pumpkins and potatoes. The bees are prepared for winter and the tools used during the year must be checked and stored for the following season. The collection of firewood begins that lasts all winter, while the winter vegetables that we planted at the end of the summer will be ready for harvesting.  The work never fails and I would be very happy to share the beauty of nature, the flavours of our land that we got working, the freshness of spring water and streams where we go for a swim on hot summer days. The heat of a fire in the winter evenings sharing together some warm soup with a glass of wine to warm us up.
Our vineyard is located in Terranuova Bracciolini with our land situated in Loro Ciuffenna (AR, Valdarno). The farm has been owned by the Cannonii family for three generations. From the beginning the land was fertilized using only natural fertilizers and no one has ever used herbicides. Marco, the current owner, is adamant that it is his duty to continue to grow in respect for the land that is now in the family tradition. The wines of our farm enjoy the soil and the sun of Tuscany, you do not need any other ingredient, no selected yeast, no enzymes and no chemicals. What is the secret of the high quality of our wine? There are no secrets except the preservation of the earth where he, Marco, was born, gratitude for the work of his ancestors and a deep passion for his work. The Earth is not ours and was not of our parents, but it is the future of our children. In addition to producing wine there are also 180 olive trees that produce an excellent oil. In a large vegetable garden in front of house, are seeded legumes such as pink chickpea of ​​Pratomagno, zolfino beans, cowpea and various other vegetables for sale and their own consumption and to make preserves. Onkar Singh, Indian citizen of the Punjab region, has worked on the farm for 7 years. Elisabeth Roth, Swiss, and Pietro Baroni of Loro Ciuffenna also collaborate on the farm. WWOOFers can learn here that we respect the cycles of nature and that it already has all the ingredients to bring to your table produce of the highest quality. We love eating fruit and vegetables, but we are not vegetarians.
This is a 40 hectare farm situated in the Casentino valley at an altitude of 500 m where Federico, Caterina and their children Stella and Luca live and cultivate olive trees (400) and cereal and forage crops for their goats, cows and pigs. The main activity is a lot of work! Help needed with; pasturing, milking the goats and making cheese; making new fences for the free range pigs, the vegetable garden, chickens, rabbits, horses and in the agritourism. e have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Help needed all year round, accommodation in double room or in an apartment, English and French spoken.
Our farmhouse, protected by woods and mountains, is located near Arezzo. The place looks a bit forgotten by time, inviting us to live simply away from the computer, television and other sources of electromagnetic waves. Our vegetarian cuisine satisfies everyone. We grow herbs following the school of St. Hildegard of Bingen and collect wild herbs. Help required for harvesting, manual weeding of crops and various other tasks, depending on the needs at the time. We are: Esther, Thomas, with our 2 horses and 4 cats.

I am a little over 60 years old and run this 9 ha farm on my own. It consists of 9 hectares of which 3 are olive grove (550 trees), a small vineyard, chestnut wood, 2 has of pasture and the rest is woodland. The farm has been organic since 1982, when I started. The main agricultural work is from September to April, starting with the grape harvest, then the chestnut, wild mushroom and olives harvests (until Christmas). In January there is wood to be cut in the woodland and then the vines and until the end of April the olives need to be pruned. In the summer I offer rural hospitality and there is a small room available for WWOOFers. In the summer months there is work in the vegetable garden, kitchen and with hay-making. I have one Monte Amiata donkey, a Marremana horse, 4 goats, chickens and some beehives. German, English, French and a little Dutch spoken. Accommodation in room with bathroom. The farm is situated in a small mediaeval hamlet in the hills between Castiglion Fiorentino and Cortona. I am not vegetarian, but I like to offer vegetarian meals. Vegan instead might create me some troubles