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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


The house where I live (with my son, when he returns from university) is located in a small village of about 15 houses that were completely abandoned and then purchased by a group of people with the intenzione to create an eco village. We are 7km from the small town of Anghiari and is home to 12 families, some of the houses are holiday homes. I have a ha of land with olive trees, an orchard and a small vegetable garden, there is always something to do, work in the vegetable garden, grass cutting, maintenance of dry stone walls, maintenance of the house. We also organize courses and meetings about Ecological Communication, when a there is meeting I also need help organizing the hospitality. Accommodation for WWOOFers is in a tent or caravan (when it is free), and there is the possibility to get in touch with the world of eco-villages, as we are active members of the Italian Network of Ecological Villages (RIVE). English and German spoken,

I am a little over 60 years old and run this 9 ha farm on my own. It consists of 9 hectares of which 3 are olive grove (550 trees), a small vineyard, chestnut wood, 2 has of pasture and the rest is woodland. The farm has been organic since 1982, when I started. The main agricultural work is from September to April, starting with the grape harvest, then the chestnut, wild mushroom and olives harvests (until Christmas). In January there is wood to be cut in the woodland and then the vines and until the end of April the olives need to be pruned. In the summer I offer rural hospitality and there is a small room available for WWOOFers. In the summer months there is work in the vegetable garden, kitchen and with hay-making. I have one Monte Amiata donkey, a Marremana horse, 4 goats, chickens and some beehives. German, English, French and a little Dutch spoken. Accommodation in room with bathroom. The farm is situated in a small mediaeval hamlet in the hills between Castiglion Fiorentino and Cortona. I am not vegetarian, but I like to offer vegetarian meals. Vegan instead might create me some troubles
A new farm of young people with many projects for the future. The farm is located inside an ancient Tuscan farm surrounded by olive groves, situated in a quiet and peaceful location. apparently isolated in nature but at the same time only 1 km from the historic center of Monte San Savino, 10 minutes from the train station and 5 minutes from the A1 motorway exit. The farm produces olive oil, vegetables and is experimenting with the production of honey and medicinal plants. Everything using natural methods respecting the environment. The accommodation for the volunteers is inside the main house where the owner also lives, so all we hare all spaces, pool and meals. Volunteers will be able to help with gardening and olive harvesting tasks by participating fully in community life in the countryside.
This is an certified organic farm with 5 hectares of olives groves on a hillside near Cortona, where 3 horses graze happily under the trees. The nearest shop and bar are a 10 minute walk from the house. Work includes; animal care, pruning trees, keeping the fields tidy, fencing, making fire wood, working in the vegetable garden and picking olives in October and November, making jams in September. Most of the work is done by hand. WWOOFers eat with the family and sleep inside the 18th century farmhouse. People who love Art and Archaeology will particularly enjoy it here. Minimum stay a week, excluding August and July. We speak English, French and German.

Our vineyard is located in Terranuova Bracciolini with our land situated in Loro Ciuffenna (AR, Valdarno). The farm has been owned by the Cannonii family for three generations. From the beginning the land was fertilized using only natural fertilizers and no one has ever used herbicides. Marco, the current owner, is adamant that it is his duty to continue to grow in respect for the land that is now in the family tradition. The wines of our farm enjoy the soil and the sun of Tuscany, you do not need any other ingredient, no selected yeast, no enzymes and no chemicals. What is the secret of the high quality of our wine? There are no secrets except the preservation of the earth where he, Marco, was born, gratitude for the work of his ancestors and a deep passion for his work. The Earth is not ours and was not of our parents, but it is the future of our children. In addition to producing wine there are also 180 olive trees that produce an excellent oil. In a large vegetable garden in front of house, are seeded legumes such as pink chickpea of ​​Pratomagno, zolfino beans, cowpea and various other vegetables for sale and their own consumption and to make preserves. Onkar Singh, Indian citizen of the Punjab region, has worked on the farm for 7 years. Elisabeth Roth, Swiss, and Pietro Baroni of Loro Ciuffenna also collaborate on the farm. WWOOFers can learn here that we respect the cycles of nature and that it already has all the ingredients to bring to your table produce of the highest quality. We love eating fruit and vegetables, but we are not vegetarians.
My name is Klaus, I am a 49-year-old German who has spent the past 22 years living in this beautiful and remote part of Tuscany. From spring to autumn I run enduro motorbike tours for German-speaking tourists here, and in the winter I work on my land and in my vineyard which is a relatively new project. I share my home with Lena, the best dog in the world! Help is currently required in the large vineyard, tying shoots onto the wires. Also other general outdoor tasks and tidying up outside.
 Helpers would learn about vineyard work and will enjoy the unprecedented peace, quiet and privacy of the location, with no other houses in view and no light pollution at night! This is a magical place for nature lovers. Basic accommodation is offered in private rooms with shared bathrooms. Each room has its own wood-burning stove but no electricity, to get you back to nature as much as possible :-) There is a shared kitchen and lounge which do have electricity. Constant hot water is available for showers. I have my own separate accommodation but we would generally share meals together in the dining room or outside on sunny days. Help with cooking would be very much appreciated. This is a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in this little piece of paradise. Its's half an hour by car to the nearest village although you could certainly walk or hitchhike there when required (not that there is a lot of traffic). I will be happy to take you to the bus in the village so you can visit the nearby city of Arezzo or smaller towns of Sansepolcro, Citta' di Castello or Anghiari. In your free time, there are endless opportunities to walk in nature and spot wild boar, porcupines, deer and wolf trails. Amazing views are everywhere!
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Farm with a workshop where we make seitan, miso, creams, sauces, wine and grape juice which we sell at local markets. Sometimes we make bread, sweets, tofu and natto. We eat good food and are creative in the kitchen using many cereals and vegetables, but we are not vegetarian. There are 5 hectares of olives, a vineyard, barley, millet and legumes. Help needed all year round: often in the workshop but also in the vineyard, olive grove and fields. Surrounded by woodland, we are 1.5 km from the nearest bus stop, 12 km from Monte San Savino, 35 km from Siena and 30 km from Arezzo. Meals with me and sometimes my three children (22, 20 & 17 ). Minimum stay two weeks. The house is surrounded by woodland and we are 1,5 kms from the bus stop (3-4 a day). Accommodation in caravan or tent near the workshop. I prefer to host 2-3 WWOOFers at a time, and during the harvest even more are welcome! English and Spanish spoken.

Our farm  is situated 35 km north of Arezzo at the foot of 'Pratomagno'. It is an ancient hamlet (which we are renovating) and the ruins of an old mill, surrounded by terraces with dry stone walls, pasture and Mediterranean scrub. The farm is 26 hectares and is there is a large vegetable garden, many fruit trees, an olive grove, pasture and a chestnut wood. We have lived and worked here with our 5 children since 1997 and our main activity is with the bees (120 hives) and a small agritourism. Work in the spring and summer is mainly with the bees and in the vegetable garden, and in the autumn and winter there is renovating and building work to be done. We are renovating the old mill in order to produce electricity. Accommodation in room or small independent house. Meals organic and vegetarian. German, English and French spoken. 

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Our farm is an agricultural cooperative founded in 2013, which carries out agritourism and zootechnical activities, we practice organic farming and we are inside a nature reserve. The place is rather isolated and difficult to reach by public transport, for this reason we are available for any transfers to and from the nearest town, as long as they are compatible with work commitments. We raise donkeys for the production of milk and meat, we raise horses for trekking, and goats for the production of cheese and meat, we are starting to cultivate soft fruit, a vegetable garden and an orchard, we have a workshop for the processing of agricultural produce. The cooperative is made up of eight young people who perform various tasks on the farm according to their skills, working life often leads us to spend most of the day together but not everyone lives on the farm. The experience we offer is diversified as the work is diversified. We all do the jobs driven by great passion and we are happy to share our skills and knowledge to those we host, confident that it is an excellent stimulus to socio-economic change. In spring and summer work on the farm increases in volume and intensity we do not have a work times but we continue the day on objectives to be achieved and it is possible that the schedules are quite flexible. In winter the work focuses mainly on the care of the animals and the maintenance of the days are shorter, but it is not, since we are in the mountains, less intense. We offer an independent accommodation with two beds, it is therefore possible that you may be sharing accommodation, we willingly cook vegetables and dishes without meat but it is not a constant, I think it is difficult from the nature of the farm to be a choice for vegans.
Our farmhouse, protected by woods and mountains, is located near Arezzo. The place looks a bit forgotten by time, inviting us to live simply away from the computer, television and other sources of electromagnetic waves. Our vegetarian cuisine satisfies everyone. We grow herbs following the school of St. Hildegard of Bingen and collect wild herbs. Help required for harvesting, manual weeding of crops and various other tasks, depending on the needs at the time. We are: Esther, Thomas, with our 2 horses and 4 cats.