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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm is situated at an altitude of 500 ms in a cool wooded valley, surrounded by rocky peaks and ridges, sloping down to the sea and beaches, among the finest in the world. There is 12,000 meters of flat land with fruit and olive trees. I do not spend all my time here, but I want to increase the agricultural production for our own consumption and to have a place where musicians, artists and craftsmen can come and also people who are seeking a peaceful serene environment. There is a piano and other musical instruments. The house has offered hospitality for over 10 years, I need help to bring the rest of the olives and land into production, grow more varied vegetables, herbs and organic fruit, especially now before the summer. In September we make jams, and can tomatoes and vegetables. There's always plenty to do throughout the year. I'm not an expert farmer, but the vegetables and conserves have been a success. I speak French, Spanish, English, German, but I write very little. I do not have a  computer, and there is no reception for mobile phones. For information and contacts please refer to the e mail indicated and leave your telephone number (preferably house phone) and I will call you back. There are all kinds of birds, day and night, and hedgehogs, dormice and other wild animals are often my guests. Throughout the valley you can hear the ringing of the sheep, cow, horse and goats bells as they that graze freely all around.

Summer List
My name is Alessandro, I am 27 years old and I started this small self-sufficient farm. As a location I chose Basilicata, in particular a hillside location with good sun exposure but above all with good land to cultivate.  The principle of the project has its roots in my studies on the best lifestyle. Thanks to the help of experts and enthusiasts of agriculture and natural breeding I managed to define a basic idea which I then developed by dividing the path according to the acquisition of various self-sufficiencies. Food, water, energy, economic. I proceeded with the construction of a large vegetable garden for growing various vegetables. An orchard with pear trees, apples, figs, nut trees and some wild berry shrubs. An apiary for honey production. I also built a chicken coop of about 40 square meters which currently houses laying hens, roosters, geese and turkeys. With the collaboration of some friends we are building workshops for the production of hand-stitched leather shoes and woven wool and cotton garments thanks to an antique wooden frame and a spinning wheel. The project, as you can well understand, is very broad ... and it needs helpers with the desire to experiment which does not scare the work in the country. We are always evolving, every day there are new ideas, new goals and new jobs ... The accommodation available consists of a room with shared bathroom and kitchen or are also available camper or tent places in a completely fenced area. It is possible to always eat together ....  The languages ​​spoken are Spanish English and Italian. You work a few hours a day and then the rest of the time you devote to leisure and walking in the nearby woods ..
This organic farm is 35 ha of tillable land, woodland, pasture, a fruit orchard and an olive grove. We transform all of our produce on the farm and we run courses on home production. There is always plenty to do; harvesting fruit, olives, vegetables, in the vegetable garden, fencing, clearing in the woods, cheese, bread, pasta, jam making and helping in the animal stalls. We live in a large house in the village and are happy to accommodate whoever wishes to share our life with us. We speak a little English, French and Spanish. Accommodation in room or mini apartment, meals are totally organic and vegetarian, stays of at least 10 days to a month, for longer stays we will arrange this after we have got to know each other. If you only want to come for a few days please do not contact us.
This is a farm of 35 hectares, situated on a hill at the foot of an oak forest, and protected to the north by a high mountain, Volturino, which comes right down to the stone houses, and there the oak forest stops and there are olive grove, a vineyard, apple orchard and fields of wheat and corn. To the south is the Agri valley, while to the east is the medieval village of Marsicovetere. Finally, there is wild pasture, an underground spring and a magic circle with a large oak tree in the centre. The farm is certified organic by ICEA and in recent years we have also been using biodynamic methods. We have horses and poultry and cultivate forage crops in rotation to help the soil fertility. The farm was also called La terra di Nancy and has been running for 20 years to promote the development of eco-friendly initiatives and human development. On this theme we also organize seminars and workshops aimed at achieving well being and also on the development of organic and biodynamic farming, maintenance of biodiversity, research and testing of energy saving building techniques. English spoken.