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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our small family-run farm which has been organic since 1995 and certified ICEA (AIAB) is 2.2 hectares of which 1.4 hectares is olive grove (with Correggiolo and a few Moraiolo varieties). The olive grove is a lot of work with pruning, manuring, working the ground and harvesting, and in a good year it gives us an income. Up until 2015 we also grew cereals (for our bread) but due to excessive damage by wild boar and deer we have had to abandon this project although we still make bread using a neighbours flour. We also have 17 hectares of woodland from which we cut wood every year for our own use. We have a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Our house is a converted hay shed which we finished renovating (almost!) in 1998 but there are still jobs to be done. We have had photovoltaic solar panels since 2004. We have chickens, including a local breed which is in danger of extinction - Val d’Arno black. Esperanza (Spanish, born in 1957) and Ada (our daughter born in 1993) speak in Spanish, Bruno (Swiss, born in 1957) speaks German, English and French. Public transport comes to 20 minutes from the house but not frequently so we can arrange to collect you from Siena station. Stays of at least 2 weeks in caravan or tent.
We are a group of people who have run this biodynamic farm of 200 hectares together since 1988. We have cows, goats, bees and cultivate cereals and forage crops, vegetables, olives and fruit. We prepare all our products ourselves and are almost self-sufficient for food. We base our work on sharing and follow Christian principles. We ask you to share the same work hours and meals, which are vegetarian. We do not drink alcohol and prefer non smokers. Accommodation in room, please contact us in time to prepare tasks to be done together and bear in mind that we speak almost exclusively Italian.
Our farm is located in the rolling hills of Siena, 15 km from the city, 2 kms from a small hamlet where there are all the essential services and the bus stop to Siena. We're a couple who are over sixty and we cultivate fodder for animals, cereals, olive trees, some fruit trees for home consumption and we are setting up a synergic vegetable garden. In addition to organic farming we also experiment with biodynamic farming techniques; in addition to all agricultural processing and cutting wood in the forest we take care of all general maintenance: shelters, sheds fences, ditches, road, park maintenance around the house, etc. Some horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats brighten our days. Most of the time is devoted to our goats (30) that are milked by hand 2 times a day and graze in the fields during the day and are kept in stalls at night. We also have a small dairy where, however, only people with the correct hygiene certificates can help out. We can accommodate a maximum of 2 people in a double room with bathroom for minimum of 3-4 weeks, besides Italian we speak French.
L'azienda ha circa 20 ettari di seminativo biologico. Coltivo grani di varietà locali, partecipando anche ai progetti di conservazione della Rete Semi Rurali. Coltivo inoltre canapa, grano saraceno, legumi e sperimento nuove coltivazioni. Alcune coltivazioni sono seminate in piccole parcelle per la moltiplicazione del seme e per la sperimentazione in campo. Per queste, semina, mietitura e trebbiatura sono fatte interamente a mano, così come la raccolta dei fiori e delle foglie di canapa. C'è anche un laboratorio dove pulisco, decortico e confezioni direttamente i miei prodotti. Ho piantato un piccolo arboreto didattico, e sto ristrutturando la fattoria con materiali locali e bioedilizia. L'energia elettrica viene da un impianto fotovoltaico appena installato. Con me vive Michelangelo, il mio compagno, che mi aiuta talvolta in azienda, e Duffy, la mia cagnolona. Un aiuto è benvenuto nei mesi estivi, epoca di raccolti e di eventi. Ospito da metà giungo a settembre (durante il resto dell'anno vivo a Firenze e faccio i mercati), almeno per una-due settimane non più di due persone a volta. Gli ospiti saranno sistemati in una stanza condivisa della fattoria, con bagno e cucina comuni. Parteciperanno alla vita quotidiana dell'azienda, condividendo anche i nostri pasti. Mangiamo soprattutto prodotti locali, non siamo vegetariani, ma acquistiamo la carne da aziende biologiche della zona. L'azienda si trova in Val di Chiana nel comune di Torrita di Siena, a pochi chilometri da Montepulciano, dalla Val d'Orcia e dal lago Trasimeno. A Torrita c'è una stazione del treno, a cui si arriva con i regionali da Chiusi e da Siena. A Bettolle c'è un'autostazione da cui partono e arrivano pullman. Ad entrambe possiamo accompagnare i nostri ospiti. L'azienda è vicina all'uscita dell'A1 Valdichiana/Bettolle. Siamo molto vicini alla ciclabile del Sentiero della Bonifica.
4 years ago we took over this rented 13 ha farm, of which 7 is woodland, having completely changed our life style from running a wine bar and restaurant in Venice. It has been a big change for us also as we are no longer young, I am 59 and my partner is 62. We planted 1/2 ha of vineyard, a ha of olive trees, fruit trees and a vegetable garden which is still to be completed - we would like to make a synergic vegetable garden. Next spring we will have a family of bees. We are organic and we have restored the house in accordance with the principles of green building. We have 6 rooms and a restaurant which is open to the public. The farm is reached by 7 km of dirt road, passable by any car. It important that anyone coming here has a car, the minimum stay is one week. We offer accommodation in a room with bathroom, we eat together and share the work in the fields and on the farm. We love to cook, and we have thirty years experience running a restaurant, we also organize cooking classes, an area in which we are very experienced. All we know we share willingly and we are ready to learn and to exchange experiences. We speak a little English and Spanish. We have no animals, except for two cats.

Our farm is of about 15 hectares of land of which a couple are forest, pasture and olive groves. The farm dates back to the Middle Ages, has a large courtyard and several houses. We are in Tuscany, surrounded by the Riserve Naturali del Farma, and the Val di Merse. Our activities are mainly agricultural and tourism. We cultivate an olive grove of about 2 hectares, with 500 young trees which keep us very busy between pruning in spring and the olive harvest in November; a biodynamic vegetable garden, herbs and fruit trees, the harvesting and processing of our products for the production of jams, sauces, and other delicacies; some farmyard  animals: rabbits, geese, chickens and ducks; three donkeys and two horses, two dogs and three cats, which need care and attention, cleaning the stables, feeding, training, making fences etc. In the summer we open a small agritourism with four apartments and a camping area, we have a small pool and a large garden that needs "many green thumbs" and maintenance. We cater mainly to families seeking contact with nature and animals, entertaining our guests is an integral part of our work. We mainly speak German, Italian, English, French, and a little Spanish. We look for people who are responsible, sensitive to animals, enterprising, sociable and with a little experience of life in the country!  Accommodation is in a room with two beds with ensuite shower and wood stove or in a caravan in the camping area with outside bathroom in an idyllic position! There is a bus service from the train station in Siena.

I work here on 7 hectares of land, and I grow herbs for the production of spices. I lead a simple, spartan and very lonely life. The fields are in between woods, 4 km from the town. The day begins at dawn and ends at sunset and you can help me with the various job. These are ... weeding, hoeing, planting, harvesting herbs, drying, saffron ... they are all manual but not heavy. When it's too hot, we relax or cool off in a nearby river. If it is cold we stay in front of the fire talking, reading. I am here on my own with 7 small donkeys that help clean and maintain the fertility of the fields. Accommodation is in a tent or in a hut made of straw and clay. There is not a lot of water. In the summer it is heated with solar panels, in autumn and winter using a wood-fired boiler. We wash clothes by hand and without polluting detergents. No internet and electricity provided by solar panels is just enough for light and charging the phone. The toilet is in the woods (a hole in the ground with a seat). We prepare meals together…. rice, pasta, vegetables, pulses, oil, eggs. I make bread twice a week. Out of respect for the food and for whoever washes the dishes, I ask you kindly to leave your plate clean. I do not smoke, I like a glass of red wine with meals and a cold beer in hot weather. And to look at the stars. The social life is limited to meetings with craftsmen and farmer friends in markets between Siena and Florence, on the weekends every month. I speak German, French, Italian and very little English.
Our farm is situated in the Merse valley 10 kms from Siena, where we cultivate vegetables and fruit. Accommodation is guaranteed in a single or double room with bathroom (sometimes shared with others). The main activity of the farm is with the fruit and vegetable production (cultivating, transplanting, hoeing, grass cutting the 1 1/2 ha. in production). Meals are eaten together and can be vegetarian, also we tend to cook to macrobiotic standards. I (father) live here with my son and 4 cats. Spanish spoken and a little English.
Family run organic farm in Radicondoli, Siena. We hve milk sheep and make raw milk Pecorino cheese with vegetarian rennet using a method from mediaeval times. Extra vergine olive oil, family vegetable garden, make preserves from own fruit and vegetables. Direct sales. Produce nearly all own food for house and guests. Also hold courses on cheese making, traditional cooking, have cheese tastings and on other topics. Help needed with the animals, in the dairy, in the vegetable garden, with the courses organised for guests and other tasks.
This farm is located just minutes from San Gimignano (Siena) and has 10 hectares of woods, a kitchen garden, crops (we use heirloom seeds), a fruit orchard, olive grove of 80 trees, a medieval tower, a painting studio, a conference hall for cultural activities, an amphitheater. Stelio takes care of the agriculture, maintenance, and ensures everything is in order. We mostly need help from March to October but there are also possiblities at other times of the year. One or two people at most, two weeks minimum. We have six apartments that we rent the summer this tourist activity allows us to meet people from all over the world. Gloria deals with this sector she also has a painting studio that she loves to show to interested people The activities consist of small maintenance jobs, harvesting fruit and vegetables, making preserves and jams, maintaining walkways, pruning and watering the garden and flowers. We'd like to start keeping bees would be happy to have people who would be interested in this project. We have two hens and a cat. The accommodation is in a comfortable caravan (with bathroom very nearby), in colder seasons, in a bedroom with bathroom. Preparation for and eating meals are done together since we really like to take advantage these times to exchange experiences and get to know each other better, but sometimes you can enjoy some privacy and organize meals without us. Here we love sharing our experience of cultivating ancient agricultural crops with the history, art and philosophy for a lifestyle that gives top priority to harmony. You arrive at Poggibonsi (a 20 min.) where there is a train and bus station (from Florence and Siena). There is wi-fi. We speak Italian, English & French.