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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are Simona and Danilo and we look after this place with Anthea and Ethan (6 and 4 years old) in the mountains of Palermo in the middle of nature, a half ha of terraced land with stone walls with olive trees, fruit trees, pine trees and two streams. You can reach us by bus from the railway station of Palermo to Montelepre or Pioppo where we can collect you; by prior arrangement we can also pick you up in Palermo. We have almost completed the rehabilitation of the buildings using green techniques, now we try to put into production the land which had been abandoned for over 25 years, by applying the principles and techniques of permaculture and learning the art of "do it yourself" for the construction of a reality in balance with the nature of the place and tending towards self-sufficiency from the local community. We work in the house to complete the restructuring, we prune and collect branches from olive and pine trees, produce wood chips and firewood for warmth in the winter, produce essential oils, we manage the land for fire protection, we harvest the olives, we plant trees, we make bread and we begin to deal with horticulture and beekeeping. By prior arrangement we can offer you a lift to Palermo and possibly hospitality in the city during your free time. We eat genuine vegetarian food and all meals are eaten together. We can accommodate you in a tent (provided by us), in the olive grove where there is a comfortable compost toilet overlooking the valley, or in a room to share with other WWOOFers. We speak English and French. Length of stay by arrangement.

After teaching abroad (UK and Australia) I have for a long time (I am now retired) dedicated myself to the farm that I purchased more than 30 years ago in a very beautiful area, 7 km from Piazza Armerina (EN). It is located within a large nature reserve rich in vegetation and water sources, so it is ideal for those who want an experience of total immersion in nature, both cultivated and wild. The farm is small, 3 ha, and includes an orchard with several varieties of fruit trees in particular many Prunus Mume for the production of Umeboshi, a synergic vegetable garden with vegetables and herbs, citrus and flowers for the preparation in our workshop of 100% natural cosmetics, a nut orchard and a wooded area for spontaneous herbs and firewood. The cosmetics are sold in organic markets in Sicily. WWOOFers are followed by me in all of these activities during the various seasions of the year, the shared daily tasks are varied and interesting. In your free time you can explore the vast area of forests surrounding the farm on foot or by bike or come with me into town for the market or at weekends to visit other nearby towns and in summer the sea, 50 kms away. The cuisine is predominantly vegetarian and organic, and we always eat together in the understanding of the importance of good nutrition for our wellbeing. Accommodation is in shared room because the house is small and we cannot enlarge it owing to restrictions. I have learnt that the minimum useful period for us all is at least 2 weeks. Here no one has ever complained about working too much here or getting bored. Possibility to housesit ( a dog and some cats) in the winter, but only for the entire period from late October to late March and you must be able to come at least 2 weeks prior to familiarize yourself with the whole situation. You are welcome especially if you are in search of adventure rather than a picnic!
We are Enzo and Claudia (both 38) with a son of eight. Enzo lives and takes care of our organic farm every day, located near the Foce del Fiume Belice Nature Reserve. Claudia lives during the school period mainly in Palermo with our son. The main role of Claudia is to close, with the sale of organic products also of other farms, the supply chain that comes from the countryside to the city. Our main activity in the countryside is the production of seasonal organic fruit and vegetables (vegetable gardens, pear and fig orchards, olive trees for oil, two small vineyards, wheat, hay in rotation) but we also dedicate ourselves to the animals that we keep for internal productions and for ... company! Like the donkey Carmelina. We are working in collaboration with a friend of ours a small herd of local breeds of goats that would serve to integrate the work of mechanical means in the field and for the production of self-consumption of meat. Last summer we started a small farm project. Also for this purpose, during the year we make preserves and preparations with our products. We are omnivorous but we do not eat just anything, only organic and local products or purchased through the fair trade channel. Good food and a convivial kitchen are the centre of our daily life. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome. Our activity is family-run, strongly peasant and a supporter of a new rural area. We work to build a new economy, solidarity and relationship. We experience a direct relationship with consumers / citizens. We practice an ecological agriculture based on biodiversity and peasant agriculture. Conviviality is the key to everything. We therefore want to discuss all this, ideal and concrete, with those who want to support us and share with us the toil and the sweat of everyday life.
"Solidarity across borders, against the abandonment of the countryside, for a lively life" - our motto from 1992 (the result of the struggle against the missiles in Comiso and a tie between Germany and Italy ) is still valid today. Our 4 ha of land is located on the hills of the Monti Iblei between Comiso & Chiaramonte Gulfi, with some restored houses which are used for hospitality and private homes. Renate ('57), Pietro ('82), Frida ('87) and Elia ('14) live here. Renate is a painter, cook and artist and has carried out this project since the beginning. Pietro and Frieda are ex WWOOFers who traveled over a year by bicycle and in 2015 became part of this project. In 2017 Renate has decided to spend some time traveling and so Frida and Pietro and their son are taking care of the project. Elia at the moment attends nursery school and takes part willingly in everyday life along with other families with children in the area. WWOOFers can help with harvesting (almonds, carob, olives, Thyme and figs), caring for the land and the vegetable garden, pruning, cutting wood, making bread, jams, conserves and syrups. Whoever comes here finds a simple lifestyle in harmony with nature. Heat and electricity come from solar panels. We believe that attention to daily tasks is fundamental to create the world we desire. We are part of a network of people who support through barter, mutual assistance and exchange of knowledge. Wwoofers (max. 2 persons) are housed in room or a caravan. People with children are welcome. We eat vegetarian meals together. Italian, English and German spoken. Email is not read on a daily basis, immediate information via mobile phone.
This 24 ha farm situated at the foot of the hills was abandoned for 30 years before we bought it in 2005 and our aim is to bring it back to life. It is 6 kms from the sea, 15 kms from Etna, 20 kms from Taormina and 30 from Catania. 100 meters from the farm the train which connects all the villages around Etna passes. Apart from the citrus orchard the farm has been totally replanted and has been organic since the begining, now we are gradually starting to use biodynamic methods. Our main activities, depending on the season, are caring for the 4 ha citrus orchard (clementines and small collection of varied citrus), 2,5 ha vineyard, fruit orchard, olive grove and pomegranate orchard. We have a vegetable garden for vegetables for our own consumption and we exchange excess. We have cats, dogs, 2 donkeys, chickens, turkeys and geese. We have a small centre in the old house and have two apartments there that we rent and are planning to convert more. Our main aim is to find a lifestyle which is different to urban living, all the renovation work has been done with great respect for energy conservation and we have solar panels. We need help in the house, with the animals, in the vegetable garden and sometimes for pruning and harvesting. When we started out we were a group of friends but over time everyone has taken different pathways and only Cinzia and Diego are here now to run the farm. Accommodation in room in the house where we share the kitchen and or in a tent, we prefer people to stay for longer periods. We eat together at lunch and take turns with cooking mainly vegetarian meals, anyone who has a particular diet can cook their own meals. We speak Spanish and some English and French.
This farm, organic for 20 years, is located in a quiet valley crossed by two streams, and consists of 5 ha of orchards (citrus, apricots, persimmons, loquats, and many other species) and approximately 10 ha of uncultivated land. The work includes harvesting, pruning, clearing and in the vegetable garden. It is situated 3 km from Noto (SR). We often go into the town and happily take WWOOFers, although you can also easily walk. The accommodation is in a single or shared room. Stays of at least a week by prior arrangement The meals are macrobiotic and we use only organic produce. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome. We eat together in the large kitchen in the house. Languages spoken: English and Danish.
As artists we learn to live in the country. Ciao my name is Roby, I do not have a farm, I am fascinated by creativity and have made it my job, in 2016 I started with permaculture I have a summer job and live most of the year in the country, but in July, August and September I am not here. Here you will find beautiful coloured hills that offer spectacular sunsets and rainbows, as the stars at night. Activities are: construction using natural materials (mud bricks, straw bales, stones, wood, etc ). The olive harvest from October to December (to make oil, paté, etc.), pruning fruit trees (when the moon is waning), in the synergic garden, seeding grain / old varieties, legumes, beans, peas, soybeans, chickpeas etc .. harvesting grapes (for wine making as it once was, crushing the grapes with our feet, etc ...) and all the fruit that the countryside offers: figs, prickly pears, persimmons, apples, quince, almond, rose hips, etc ... we make jams, cakes, bread, pizza, pasta etc ... all on a small scale for self sufficiency, we collect and cut the wood to keep warm and cook, we eat wild vegetables in season. My land is 60 km from the sea, near the natural park of the Madonie, the station is nearby. The house is small but comfortable, bathroom, hot water, has a bedroom and a shared living room, there is internet connection for email and some research. For any info it’s better to telephone, I speak bad English, and a little French and Spanish, see you soon.
Western Sicily: Our main activity is olive harvesting from mid October - beginning November, for the rest of the year we carry out usual seasonal jobs. Situated at Calatafimi Segesta, a few Kilometres from the Temple of Segesta (Trapani), we are a family run farm which produces high quality extra-virgin olive oil, harvesting quickly and early by hand. Accommodation in the farm house, in double beds, or rooms with two singles, with meal eaten together. Points of interest: temples of Segesta and Selinunte, mediaeval city of Erice, hot springs of the Terme Segestane, Egadi islands, island of Mozia, Satiro di Mazara del Vallo, beach of San Vito Lo Capo, Zingaro nature reserve. We speak English a little French and Spanish.

On this 8 ha farm we cultivate olives and other crops and vegetables in the spring/summer. There is a small Mediterranean woodland. I have a small flock of 20 sheep which free range and they are useful to keep the grass cut! The land and the animals are kept according to the methods of organic farming, the farm is family run with use of casual labour. I am an agronomist and a freelance yoga teacher and for 15 years have concentrated on organic cultivation. I am on the farm all the time during the three months of summer and can host you in a room, when possible, or else in a tent or caravan. We prepare meals and eat together and have a typical Mediterranean diet, we can cater for special diets. Things to do on a farm are countless and varied : 1. Agricultural activities such as pruning and removing the suckers from the olive trees, grass cutting, building dry stone walls, wood cutting, fencing, irrigating olive trees at the start of the spring season, care of the environment around etc. etc. ... 2. Construction activities, such as restoration and maintenance of existing buildings There are many other activities apart from the agricultural ones that I plan to be implement in the near future; social and educational agricultural projects, harvesting of plants for therapeutic purposes or for craft activities (production of chairs, baskets, felting), informal hospitality, courses in yoga, meditation, etc. . I ask for a help especially during the following periods : - From July to September, for the care of the olive trees in the olive grove and orchard  - From late October to December for the olive harvest. I also want to restore the existing farm buildings, so people with skills in this are very welcome. We are in the Nebrodi Park, where the different varieties of oak trees form extensive forests, nearby is Lake Ancipa, Lake Regalbuto , Monte Soro, the Biviere Cesaro, etc. The Tyrrhenian coast is 60 kms away by car through the thick woods. The farm is on a hill at an altitude of about 650 ms, the typical medieval  town of Troina is located at an altitude of 1,120 mlm and in the summer holds numerous events and festivals. 

Our farm is located in the hills overlooking the Golfo di Castellammare. You can get here by train or bus to Partinico or Alcamo. I live here with my husband and our two children, my parents and the family of N., who works with us on the farm. We cultivate about 17 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and arable land from which we produce wine, olive oil, vegetables and fruit. We have been organic for more than twenty years and we are always open to new environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Help is always welcome especially during the olive harvest (October and November) and grape harvest (September). We also need help with pruning the vines and fruit trees, removing suckers from the olive trees, transplanting and sowing vegetables. Accommodation is in our house, in an independent room with bathroom. We eat all meals together, using mainly vegetables, grains and legumes and any help is welcome in the kitchen. We are in the heart of western Sicily: Palermo, Trapani, Segesta, Selinunte, Monreale, the Zingaro Nature Reserve are within easy reach. We like the idea of sharing with others the place where we have decided to live. My mother is American, my husband is Finnish, N. and his family Albanian and we like the idea of having the world come to our house! We speak English, Spanish, Finnish, Albanian.