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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.

Emilia Romagna

We have run this farm, agritourism and restaurant for 8 years. We chose to live a life in contact with nature and the rhythms of nature, also because cooking is my greatest passion. We have 8 has of land where we cultivate soft fruit, from which we make jams, pastries and also eat fresh in the restaurant. Saffron which we work in in March, re-plant in July and harvest in October, fruit trees which are harvested during the summer and early fall, and we then make the fruit into into cakes, juice and jams. We have a lot of lavender from which we get dried flowers and essential oil, it is harvested and dried in July. We have a garden with vegetables for ourselves and our restaurant and 2 labrador dogs, Sale and Pepe and 2 cats, Chilly and Ginger. Last but not least are our chickens who give us fresh eggs every morning. The house has 4 bedrooms and a small restaurant where we host people who love nature, relaxation, good food, wine and the peaceful surroundings. We have gardens around the house and some woodland that needs maintaining. In spring and autumn we organize 5 day cookery courses in Danish and English for groups. The farm is run by myself and my partner. We welcome people who want to take part in our life, and all aspects of our day from the kitchen garden to the animals, maybe also at the same time learning & teaching something. We prefer hosting couples. Own room with private bathroom in our house, we always eat vegan friendly meals together and look forward to meeting you. We speak Danish, English and German.
This farm is located at 500 m.s.l.m. in the Tuscan Romagna, we care for forests of oak and hornbeam, pine forests and about 10 ha of arable land, a mixed orchard, lavender and various aromatic hedges. We can only accommodate volunteers during the summer months to help with the weeding (by hand) and harvesting of herbs, care of the fruit and mixed vegetables. We speak English and Spanish.

Small organic farm of 7 has located on a hill in the municipality of Borgotaro (between Parma and La Spezia), in a W.W.F. reserve. We grow vegetables (in open fields and in a greenhouse), soft fruit (blackberries, currants, raspberries, gooseberries), lavender, fruit trees and we harvest wild plants as we live in an uncontaminated area. We have a chicken coop with about 20 chickens, 3 horses, a donkey and 3 goats (and if their pregnancies go well we will have double this number!). At Easter time we are hoping to start a campsite with Yurts with structure which can be used as a dining room. We ask for co-operation for all agricultural activities, depending on the period these will vary from the planting of orchards, harvesting and processing of vegetables, fruit and berries, distilling the lavender, packaging of wild herbs and with the daily care of the animals (feeding, collecting eggs, etc.). Accommodation is in a room or tent depending on the season, meals are eaten together (we are not vegetarians but happily cater for vegetarians). There is no public transport and the nearest village is 8 km away. There is a railway station at Borgotaro. We provide bikes and are willing to give lifts in the car. For people with cars we are down a I km unpaved road. Usually, depending in the work that we are doing we ask for help in the mornings and the afternoons and one whole day are free., Stays of at least 2 weeks to allow time to get to know the routine and benefit from your stay. English spoken. Free Internet access. We look forward to meeting you,

The farm is situated in the Apennines at an altitude of 500 ms. We are a family of four and we all work together on the farm, each according to our own time and abilities. We breed donkeys, sheep, goats and other farm animals. On the farm, which is also an educational farm, we carry out different activities depending on the season: mainly teaching in the spring; care of the vineyard, trail maintenance and harvesting of fodder crops in summer, the grape and chestnut harvest in autumn, pruning, collecting firewood, restoration and maintenance of equipment and tools in the winter. Whoever is interested in helping us can do so depending on needs of the moment and according to the agreements. Our workshops are aimed at schools and groups of families ranging from sensory pathways and experimental archeology . The meals were usually cooked and eaten together. You can also do your own cooking. Accommodation is in private rooms with a shared bathroom with our children . Shops, bars and post office are within 2 km, pizzeria and bank are located 6 km. About 30 minutes drive away there are cinemas, pubs and shops of all kinds. There is free wi-fi and use of computer. French and English spoken and some Spanish.

Ours is a small family run farm. We are in Cadelbosco di Sopra, 10 km from Reggio Emilia. The landscape is typical of the Reggio plains, fields of cereals, grass and vineyards. On our farm we have chosen to concentrate on the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, such as peaches, plums, apples and strawberries. All the jobs, from planting, growing and harvesting, are done by hand, as local peasant tradition has taught us. What we produce, depending on to the season and the weather, we sell directly to consumers through the farmer's market, local fairs and from the farm. We think that the desire to return to nature, which is in so many people, should also include eating a healthy and seasonal diet. My wife (50), my son (24) and myself (55) in my spare time work the farm. We started this farm five years ago and together with our two other sons (17 and 29) meet and share the work and experience. We can speak French and English but we believe that life together as extended family means also that you learn the Italian language and with it our spirits. And for this reason those who want to come and spend some time with us, share our cooking, which is typical of Reggio Emilia with fresh vegetables, pasta, meat and all the dishes that come to mind on based on the produce available at the time. The accommodation is in our house and we can accommodate 2/3 wwoofers. Our house is on the edge of the village with a bus and tram service you can easily reach the city of Reggio Emilia, which full of history, pleasant and modern.
Ciao, we are Lorenzo (35) and Barbara (40), Miriam (8) and Iris (4), living in the hills of the altitude of 600, surrounded by wild woods rich in biodiversity. We live 1 hour away from Modena, and 50 minutes from Bologna by car. From our house, you can overlook the beautiful landscape of the Appennini. There are some hiking trails nearby if you are into hiking. Ten years ago after finishing studying as herbalists, we started to work with herbs. Through Nature's teaching we try to place cultivation in harmony with the landscape around, taking inspiration from natural farming advice, from ecological gardening and from the principles of permaculture. We also try to create an orchard of medicinal plants and useful herbs. We harvest wild herbs and also cultivate some. We make herb remedies, drinks (tea, juice, beer), jam, vegetable preserves that we bring weekly to local organic markets in Bologna to sell. There are some cats and chickens with us. We cook and eat with wwoofers everyday, using vegetables from our garden, also making pizza, bread, and yogurt. We are not vegetarians but we eat very little meat. If you enjoy cooking, we welcome you to share with us your cooking from your culture and the knowledge of your tradition. Help needed in particular in Autumn, Spring and Summer. Jobs include attending the vegetable garden, harvesting wild herbs, helping preserving herbs, preparing for the market...etc. We have two rooms and a caravan for wwoofers. Minimum stay is one week. Wwoofers have one day off during a week. To get here, you can take a train from Bologna to Bazzano where we can pick you up at the train station.
Ancient hamlet situated in a panoramic position at an altitude of 750 m in the in the Piacenze mountains, near to interesting artistic sites in peace and silence. 24 hectares (16 ha woodland) which is 100% organic where they cultivate forage crops, saffron, trees and vegetables. In 2013 they will opened a small agritourism, have teaching facilities and do cultural activities. They are cinema, art and nature lovers who want to host people from different cultures to exchange ideas and experiences. They have a small recording studio. Help needed with grazing the animals, grass cutting, firewood, clearing in woods, harvesting fruit (making jam), chestnuts, weeding, gardening, in the future also in the kitchen and with guests. In their free time they make fantasy films for tourism and other sectors. and they also have a small recording studio. Accommodation in room or occasionally in tent. Minimum stays 15 days. French and English spoken, can cater for vegetarians.

Our farm is in the province of Modena about 8 kms from Rocchetta di Guiglia. On our 5 ha farm we cultivate vegetables and fruit using organic methods. The jobs to do are planting, cultivating and harvesting produce and we also have some jobs to be done in the synergic vegetable garden and areas around the house. Accommodation is in our house, meals mainly vegetarian and organic, we speak a bit of Spanish. Help needed from April to November and length of stays are by arrangement. The area around us is hilly, good for walking and relaxing in, there is a nearby park, Rocca Malatina, which is well worth visiting, we are also near to Bologna and Modena.

We are a young couple, and we have recently moved to the Emilian Apennines to start our project: we want to live as much as possible in harmony with nature. Right now we are restoring a small family vegetable garden, an orchard, woods, fields and preparing to have a small herd of goats. We are also renovating our house and hope to start a B & B. Officially we are not yet a farm and we still do not have animals. We would like to share the beginning of this project with WWOOFers who are willing to help us in the various construction and carpentry jobs, and also in the garden, the orchard, woods and paddocks and with housework. We offer accommodation in rooms shared with any other WWOOFers or alternatively in a caravan. For those who prefer we also have plenty of space for tents. We will eat all our meals together and although we are not vegetarian we eat very little meat. Our home is a place for those who want to stay in contact with nature, take long walks in the woods and enjoy the peace all around us. There is a small stream nearby where you can swim. The train station is 7 kms away and from there you can catch trains to the famous Cinque Terre (1 hour). We speak: English, Spanish and French.

Ciao this is a farm and forest located 50 km south of Bologna in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in the municipality of Castel d'Aiano. We have been hill farmers for several generations and have a free and cooperative spirit. There are 40 has, 15 of woodland, two chestnut woods 12 meadows and pastures, a soft fruit orchard and a vegetable garden. Here is a summary of some of our activities: - biomass energy obtained from the forest (production of wood chips for eco-boilers) - we rear Mora Romagnola pigs, Dexter cattle, Suffolk and Bergamasca sheep - we process our meat weekly using traditional butchery methods - run the farmhouse restaurant with accommodation where we serve excellent food and wine typical to the area - participate with a stall at fairs and festivals of the Bolognese Apennines - Recovery and transformation of the chestnut wood - we have plans to make a vegetable and herb garden - we collaborate with a social cooperativere Etabeta. The WWOOFers can participate in the following activities: spring summer: planting, transplanting and weeding in the garden, harvesting in the orchard, caring for the animals and agritourism activities, gardening, In Autumn cleaning and harvesting of chestnuts, winter pruning and cutting firewood, accommodation in double rooms with bathroom, we prefer single more mature people.