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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our farm, which has always been organic, is situated 7 km from Urbino and is run by us, a couple. We have cows (10), pigs (60), rabbits and chickens. All the animals are free range. We have chosen breeds that are in danger of extinction (especially the Cinta Senese pigs). We also have facilities for the preparation of our meat on the farm. We are not vegetarian, and only really speak Italian, but happily accommodate all nationalities. Accommodation in a room in the house or a good tent in the summer, meals organic. We do not have an agritourism by choice - the farm is much more important than tourism, no swimming pool.

Our farm is located in Polverigi, a small town in the Marche hills 20 KM from the Conero Riviera and with a beautiful view of the Apennines. My name is Gabriele and I live here with my partner Rozi, we are starting to revive this land about 3 years ago, leading a simple life following the rhythms of nature. We mainly grow vegetables without the use of chemicals, selecting our seeds year after year and trying to conserve varieties that are being lost over time. The other daily activities are the chicken coop, the bees, the olive grove periodically and small maintenance work on the house. Our diet is vegetarian, we eat what our land offers us season by season, we can host in a room with multiple beds up to a maximum of 2 people for at least one or two weeks. We speak English and Spanish quite well. In this country life there is a need for sharing, cultural exchange and ideas to be able to improve and always learn something new, (also from you !!) this was the reason that led us to join this association and to share with you the beauty of a rural life!
This is a new biodynamic 5 ha farm in the hills a few kms from Cingoli. The project is based on the principles of permaculture. We have a secular olive grove, worms for compost and keep bees following the principles of Warrè. We are a family of 2 people, 1 dog and 1 horse which grazes freely under our olive trees. We have a small kitchen garden, collect blackberries for blackberry jam, make candles with beeswax and we have many other projects on the go. We have a yurt where we live in the summer months. We can offer accommodation in a tent (from spring to autumn) length of stay by prior agreement. There is a compost toilet and an outdoor kitchen but we do not have electricity or internet. Our farm is a quiet place where we spend time working on many projects and take care of nature. We are 1 km from a small village where you will find the basic necessities and public transport. Nearby there are large forests and many beautiful trails for hiking and mountain bikes. Everyone is welcome as long you love the nature and living in close contact with others. Currently we do not live full time on the farm and both work part time outside, so a degree of independence is important. We speak Italian and English.
On this farm we offer you the chance to learn about and experience saffron cultivation. Our family run farm is certified organic and is situated 400 m above sea level far from any town. We live in a old stone farmhouse which we are renovating. Working with saffron is VERY repetitive work and all done by hand and for this reason is not to everyone’s liking. Planting, weeding, and then harvesting are generally jobs that people only find interesting for an hour or so. There are a few other jobs to be done such as clearing the land, repairing fencing, nothing difficult. Depending on the time of year you wish to come we can teach you different aspects of saffron cultivation, we can host people only 1) in spring for short periods of up to a week 2) from June to beginning of September and from mid October to mid November.. We have WiFi which you can use with your own computer. We cannot host children or smokers. We are not vegetarian but can cater for vegetarians. We are 50 km from Pesaro railway station and 10 minutes from the bus stop. Rimini is the nearest airport. You must be able to speak English and we prefer to have non Italians to have a cultural exchange, one of us speaks excellent German.

Since 1973, I have organically cultivated one hectare of land near the Parco del Conero (Ancona) and my aim is to be as self sufficient as possible. In the 1980s, we built the small house in which myself, M. (my wife) and our daughters S. (’76) e G. (’91). and grandmother now live. We have a large vegetable garden for family use, 48 olive trees, a small vineyard, legumes, 50 fruit trees, chickens, beehives, 3 small dogs and 4 cats. Part of the land is a semi-wild field of red clover, Lucerne, clover, chicory and wild edible herbs -to create humus and to have a low spontaneous winter garden. I am also a seed saver. I have a small workshop where I make useful objects for the farm and to recyle useful materials. I teacher creative manual tasks voluntarily at a school in Ancona. When available we eat our own produce. Accommodation in a small wooden house or self built dome for 1-2 people, preferably for 2-4 weeks or longer during the warmer months. Apart from needing help with projects on our small piece of the planet, we hope to find friendship and share cultural exchange which will enrich everyone's lives. A little English and French spoken, please contact me via e mail.
Seven years ago we left the city to move to the country. Our farm is located in a village 10 km from Pesaro. We have renovated an old farm house following the techniques of green building using natural materials and local and renewable resources (wood from the forest, rainwater, sewage treatment on site, composting of organic waste from the kitchen, cutting grass, animals). The house is surrounded by 2.5 hectares of land, half of which is woodland. The rest is cultivated with olive trees, fruit trees, vegetable garden. We sell oil and olives, fruit in small quantities, eggs; we produce jams, preserves, liqueurs. Our garden is about 300 square meters, we grow it in permaculture. We have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks. Since last year we have included the bees, with the help of some neighbors and we have have two donkeys. We like cooking, we adapt our food to what the garden, our land offer us. Our dream is to develop a closed-cycle company, where every element is useful to another, including us. We speak English and French well and like to exchange ideas, experiences, languages ​​with people from other countries. We have two girls born in 2012 & 2015. We will be happy to share our home and work in the countryside, especially in summer and autumn (May-November).
I live in the country by choice and practice natural farming. I grow about 11 has of old varieties of grains and are experimenting by tilling the soil as little as possible. I transform our wheat into high quality flour that we sell at local markets and to buyers groups. I have a traditional vegetable garden, one run on the principles of "Fukuoka" and a synergistic one. I am inspired by the concepts of Permaculture. I experiment, harvest herbs, flowers, wild and cultivated fruits to eat fresh or preserve. I make bread and cakes for our own consumption and for local markets. I have a subsistence economy, and I am inspired by the ideals of complete self-sufficiency. I have a lot of hens, six sheep (currently only for meat … we are waiting for the right moment to  start making cheese) and eight cats. I would like to accommodate motivated people who want to experience life in the countryside. I welcome longer stays. I use wood for heating and cooking. I live on a beautiful hill surrounded by old oak trees and have a large olive grove, woods and fields. I love art, music and developing communication. I am part of the group of 'Seminasogni'. Besides Italian I also speak English.

Hi! Our small farm (14ha) is located in the beautiful Marche hills and has been totally organic for more than 20 years. We are in the district of Verdicchio but we do not produce wine: we are involved with sustainable cooking at km 0 in our farm workshop. Part of the job is the preparation of buffets and tastings with our products, emphasizing seasonality, spontaneous herbs and local produce. Another part of the work is the care of the orchard, the harvest of wild and cultivated herbs and perennial herbs, the maintenance of the wood and collecting firewood, harvesting cherries also to make wine. We have a large glass greenhouse, first used for producing flowering bulbs, now used for cultivating seedlings, we have didactic farm activities, tastings, private events, musical and cultural evenings, for musicians we have a piano, guitar and bass. As well as myself, Carla, the owner, lives here with my three children, Mark, Anna and Irene, 27, 25 and 24, who are studying and collaborating in the work on the farm. In addition to Italian, we speak English and Dutch. As pets we have a cat, two dogs and farmyard animals, laying hens and sheep. Our house is in the open countryside and is about 1km from the village of Staffolo. The nearest large town is Jesi, about 20 km away. Activities throughout the year are many and often varied so everyone can find jobs suited to their abilities. Among the projects under construction there are: - improving the chicken house - designing a water reservoir for irrigation - realization of a new olive grove and extension of the orchard.

We live very simply in an old house (reachable only by foot) surrounded by woods, with 5 hectares of land at the foot of Mount Igno (1440m). By choice we do not have electricity - for cooking and heating we use a wood-burning stove. There is a spring near the house where we collect our water. We are a couple with children (born 2005 2008, 2010, 2012). We need help all year round for various activities: in the vegetable garden, with the bees (we have 5 hives) with firewood, harvesting fruit, making jam, baking bread, maintaining the house. We are mainly interested in sharing our chosen lifestyle with other people. Meals are vegetarian, using organic produce from the garden or collected from the wild. Accommodation in the house or in a tent. We reply promptly to all letters. I practice yoga. Children welcome. French, German, a little Spanish, Esperanto and English spoken.

This is a small wild estate located in Sappanico, in the outskirts of the city of Ancona, the capital of the Marche, the place is reachable by buses from the city centre or the station, the stop is 500m from the house. Immersed in the countryside in a short walk you reach a hill that gives you a glimpse of the sea. The land is surrounded by woods and pastures, bordered by the small but charming botanical garden of the University of Ancona. I am Claudio "Caio", I am a Permaculturist and craftsman. I practice regenerative and conservative farming, the land of about 3ha is surrounded by and full of trees, there are vines, olive trees, fruit trees, walnuts and hazelnuts and so much spontaneous vegetation that I harvest and preserve, besides having a small vegetable garden for our own use there is a vineyard, olive grove and orchard. The food is predominantly organic and vegetarian but I have no prejudice against omnivorous and vegan diets. The works to be carried out together are agricultural and handicrafts, the latter will be aimed at arranging the future guest area and to house volunteers (clay stoves, bio-building renovation and building) and finally help to keep the house clean. In the bakery we make products that are sold at the local organic markets. The accommodation is autonomous in two caravans with heating, plus a room in the house which sometimes which cannot be used if it is rented. Sometimes we help in other places belonging to friends with whom we share cultivation and activities.