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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


My husband and I breed alpaca in the Valle Sacra, alto Canavese, we are at 1000 mt surrounded by chestnut and hazel woods. We have an alpaca farm, our main activity is animal welfare, including care of the pasture, maintenance of stalls and fences, weed eradication, storing manure and daily care. The spring is the time to shear the alpaca. The fibre, which is very fine and of high quality, is then worked by hand using ancient instruments and with full respect for ecology, up to the packaging of the soft balls of wool with the wheel spool. During the summer there are the births and new born to care for. Our business absorbs us completely, and there is not much time for social life. We have a couple of vegetable gardens that allow us to consume vegetables grown using the principles of permaculture. The only fertilizer used is alpaca which has superb qualities. In the autumn we take care of our forests and prepare the wood we will need next year to warm up. In addition to alpaca we have three dogs and two cats. In this area telephone communication is difficult and discontinuous, we do not have wifi and we try to moderate contact with electromagnetic waves. We can accommodate people who would like to share with us the days in an apartment where there is a large bedroom with a good view, with bathroom annex, below a kitchen. What we want to propose is meeting new people with the mutual exchange of knowledge and reality and also to teach the ancient art of spinning wool.
We are Laura, Paolo and our four children. We live in Bibiana in a farmhouse at the foot of the mountains overlooking the Pinerolo plain. We have about fifty beehives, a cherry orchard in production, a growing apple orchard, scattered walnut and chestnut trees, some crops in the hills, chicken run, family vegetable garden, geese and a pony that helps with the work. Laura is forester and teacher, Paolo is an agronomist and integrates business with lessons, professional jobs and projects in the field of environmental education. Looking for a more sustainable agriculture and way of life we ​​have gradually abandoned the use of synthetic products in plant care and this year, after the conversion period, we are certified organic. The farm is small and, since it was born as a beekeeping farm, it does not have much mechanization. So many jobs are manual or with small mechanical means. Trying to reconcile agronomic training with the fascinating ideas of M. Fukuoka, we are interested in permaculture experimenting with it in the vegetable garden and on the arable land. We have transformed a part of our farm into camping for tents and picnic area (we are on FB as Agricampeggio La Tadea). We host Wwoofers in a separate room with bathroom. We ask for collaboration with harvesting and with maintenance of crops and the apiary. At least one of us speaks some English, French, Spanish and German. Wifi available.
I'm Anna, this place was born from a life choice. I stopped living in Milan in technology closed in a room to create video advertising. I studied permaculture and regenerative agriculture. I looked for a piece of land that seemed to me suitable and cheap. And I started my transition in 2014. I was 54 years old. Three wonderful children. And a great desire to live a truer life. As a girl I had participated in the creation of an ecovillage in Argentina run by a research theater group. I knew I could live in an isolated place, frugally. I started to grow vegetables and now my garden is about 2000 square meters and every year that passes is always richer in life and produces vegetables much appreciated by supporters who buy them, mainly in Milan. I am looking for people who want to share this experience, made up of work, human relationship, resilience, culture and art. If you choose to come, I'd like you to stop a few weeks, after a first week of trial. We mainly work the garden where only manual tools are used. We also prepare macerations and we are starting to produce solutions of local micro-organisms. I'm not a vegetarian but I almost never eat meat. Nutrition is naturally based on vegetables from the vegetable garden! We cook in turn and willingly. I'm ten minutes by bike from the town center and the train station. But here there is a lot of peace, we are close to a forest and you can see beautiful stars. In the weekend, friends from the surrounding area or from the cities often come to visit me. I willingly welcome people from different cultures and languages, I can speak a little bit of English and Spanish.
This small family run farm is situated in the Colli Tortonesi hills in Piedmont near Avolasca, a small rural village in the countryside, halfway between Genova and Milan, surrounded by woodlands and wild countryside. We mainly have a vineyard and produce wine but also have a vegetable garden and a restaurant at the weekends. We are a Belgium and Italian couple with a child (born 2002) and are very open to having people of different nationalities here. Accommodation in small apartment with kitchen but usually we eat meals together. No smoking in the house and you need to get to know the animals before you can look after them! We have a bicycle you can use and a bus stop nearby, but there are no buses on Sundays. We ask you to be adaptable as we all have many different activities. Stays of up to 1 month, English, French and Dutch spoken.
Ciao! For more than twenty years, I have chosen this path of experimentation and self-sufficiency with respect for the environment and for animals. I have a donkey, chickens, cats and a funny little dog Lino. I live in a house in the Piemonte Apennines at an altitude of 500 ms in a panoramic position surrounded by woodland and bordering Lombardia, Emilia and Liguria. The place is peaceful and quiet and offers a direct and constant contact with nature, it is located about 1 km from the town (with a daily bus service, but not on holidays). This is not a farm but a family smallholding. The jobs we do all year round and for which we need help are: in the organic kitchen garden, greenhouse and orchard, all for our own consumption pruning hedges, maintaining fences, the house and garden, care for the animals and cleaning their shelters. I host WWOOFers in 2 independent rooms with shared bathroom, internet access. All meals are shared, I am not vegetarian but am curious to try new types of food/recipes, I eat almost exclusively organic products. I like to have WWOOFers as I would like to share this beautiful place, it is important for me that people who decide to come are seriously interested and motivated, responsible and have respect for the environment and with relationships for the common good. For one year I have welcomed two African teenagers waiting for asylum recognition, together we are carrying out a small project of production of organic eggs; I will therefore not have much availability for other meetings and exchanges but I leave my farm on the list for those wwoofers who need a place to stop in these parts.
The drive to integrate the benefits of urban life with the desire to go back to our origins has given life to the idea of ​​an innovative educational farm: R.A.M. Roots in Moncalieri. We are a group of 6 (2 brothers and 4 friends) who have decided to share their passions, knowledge and dreams together. Everyone has their own duties. We live in a beautiful farmhouse in the Moncalierese hills, immersed in the greenery of the 'Collina Po' park, a UNESCO World Heritage site 15 minutes from Turin. We have a Brewery and Educational Farm. The farm is of 15 hectares: 2 horticultural crops, 1 barley, ½ hops, 1 Italian heirloom fruit orchard and the rest is wood. We have goats and sheep and make cheese, a henhouse, 30 hives with which we produce honey and derivatives, a small fish farm of carp and an Agricultural Brewery, BAM (we produce 100% of raw materials). We grow vegetables in and out of the soil (hydroponics and aquaponics). All resources, as well as waste, are reused in an integration cycle that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes production and benefits for the community. We are inspired by the principles of biodynamics and permaculture both in agriculture and in everyday life. We are founding members of the "Diramarsi" cultural association that promotes cultural and artistic events linked to sustainability on the farm. Depending on the season or availability, we offer a room with a shared bathroom or a tent in the garden in front of the house. Meals are shared together using all our own produce. We will choose together with our guests, according to their passions and skills, the most appropriate activities to do. We like to teach but also to learn.
Family-run 7 hecare organic farm (certified ICEA) in Piemonte, Monferrato. Their main produce is wine and hazelnuts. Situated 3 kms from the village, 15 km from Alessandra and 100 kms from Milan, Turin and Genova. The farm is very busy all year round and the owner always works with WWOOFers. Meals mainly organic (meat and vegetables) but can cater for vegetarians. Have two children 2004 and 2008. Jobs to be done: pruning, wood cutting and maintenance work (winter); in the vineyard (spring); the hazelnut harvest (August); the grape harvest and wine making (September) and all year round in the vegetable garden and garden. Possibility to help out at markets. Accommodation in room with bathroom, meals with the family. English and French spoken.

We are a biodynamic farm of 26 hectares in Piedmont 1 km from a village of 300 inhabitants, Tassarolo, 6 km from Novi Ligure. We grow mainly vines from which we make 8 different wines, some without sulfites. We work some vineyards, the forest and the garden with three French Comtois horses. We also run courses on agricultural work with horses. We have just started a sustainable self-sufficient project on production of vegetables using animal traction. We are inspired by the agricultural practice of Rudolf Steiner on which we hold a study groups and we have contributed to the founding of a Waldorf school nearby. Our philosophy is "GOOD, CLEAN AND RIGHT". We love and respect all animals, including insects.A few rules: 1. respect the children, try to be a good example for them; 2. respect animals; 3. cigarette smoking only outdoors or indoors only with others who smoke. No use of soft drugs during the entire stay both at leisure and at work. We do not accept people who in their private lives use drugs or drink alcohol in large quantities. 4. alcohol you drink at mealtimes in moderation and not during working hours. As we love animals, we limit as much as possible the consumption of animal protein. Positive people who want to contribute to a positive change in the reality of our society are welcomeVisit our web site!

We are a couple who run a small Bed and Breakfast, situated at 1,100 m, in the woods of the Cozie Alps. We are 6 km up from town and about 50 km from Turin city centre. We have recently taken over the nurturing of the family’s two large organic vegetable gardens from F’s parents who live next to us. We also maintain small herb plots, flower boxes, and the grounds around our building. We need help with all aspects of gardening and grounds maintenance. Depending on the season there are always various types of work to be done from woodcutting and building projects to hiking trail and building maintenance. During our busy periods, we may teach cooking classes, which you can participate in, if you are interested and we can always use a hand with the dishes. Accommodation is a large loft with 2 twin beds in our main building, which has high-speed Internet connection and your own private bathroom nearby. Walking and mountain biking tracks are accessible from our doorstep. We can accept one WWOOFer, from April through November, preferable for a minimum of 3 weeks. We may consider 2 wWWOOFers July through September. Meals are eaten together and made with love from scratch. We are native tongue English and Italian speakers. F. also speaks French.

In the heart of the Valle Grana, one of the 14 alpine enclaves which uses the Occitan language, we aim to practice agriculture and use old peasant farming traditions. The main activities are the breeding of Piedmontese cattle, the cultivation of vegetables, hay, work in the forests and the processing of the wood needed for winter heating. The family run farm, which consists of the stone house, barn and tool shed, have been renovated keeping the original features and is now our home. Surrounded by meadows, that produce fodder and vegetables, the barn and the hut house a couple of donkeys. The animals, from spring to late autumn graze outdoors. A minor part of the farm is located in the lower valley; other vegetables are grown here surrounded by a small orchard, chickens, rabbits and four goats. Most of the products grown are for our personal use or are made into preserves which we use in out 25 place restaurant. The goal is to breaking down as much as possible a chain that in the last half century has changed structurally farm life, with the conviction that it is from the earth that changes happen. A separate room in the house is available for guests who can help in the activities related to the different seasons and with baking. French is our second language, with English we try to get by.