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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


35 years of love for the land and nature poured out at this point, 1 km from a beautiful sea that has seen all that M. Cristina has done and will tell you during a swim at sunset: You can wander in a beautiful Forest of food and herbs, inebriated by the Mediterranean essences, you can help in natural vegetable gardens and orchards, you can sow, plant and prune, you can learn how to dry herbs for teas and make jams and marmalades. The wind will explain to you the rest when it caresses the leaves of the trees and your thoughts.

We have 1 hectare of land with 20 olive trees, 25 fruit trees, traditional and synergic vegetable gardens and 3,000 m2 of flat land which we plan to cultivate with Mediterranean marquis and blueberries. Accommodation for a max of two people in house, with own bathroom and private space. In the summer we make conserves, in the winter blueberry juices and liqueurs. The olive harvest is at the end of October. Spanish, French and a little English spoken.

We have two separate plots of land one of 16 ha and the other 70 with mainly Mediterranean scrub. We breed Sardinian donkeys, there are 26 at the moment, 2 horses and a mule. There is a small caper cultivation, (about 40 plants), 2 small orchards, figs, azerole, sobs, jujube, pomegranates etc.), 50 pear trees grafted with old Sardinian varieties, and two young synergic gardens. We also have chickens (O-shamo a Japanese breed and a Congolese bantam which highly resistant to disease). You can also learn dry stone walling and construction methods such as building with earth. We speak English, French, Portuguese, some Russian and Japanese. The two plots, 40 minutes apart by foot, are 6 kms from Alghero and are very isolated and so you need to be nature lovers and happy to live in a isolated place

This farm and agritourism is family run and by 4 members of the same family. It was founded in 1996 and is located in the plain of Ertila in the countryside of Bitti (NU), 900 meters above sea level and at the entrance to the Tepilora Park. It is 15 kilometers from the nearest town (Bitti) and the bus runs twice a day. The main activities, as a farm, are the breeding of pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, horses and poultry, and the cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables. As a farm we offer our guests our products prepared and cooked by us. Given our vocation we do not have a mass influx, so we can meet the demand by preparing directly on the farm products such as fresh pasta, biscuits for breakfast, cheese, yogurt, jams, liqueurs, sausages and other products as they were once made. All our productions follow seasonality, therefore our work is regulated by time: from January to July we provide for the milking of sheep, goats and cows and the transformation of milk into cheese; in May the vegetable garden is planted and cultivated until November; etc. We are also educational and social farm, so we cooperate with schools of all levels and with associations of people with disabilities. We also operate in the field of job reintegration of people on the margins of society. We have 5 bedrooms and a large area used for camping where we host both campers and campers. Pets are allowed only and exclusively if kept at bay by the owners themselves. Wwoof members will stay in a tent or caravan. They will have full use of the toilets and of the washing machine. We would prefer that our guests do not have any food intolerances.
Our farm, in the hills overlooking the sea, is a project in progress towards self-sufficiency. Since June 2010 we take care of an orchard and various vegetable gardens, hens and cats, applying our knowledge of permaculture and natural agriculture. During these years we have built a house in green building, organized self-production courses, workshops with children and numerous initiatives related to the care of the land. In the spring of 2016 our son arrived and we are still learning to reorganize agricultural work in balance with family needs. Everyday life flows through different activities: take care of orchard, vegetable garden and hens, make bread, pasta, jams and many types of pesto, natural construction, meditation, music, crafts and pleasant surprises. We work without ever forgetting that the care for the earth satisfies the soul and creativity & agrave; free your mind. We are happy to host long-term wwoofers with whom we work together to create sustainable projects. We offer accommodation in the house or tent, healthy and vegetarian meals. A smile and love for nature are essential! We are in the Gulf of Orosei, east coast of Sardinia, 45 minutes from Olbia, 2 1/2 hours from Cagliari, 1/2 hour from Nuoro and 2 from Alghero. We speak: Italian, Sardinian, English and Spanish.
Ciao everyone, my name is Antonello. A few years ago I moved to Sardinia, a magical land .. Slowly I'm creating a meeting point for those who want to come here to spend their free time and more. Among the rocks and olive trees of Gallura there is Mount Ruju, located on a hill overlooking a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. In this typical old Sardinian farmhouse I have some apartments, 8 hectares of land, a small part of which is cultivated in organic vegetable gardens and animals. I would like to share with you the work and pleasure of Monte Ruju, the help I need is to take care of the wellbeing of the animals that live here, horses, dogs, cats, hens etc .. Work in the vegetable garden, sowing and cleaning. Pruning trees. Artists and creators who wish to leave a mark of their passage are welcome. The work is done together as well as sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists etc. We can be together and create a good understanding for everyone, everyone can eat what they want. For accommodation I offer a room consisting of 2 single beds, kitchen, bathroom and living room shared with me and my partner. In your free time you can do what you want, rest, walks, ride horses, sea .. It is preferable to have a means of transport for your free time. I hope in some way to have been able to make you imagine Monte Ruju .. friends we look forward to getting to know each other .. A hug to the world of wwoofers that are really a beautiful reality of life.
Our farm produces dried aromatic herbs for the kitchen and for teas, on 2-3ha (Demeter certified). The main jobs for which we need a hand are weeding and harvesting. For the weeding we use the tractor (driven by Pietro), the donkeys and the hoe. Many harvests are by hand, certain types of herbs are cut with a mower. The dried herbs must be prepared and this requires a lot of manual labour. According to the abilities and preferences of the helpers they can also do maintenance work on equipment and buildings. Wwoofers sleep in a trailer and eat with us. As a family we are Pietro, Beata, Sahira (born 2001) and Milena (born 2005). In the fields Gianni has done the work for 20 years with 1-2 helpers.
We have been members wwoof for five years in which time we have hosted over 50 wwoofers, now, after a break of three years, we want to continue our successful experience as hosts. We live on a small farm 12km from the sea in the valley at the foot of Monte 7 Fratelli. We grow olives, grapes, fruits, vegetables and herbs. We currently have a chicken coop, recently we recently stopped breeding pigs for family use. We make oil, wine, jams, preserves and cold cuts, bread and often make pasta and desserts. Our daughter, her partner and our (soon to be 2) grandchildren live nearby. They too are farmers, have a flock of sheep and a horse. For some years we have been a social teaching farm - we host groups of children and adults who come to do workshops on the use of medicinal & dye plants, on the cultivation and processing of vegetables. We love the opportunity to learn and transmit knowledge, love people, plants and animals and to share what we are and what we do. We built our house with clay (adobe) with the help of our guests. We aim to grow our own food and be self sufficient in energy, we have photovoltaic panels for heating and hot water. We have good relations with our neighbours and exchange help also with other WWOOF hosts.
We are a couple of pensioners, lovers of nature, the outdoor life and good, healthy food. For this reason most of what we eat is produced by ourselves. Vegetables, fruits, olive oil, we mill our durum wheat, and with the whole wheat flour we make sour dough bread and bake it in our wood oven. We have some bees, who give us their honey, a few chickens, three dogs, four cats and 3 Tibetan goats. The foods that we produce, even if it’s only for family use, requires much time and dedication. We live in the village; on our land, three kilometers away, in addition to the orchard, vegetable garden and the animals, all surrounded by trees and Mediterranean bush, we have a small house of 52 sqm. It is fully furnished and with all facilities, if required we can provide two bicycles. We love to have people to share the various experiences as well as having the necessary help, we intend to also pitch a large tent. We would like to welcome everyone but speak only Italian, so we require that you have a minimum of knowledge of our language. We are ready to accommodate individuals or families, for periods to be determined, vegetarian or not, you will all be welcome.
Ciao, myself, my wife and our two kids, (5 and 3 years old) run this farm of 54 ha of which 15 is woodland north of Lake Baratz. We live in a small self built wood and cork house, with a room for guests with outside bathroom with a moon carved on the door. We have chosen to do this as a life choice, to live an alternative and self sufficient lifestyle trying to stay close to the things that really matter in life. We have a lot of land but we only started a short time ago so don’t expect too much! We grow vegetables, make bread, cheese and many other products. We have 2 horses, 10 goats, 20 chickens, 10 geese some beehives and a couple of ducks. You'll be able to eat a lot of fresh eggs for breakfast!. We are certified organic and our main crops are wheat, hay, oat, barley and peas. We have lots of projects to realize, most of all an Agriturismo, a sort of rural hotel, and have a goal to start a community, for which we are looking for partners in our beautiful corner of the country. We need help for a lot of tasks - depending on the time of the year and the particular needs of the time. Most of all, working in the forest, carpentry, the garden and building fences. You can see the sea from our land and it is 10 mins away by car, 30 mins by bike or 1,30 hours walking. Alghero airport is 15 min away, with flights to and from many European cities. The city of Alghero is 20 km away and Sassari is 35 km. The nearest towns are Villassunta & Santa Maria La Palma.