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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our farm is situated on Monte Grappa at 1360 m above sea level. We are 5 people, two sisters, our parents and little Natan of 5. We grow mainly fruit and vegetables for consumption in the agritourism (vegetarian and home cooking). We have retired horses and also breed horses free range, have a school of natural/ethological riding, farm workshops for children and adults, summer camps for children and retreats into nature for adults. We harvest herbs, plants and wild and cultivated flowers to produce flavored schnapps, herbal teas and preparations for personal care and for the environment. We are building a processing workshop for preparing cakes, baked goods, jams and pickles and have many other projects we want to try. Wwoofers could help with all the activities listed above (request more details if interested). The farm covers approximately 17 ha of pastures, meadows, orchards and woods. The animals on the farm are: horses and ponies, a donkey, cows, hens, dogs and cats. Accommodation in a room in our house with shared bathroom, or in the campsite. Places to see nearby: Ossuary Cima Grappa, Bassano del Grappa, Asolo, River Brenta etc .. (ask for more detailed information if needed) Minimum level of English spoken and written, but we have the desire to practice. We decided to undertake this adventure to get to know people and share experiences and knowledge. For us it is a new idea which we are curious to experiment with!

Our small family run farm is worked by us and our two children live here (students), two friendly cats and 10 chickens. The farm is situated in the plains at the foot of the Bergonze hills near the Igna river where you find Agate stones, from which we named the farm. We grow organically fruit and vegetables which we sell from our farm shop. In the agritourism we makes jams and preserves and offer simple vegetarian/ Mediterranean meals using our own produce. We run a country school and organize courses on cooking, vegetable growing and have "Felice Decrescita" meetings. We would love help in the two synergic vegetable gardens and with making an 'l'orto della vita' a vegetable gardening using more rustic varieties of plants. We are also planting a path of forgotten fruits with 300 varieties of fruit trees. We have a natural art display and use the reconciliation circle. Accommodation in a little apartments with three beds, next to our house. We need help in September for the grape harvest and making preserves, you can also participate in my vegetarian. cookery courses. We do not smoke and only speak Italian. '

This farm was born in 2012, or rather it is born from our idea of ​​being able to live with a bit inventiveness in a difficult terrain such as in the mountains on the border between Veneto and Trentino: the plateau of Asiago. We started without land, machines, animals, we first of all we rented a property of over 4 ha, with woods, meadow, pasture, officinal plants and potatoes. The farm is based on three main activities: beekeeping: honey, propolis, wax, bee therapy; Officinal herbs: we started with mountain saffron, we now cultivate various species, but above all we harvest and transform a series of spontaneous plants; teaching….. we are qualified as natural environmental guides and we practice the profession both through Rural Tourism and the Didactic Farm. We accompany about 3,000 people a year, telling the history, nature and products of our territory. An important part of the work is the transformation of produce into syrups, preserves, herbs, jams, creams, salts and sugars and some cheese. Wwoofers would be required to take part in all phases of the chain, from field to harvesting, to working in the workshop, sales, depending on the season. Our family is happily omnivorous and none of us smokes, but we all welcome those who want to express their needs with the utmost respect for others. We welcome people from all over the world willingly to exchange experiences and knowledge. In the vicinity of the farm there are areas of particular historical and natural beauty: the mountains of the Asiago plateau, the Lagorai, the small Dolomites and there are many remains from the Great War. Within a short distance you can visit art cities like Trento, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Padua, Venice.
This is a small family run farm where with the help of my parents we run about 7 hectares of vineyard and 1 of olive grove at Cereseto. I am currently a member of the social winery in the village of Breganze but in the future I intend to make specialist wines. In fact I am dedicating my body and soul to the project that have I created and I wish to achieve: to rediscover old varieties of the local vines of ​​Breganze saving biodiversity and protecting a priceless heritage that the mass production of wine has almost completely erased; to rediscover, plant and make wine from 6 ancient varieties: Gruajo, Pedevenda, Marzemina white, Ottocai, Groppello Breganze and Vespaiola. Obviously spending so much time in the vineyard I have also put down roots here so hosting WWOOFers would give me the opportunity to travel standing still, bringing people here who are doing what I have always loved to do and that for obvious reasons I now cannot do: travel! I practice biodynamics and I want to gradually enlarge this practice to all vineyards. I have 2 dogs, Vento & Petra, and two cats, Mario & Peste. My village is right in the centre of the foothills of the ‘alto vicentino’, between Bassano and Schio, beautiful places in the hills and the neighbouring villages of  Bassano, Marostica and Schio. In addition there the Asiago plateau 12 kilometers away.
Our farm covers about 12 hectares and is totally organic and located in a beautiful valley at the foot of the Berici mountains and specializes in the production of particular VITALI vegetables. To a lesser extent we produce fruit and eggs. We sell directly in markets. We organize Vitale cooking classes in which I explain the latest research on nutrition conscious, as well as many practical examples of vitale vegetarian cuisine. I have renovated my large house and have several rooms to host max 2 or 3 wwoofers. My goal is to create an efficient eco village where you can practice all the theoretical knowledge about healthy life away from chemicals. The area is called Val Liona and here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes with the ancient "valley of mills", ancient villas, pathways, former quarries or caves, lakes and more ... Spoken languages: Italian and a little English.
This 5 ha vineyard was founded in 2000; it includes the Selva vineyard, at an altitude of about 430 m with volcanic soil, where we grow merlot and pinot noir grapes, and the Sant’Urbano vineyards, where in the limestone terrain at an altitude 250 m we cultivate vineyards of Garganega, tai red, chardonnay and pinot grigio. The whole family - Gianfranco and Francesca, with Julia and daughters Monica - is dedicated to the care of the farm, always following biodynamic principles, respecting the land and the seasons, and we produce natural grape juice for a wine which does undergo any chemical treatment. In the summer we host interns from the agricultural school in Lonigo. On the farm we also have two dogs, two horses and some chickens. In addition to viticulture and cellar management, we are grow vegetables, from time to time we make cheese and salami and organize wine tastings, the WWOOFer is welcome to participate in all of these activities. We are not vegetarian, but we respect and admire the choice to not eat meat. Accommodation is in a self contained apartment with kitchen next to the farm. The farm is a 10-minute drive from the town centre, Trissino. The whole area is served by public transport (bus) and from the station you can reach Vicenza Trissino (40-45 minutes), Verona (1 hour) and Padova (1 hour). However, given the distance between the town centre and the farm, we usually use our car.
Farm with about 6 hectares of land where cereals such as barley, wheat, maize and vegetables are grown, in particular asparagus. Our specialty is the processing of cereals for the production of BEER with a 500 litre plant. We produce 6 types of beer, the activity consists of producing craft beer, ripening, bottling, labelling, packaging and storage. We grow vegetables, in particular asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. We have a space for the sale of beer and an old porch with tables where customers can enjoy drinking it. In the brewery we also hold courses for brewing beer, essential techniques are explained and all are practiced together. We also organize parties in our restaurant, with Vollay and table football tournaments. We are looking for dynamic, enterprising wwoofers who want to get in shape. Our farm is located in the province of Vicenza, near Bassano Del Grappa. From here you can reach the cities of Vicenza, Verona, Marostica, Bassano del Grappa and Venice by public transport, all beautiful cities to visit on free days. Possibility of taking walks on the banks of the Brenta river which is 3km away. With the mountain bike it is also possible to ride along the plains or in the local hills.
There are two of us on the farm, Michele (1986) and Rachele (1996). Rachele has left to do Civil Service and will be replaced by our friend Simon (1984). The main activity is the production of vegetables and processed products (tomato sauce, etc.), secondly fruit and eggs, we also grow corn and wheat, the only animals we will have this year are chickens. The help requested will concern field work, sales and self-production: manual hoeing, transplanting, harvesting, cleaning vegetables, conservation. We cultivate about 5000 m2 divided into 3 plots, of which 1800 are owned, the remaining are on loan. The fields are 100 m away from the house, the other 2 plots are located 1 km from the house. We accept children, but you must know that the house is adjacent to a fairly busy road. For the same reason, we advise against bringing dogs. At home it would be preferable not to smoke. The diet is mainly vegetarian. It can also be adapted to other needs [vegans, celiacs, etc.]. The wwoofers will have an independent house at their disposal and also wanting the camp to put up a tent. The area is hilly, you can go hiking and bathe in the river. We are close to Asiago, Bassano del Grappa, Schio. To take the bus you have to walk about 1 km; during the weekend we can accompany you to the train or elsewhere. We speak English well and a little French.
My name is Giandomenico my farm is located in the high plains of Vicenza near the pre-Alpine area, Monte Pasubio, Asiago plateau, can be reached from the railway station of Vicenza, with the bus in 30 minutes. I live with my partner, I have 3 dogs, 3 cats and 12 hens. I've been cultivating with organic methods for 25 years now, I produce apples, pears, plums, apricots, ancient cereals of local varieties, I transform my grains into flour and bread, I transform a small part of the apples into juices, I sell all my products directly, through markets, or from the farm. It is the third year that I enrolled in Wwoof, I consider it as well as an important help for me, a unique human experience. People are housed in my house, in a large attic with bathroom, the dining room instead is shared among all. In general, those who come to visit me in my farm mainly help me with harvesting fruit, processing the fruit, with harvesting and drying of the wheat, weeding and in the sale at the markets. I speak a little French as well as Italian and of course the Veneto dialect.
This farm is in the Colli Berici hills and has 27 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, arable land and some woodland. We are father and son (1996) and our horseriding activities mean there are often other people here to share our daily life. In addition to the horses we have 2 dogs, some hens, rabbits and a family vegetable garden. Activities here are varied and may involve pruning, tying up the plants, the grape harvest, wood cutting and harvesting the olives. We have a riding stables and give western riding lessons; we work primarily with children and this requires a certain sensitivity, adaptability and dignity. The tasks to do are diverse: mucking out the stables, grooming the horses, feeding and maintenance of fences, grasscutting ..... We are happy to teach you how to ride and care for horses. We need help mostly from March to November. Accommodation is in the house and there is also the possibility to camp. We speak very little English and hope that you will be interested to learn some Italian. We eat lunch together but you will sometimes need to cater for yourselves in the evening using the kitchen and food provided by us. We are on the border with the province of Verona, therefore you can visit Lake Garda or the cities of Verona, Vicenza and Palladio.