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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This is our and our 3 childrens’ (2005, 2010 e 2016) farm and life project. The house has a magnificent view over the Padana plain and we are restoring it to its original state (artists are especially welcome!) using green building techniques. We hope that you will help us to bring this farm back to life, rebuilding with us the neglected barns with straw bales, cleaning the dry stone walls, planting, in the synergic vegetable garden. We also have some chickens, 3 dogs, 4 cats, a tortoise and 3 beehives! We make honey, cheese, sourdough bread baked in our wood burning oven, jams and juices, and other products using local wild herbs which we would love your help with. The area is full of paths for walks or mountain biking, and nearby you can visit Bolca, the Ilasi valley, Giazza and Verona is 35 kms away. Vegetarians and omnivores are welcome, accommodation in shared room or tent as preferred. We speak good English.
We are looking for people now to help in the garden, with foraging and planting shrubs. This farm is made up of two properties: 1) on the Padana plain at Casale di Scodosia and 2) at Battaglia Terme inside the Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei - Ca Vecchia. 1) The farm (26 hectares) consists of the outbuildings of the 7th century Venetian villa Correr and is an oasis for wildlife. A forest of oaks, hazelnuts, walnuts, ash, alder and paulownie covers half of the land. A hectare is kept for the wildlife. Twelve hectares are cultivated with soya, maize, wheat and lucerne. In the vineyard there are chicken and goose houses, and between the kiwi vines is the shed for the donkeys, cows and sheep. The rabbits have their own fenced area outdoors. This is also an agritourism and farm school. 2) Agriturismo Ca Vecchia consists of 50 hectares of woodland in the Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei 1 km from Catajo Castle, which the agritourism was once part of. There is a nature reserve within which is the "Erbario del Monte Ceva". English, French and Greek spoken.

This farm has been going for many years and has always been organic. Over the years there have been important agricultural, social, cultural and artist projects here, now it is a co-housing project where many families live. It is immersed in the countryside and surrounded by woodland, cultivated fields and two small lakes. Our main activity is with growing vegetables (especially Radicchio), caring for the woodland, with the animals (chickens and donkeys) and with teaching and social activities. We are 8 people of varied ages, every couple has their own private space but we have a communal dining room where we eat together and other rooms dedicated to artistic and cultural events. The cohousing began as a response to an individualistic model of society where loneliness seems to be rampant. Our intent is to support each other and to share the daily aspects of life. Accommodation in a room in the house. Help is always welcome with our project. Between all the members of the co housing we can speak English and French well. Meals vegetarian or mixed. We are 3 kms from the town centre and the station of Mogliano Veneto from where you can catch a train to Venice in 20 minutes.

This 4 ha farm is situated at an altitude of 800m facing the Dolomites. We, Isabella and Eugenio, have a B & B for people who enjoy the peace and quiet of this area, and cultivate vegetables and Lamon IGP e Gialet beans (Slow Food), potatoes, squash and apples using organic methods (certified ICEA). Help needed with preparing the land and seeding in April, May and June, with transplanting, harvesting and organic treatments from July to October, with selling our produce to people who come to the farm and with collecting firewood which we use to heat the house in the winter. The chickens, rabbits and other animals need to be cared for, the plants need watering and the areas kept in order. We are vegetarians and prefer people to smoke outside. We collaborate with a network of other farms "Dolomiti Bio" and an old dairy. We speak English and Spanish and a little French. Accommodation in a comfortable loft or a caravan, meals are eaten together. There are mountain bikes you can use. We collaborate with other WWOOF farms in the area.

We are family, parents (1956) & (1961), with our two sons, 1997 and 2000. We have lived in this house since 1995, once we had finished renovating the house we started working the 8.5 has of land. The land is terraced with woodland and olive trees, there is a small fruit orchard and various vegetable gardens. We have always been organic and we have been certified organic since 2001 BIOS. We offer accommodation and meals with a total of 10 bedrooms. In 2008 we built a wooden house according to the criteria of green building, in this house we have a kitchen where we prepare our produce. We have 2 horses, 12 chickens, a dog and 2 cats. We would like to share our lives with 1 -2 people, accommodation is in a room with bath or in our house. In summer you may have to sleep in tents. We eat meat every now and then, don’t drink alcohol, and smoking is only allowed outdoors, we speak English and French. The jobs that we would like to share with you are: maintenance of dry stone walls, terraces and cleaning trails, hay making, in the vegetable gardens, olives, pruning, firewood, animal care. We are close to the centre of Verona, to Lake Garda and the Lessini Mountains. The bus stop ​is 4 km away while for those of you who enjoy hiking, there is easy access to the European route E5.
This is a 18 hectare organic farm where we produce mixed cereals and vegetables and also breed horses and donkeys, have a fruit orchard with old fruit varieties and a synergic vegetable garden. Situated within easy reach of Venezia, Padova & Treviso, the nearest bus stop is 1,5 kms and the train station 3 kms. Other interesting sites include la Laguna, the remains of the ancient city of Altino, the walks along the river and a bird sanctuary. The farm is also the seat of an association which promotes organic cultivation and awareness. I live on the farm my partner (who is here 2 days a week), two helpers and others. The farm building are still being renovated and accommodation is in tents or in a shared communal room where you can sleep in a sleeping bag. Help needed in the vegetable garden, with wood cutting, fencing, with domestic jobs and preparing meals. I ask your patience with the fact that we cannot always work alongside you. We are interested in the training of animals, their use in agriculture and Pet therapy. We are interested in construction using green methods, straw bales, clay and other natural materials and we are hoping to transform the farm into a social and teaching farm. We speak basic English, are vegetarian and non smokers. There are no children on the farm. Minimum stay 2 weeks.
We are a couple (1959 & 1954) with our daughter (1992), respectively psychomotor therapist, journalist and university student (home only occasionally due to studies), have this small farm organically certified (ICEA). We alternate our professions with the 2 ha farm where we have vineyards, an olive grove and orchards and which is located in the Val d’’Illasi 20 km from the centre of Verona. We are new to organic farming and we love sharing our knowledge with others. We are also part of the Val d’’Illasi Gas, a group with whom we share critical consumption choices for a more sustainable lifestyle. There are jobs to be done on the farm all year round: we offer a double room in our house, sharing the family bathroom, and we welcome people who have chosen to be vegetarian. We have a very docile and playful dog and 3 cats which live in the house. We have hosted WWOOFers from different countries and are interested to increase our knowledge of the different of other parts of the world. The town is 20 km from Verona, with public transport to the railway station and the airport. We speak school level English and French.

This farm is located on the hill above the town of Santa Maria in Stelle. In this ancient rural court live two families, two dogs and two cats. The main productions are Valpolicella wine grapes, olive oil and vegetables grown in the fields. The total area of ​the holding is 6.94 hectares, of which 1.8 Ha are planted with vines for wine, olives 0.35, 0.15 for the vegetables, the rest is forest. The farm has been certified organic since 2000, is run part-time by myself, an agronomist consultant for organic farming throughout Italy. My partner is the director of a technical school. One of our sons, born in 1987, works in agricultural development projects in Africa, the other (1991) studies food technology in Padua. WWOOFers live in the house and share the family's life and work in the fields. We like to eat good, genuine food with little meat but we are not vegetarians. We are passionate about baking bread, making salami and preserving fruit and vegetables for our own use. We also have 5 beehives. This year, my oldest son has opened a new organic viticulture farm, taking over an old vineyard with a rustic annex of the seventeenth century. For those interested, there might be a chance to help him.

This small farm is situated in the hills at an altitude of 500m and surrounded by the Dolomite mountains. The deer share our vegetable garden with us! We are about 2 km from the nearest village. Mel, a nearby ancient hamlet, Belluno, Feltre, Cortina and Misurina (an hour and a half by car) jewels of the Dolomites with lakes and trails are all interesting places to visit. We need help maintaining beds in the synergic vegetable garden, making a compost toilet, weeding, hay making, wood cutting, clearing and pruning in the woods, setting up a system to collect rainwater, in the small greenhouse, making shelters and fences for the animals, building using green methods, (chalk, clay etc.) in the house which we are renovating, clearing old paths, dry stone walling, help with domestic chores. I mainly work the land on my own and now we have a foster child that follows me everywhere, born in December 2011, we welcome the presence of people who love nature as well as the kids! We are not vegetarian but adaptable. Prefer to accommodate couples in tent or caravan, in the winter in the house but please bring sleeping bags. We have a compost toilet and you share the family bathroom. We live in the town during the school term time but June to August we live on the farm. You may find yourselves alone on the farm a lot so be prepared to cook for yourselves. If there is only one person staying they can come home with us in the evenings.

This farm is situated at an altitude of 450m in the foothills of Monte Baldo. There are about 3 has of woodland and a stone house where we create, design and cook with Dormice for company! We have a breeze from and panorama of Lake Garda which is 5 kms from the farm. We hope to achieve self sufficiency following the principles of Permaculture. We are at the beginning of the adventure, and are making swales and clearing paths, clearing the forest and mulching, building a tool shed, cleaning up the terraces to rejuvenate the olive grove, cultivating irises and preparing the vegetable garden. The stone house in need of care, but resources are scarce, and we need human help! My son goes to university and loves to travel, so I do not always have his valuable contribution and sharing experiences with travellers becomes not only a pleasure, but also a necessity. The accommodation is very basic and suitable for those who have experience of camping. We hope to make systems for collecting rainwater and for energy production. We use oil lamps and a photovoltaic panel which generates enough electricity only to listen to music and charge your cell phone. Prefer to accommodate a couple of people because the place, which is accessible along a path of about 1.2 km, is isolated. We speak a little school level English.