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We have 5 hectares of orchards, of which half a hectare is a Forest Garden and 3 hectares of rare and rare fruit variety collections (including 500 different varieties of apples, 20 kaki, 40 cherries, etc.) that are suffering from the extreme drought in this area. Even if we have a sufficient amount of water, we can not, physically, alone, give rescue irrigation to all the trees. It's 15 years of work that we risk losing.
  We will have help from July 3rd, but we have no one now until then. We would be grateful if you could send our help request to WWOOFers who are looking for a farm right away. We have room for up to 4 people.

Between problems with my back and the medications I am taking to cure it I am finding it difficult to keep up with the work:

harvesting and preserving Umeboshi, synergic vegetable garden. I would be extremely grateful for any kind of help, in exchange a chance of total connection with nature in beautiful Sicily.


Help Gianna in her vegetable garden
Gianna unfortunately is alone this year for family reasons and she does not have the help of her daughter to harvest the riches of her vegetable garden: if someone would like to help her in return she offers to share her knowledge of spontaneous and officinal herbs, from harvesting to use in the kitchen. You will find a relaxing place immersed in nature and learn to sow, to harvest and to sell in the market.

harvest the produce of her vegetable garden: in return for your help she offers to give you knowledge of spontaneous and officinal herbs from harvesting to use in the kitchen.

If someone would like to come and help they can find here a relaxing place immersed in nature and also learn to sow, harvest and sell in the market.


Due to a health problem in the family and the intense work of springtime for two/three months I have urgent need of an interested and motivated person to help me in the place of my son.

I can teach excellent skills in farming and on the processing of sheep milk.

This type of training could continue until I reach retirement age: I do not want that the many years of my experience is lost.

Anna Maria, host of Agriturismo del Cimone, has had a small accident which has damaged her knee. Her farm is located on the Apennine Modenese between Fanano and Sestola.

She needs someone who can help her with typical springtime jobs;
Pens, chicken coops, the vegetable garden

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