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You can download copies of all the documentation for WWOOF Italia from the site. http://www.wwoof.it/en/info-utili-2/documentation.html


WWOOF Italy provides insurance coverage to our members included in the membership fee (approx €12 of €35).
It is essential that you have this coverage, it is valid for one year and only if you are registered with WWOOF Italia. The insurance covers only accident and liability at a minimal cost. For more information please visit http://www.wwoof.it/en/info-utili-2/documentation.html

For WWOOFers:

The subscription costs €35.00 and is valid for 12 months from the date we receive your registration.
Once you are a member we will send you send the most updated list of farms and add your e-mail address to our mailing list.
We periodically update the list with new hosts and send you notice of these updates via the mailing list.

Please note, once you have received the membership card and password we cannot refund your fee.

Please also remember that your WWOOF Italia card is valid only for WWOOFing in Italy

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